Saturday, March 27, 2010

What happens at McKinney Boot Camps?

A common question that I hear is "What do you all do in boot camp??" When I used to train at a gym, my training style was unlike most. I never put my clients on the traditional weight machines. Instead, I used the fun stuff like the BOSU trainer, resistance bands, free weights, jump rope and medicine balls. Before becoming a personal trainer, I learned that I have a very short attention span at the gym. I would constantly be looking for new ways to train, and loved trying out new equipment that wasn't bolted down to the gym floor. It just made sense to transition to training outdoors in the boot camp atmosphere. You will find that training with 10-15 other women is so much fun, and the group dynamic is not like anything you will find at the gym.

So what do we do at McKinney Boot Camps? We do lots of high intensity interval training, and incorporate "tabata training" into many of our workouts. Tabata training is a fantastic way to burn calories, and you will hear that term many times when you join us. What does it mean? Basically I will give you a compound exercise (uses many muscle groups at once), you will do that full out for 20 seconds, then a 10 second rest. Repeat 8 times, and that's a tabata sequence. The high intensity training raises the metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories after your training is long over with. We also incorporate kettlebells, medicine balls, agility ladders, jumpropes and more to have fun and tons of variety during class.

Here's the latest testimonial from a client that's been with us for many months now:

I'm a mother of six, and help my husband run our chiropractic office. I've always struggled with balancing exercise and family even though I know being fit helps every other aspect of your life. Mckinney Boot Camps is the first program I've been able to stick with for more than a few weeks. Melody is a wonderful trainer, and the group of women is awesome! The workouts are fun and definitely work. I've lost inches and pounds, but more importantly I have more energy to run and play with my kids. Mckinney Boot Camps has helped me establish a routine, and I feel so blessed to be involved with this fabulous program! - Sharla B.


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