Saturday, March 27, 2010

What happens at McKinney Boot Camps?

A common question that I hear is "What do you all do in boot camp??" When I used to train at a gym, my training style was unlike most. I never put my clients on the traditional weight machines. Instead, I used the fun stuff like the BOSU trainer, resistance bands, free weights, jump rope and medicine balls. Before becoming a personal trainer, I learned that I have a very short attention span at the gym. I would constantly be looking for new ways to train, and loved trying out new equipment that wasn't bolted down to the gym floor. It just made sense to transition to training outdoors in the boot camp atmosphere. You will find that training with 10-15 other women is so much fun, and the group dynamic is not like anything you will find at the gym.

So what do we do at McKinney Boot Camps? We do lots of high intensity interval training, and incorporate "tabata training" into many of our workouts. Tabata training is a fantastic way to burn calories, and you will hear that term many times when you join us. What does it mean? Basically I will give you a compound exercise (uses many muscle groups at once), you will do that full out for 20 seconds, then a 10 second rest. Repeat 8 times, and that's a tabata sequence. The high intensity training raises the metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories after your training is long over with. We also incorporate kettlebells, medicine balls, agility ladders, jumpropes and more to have fun and tons of variety during class.

Here's the latest testimonial from a client that's been with us for many months now:

I'm a mother of six, and help my husband run our chiropractic office. I've always struggled with balancing exercise and family even though I know being fit helps every other aspect of your life. Mckinney Boot Camps is the first program I've been able to stick with for more than a few weeks. Melody is a wonderful trainer, and the group of women is awesome! The workouts are fun and definitely work. I've lost inches and pounds, but more importantly I have more energy to run and play with my kids. Mckinney Boot Camps has helped me establish a routine, and I feel so blessed to be involved with this fabulous program! - Sharla B.

Friday, March 26, 2010

...but the term Boot Camp scares me....

When people ask me what I do, I say that I am a trainer and run a boot camp in my area. Sometimes I get those that are intrigued and ask lots of questions about it...but many times I get people whose eyes get big and they tell me they are now scared of me that and the term "boot camp" :)

Many women are intimidated by the term "boot camp"...and for good reason! Typically you think of a drill sargeant cussing and screaming at recruits and beating them down with crazy workouts until they are at the point of passing out, or dropping out!

Our womens only boot camp is nothing like no need to be scared. I am the furthest thing from a drill sargeant, and will probably (at least try to) have you laughing at least half a dozen times, while you are sweating and enjoying the ever changing workouts. Yes, I did say enjoying. :) Our class is formatted to where if you hate what we're doing, no worries - we will be doing something different in 2 mins anyway. Absolutely ANY level of fitness can participate. We tailor the program that way, so you are working at your own level.

Our trainers work very hard to bring our clients workouts that are consistently different, and in my free time I am always on the look out for new and fun ways to work our body. If you sign up for one of our 5 week sessions, expect to make a couple new friends, lose several lbs, lose several inches and gain more energy, endurance and sometimes more attention from the man in your life as well ;) Funny how husbands love for their wives to sign up...I'm sure it's because they are worried about your cardiovascular health right??!! :)

As your trainer, I want you to change the way that you look at exercise and diet. I give you great workouts - but also preach the critically important piece of weight loss, nutrition. Most of my clients start with boot camp because they want to lose weight, or get into a bathing suit..and you will accomplish that with my program. But my goal for each and every one of you is that you get to a point in your fitness, where the external benefit (looking good in your jeans) is just a side effect of what working out does for you. At that point, you will rely on the energy that working out gives you. The stress relief exercise provides for daily life. The praise your doctor gives you at your yearly physical because your blood pressure and cholestoral levels are fantastic - and so on. There are so many benefits of working out, and I hope that you will feel enjoy them all....AND feel good in your shorts this summer :) We allow new clients to begin any Monday - so email for more info or to join us next week!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Losing's not just about the workout

As a personal trainer and womens boot camp instructor, 90% of my clients list weight loss as a goal. Most women can very quickly tell you about the body part they aren't happy with! In the past, at the gym for a workout, I would scan the room and find the person that looked more fit than me, and not feel so great. Comparing myself to others never worked, and did nothing more than make me feel bad in the end. I never understood why I didn't get the results I worked so hard for at the gym. What I have learned (the hard way) is that there will ALWAYS be someone that is further along with their fitness than me...and the way to find contentment is to stop comparing myself to others.

Here's a challenge. For the next week, write down 3 things daily that you love about yourself. I can't tell you the number of negative things that women say about themselves when I am doing a body assessment. It is always only their perception, but you know the saying - "my perception is my reality"....really re-think the way you think about yourself, and turn it into something positive!

Boot Camp can and will change your body...IF you also incorporate good nutrition. The numbers that I see from my clients are always fantastic after 5 weeks of boot camp IF they have been watching what they eat along with the workouts. The high intensity training intervals along with the workouts I design will torch calories and build lean muscle mass. They will do nothing to change your physique though if you are taking in more calories every day than you burn. Here are just a few reminders of how many calories are in what we as women love...chocolate. It's a great occasional treat (especially the dark chocolate which will give you antioxidants)...but in little portions and only occasionally :)

One Hershey's milk chocolate bar is 300 Calories and 18g of fat
McDonald's 12 oz chocolate Triple Thick Shake is 430 calories. Would that few minutes of indulgance be worth an HOUR of boot camp???
Haagen-Dazs Mint Chip Dazzler is 1270 Calories!! That's roughly 2-3 sessions of boot camp!!!! YIKES!!
I love the combination of chocolate and I have found a treat that I enjoy when that craving hits sugar free fudgcicle (60 cal) with about 10 raw almonds. It hits the spot and gives me a healthy treat!
Until next time....
~ Melody
Personal Trainer
Owner McKinney Boot Camps