Friday, March 23, 2012

FREE Saturday bootcamp at our NEW Dallas Texas Fit Chicks camp!

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New Dallas Texas Fit Chicks location is offering a
FREE Saturday bootcamp, tomorrow! (3/24)

Located at Oak Lawn and Blackburn.  7-8am!


This is open to ANY chick that wants to join don't have to be a client to participate.

 Feel free to bring a friend or two!

To grab your spot and get more informaion, contact Emily at

Start the weekend off with Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tips on Boosting your Metabolism for faster FAT LOSS

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Always good to re-assess your diet....good foods in=better energy out!
There comes a time when we all need a reset button. 

You are not going to gain weight if you keep portion control and eat 5 healthy small meals a day.  Spread them out every 3 hours.
It'll take some serious adjusting --it won't be easy.  If you are too worried about weight gain- at first try to follow what I'm about to give you just minimize carbs....

OKAY, here we go.....

This is my plan for boosting your metabolism:
*At each meal, eat a balance of lean proteins and healthy carbs.  Be sure to have vegetables with at least 2 of your meals.

*A serving of protein should fit in your hand.  A serving of carbs would be the size of your fist.  A serving of vegetables should fit in a small cereal bowl.

*Certain fruits are high in sugar so stick with the ones lowest in sugar:  apples(green are best), berries, pears...the next lowest:  grapefruit, plums, nectarines

*To speed up your fat burning metabolism try to limit breads, pastas, and other carbs after 3PM

*When on the run and outside the home...protein bars and drinks come in handy for a quick meal substitute. 
Dr. Oz protein shake is a good one...also I have Shakeology chocolate and greenberry packets if you are interested.
IF you are TREATING yourself to a shake OR a bar this is a meal REPLACEMENT.  A good bar to choose is Quest Bar or Lara Bar.

*Also if you are still hungry after any of your meals...wait a full 20 minutes while having a glass of water...a lot of times our body sends a message that we mistake as " I am hungry" when it should read " I am thirsty" :-)

*Stay AWAY from carbonated beverages...while filling at first...they have PROVEN to show weight gain in the long run.

Calories should be ABOVE 900 everyday and under 1300 or are 2 websites that can keep track or the old fashion way- just write it down.


chicken breast                   Baked pot
turkey breast                     Squash
LEAN ground turkey           sweet Pot
swordfish                          yam
orange roughy                    squash
haddock                            oatmeal
salmon                              pasta (not a big fan unless you are doing a hard workout the next day)
tuna                                  barley
crab                                  couscous
lobster                               beans
shrimp                               bananas
top round steak                  strawberries
top sirloin steak                  melon
lean ground beef                 apples
lean ham                            oranges
eggs/substitute                   FF yogurt/Greek yogurt
LF cottage cheese              whole wheat bread


broccoli  (better nutrients when they are steamed)
green beans
green peppers
mushrooms (more beneficial when they are cooked)
brussel sprouts
artichoke (not in oil)

                         FAT   (30-35g)
                         CARBS (100-150g)
                         CALORIES (900-1300)

~ Meridith Bowling McKinney Texas Fit Chicks Trainer 7pm-8pm M,Tu,Th

Sunday, March 18, 2012

*NEW FAIRVIEW Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp! $99 Friend Deal this week only!

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Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? Sick and tired or being sick and tired? Want a supportive female community that understands your struggles? Then Texas Fit Chicks is right for you! No matter what your fitness level is...everyone feels welcome and encouraged in our non-military environment. Our experienced female trainers understand our 'chicks' and love helping you reach your personal fitness goals!

We are THRILLED to be coming to Fairview!!!
MWF 5am-6am
Starts Monday, March 26
Location is awesome - right off of 75 - on Stacy Rd.
This week ONLY you can get boot camp for just $99 when you sign up with a friend!*  
You and a friend both sign up for our new 5am Fairview camp with Texas Fit Chicks, and you each get:

What you get: 5 wks of full body (amazingly FUN and effective) workouts with your nationally certified female trainer + Free 5 wk meal plan to get you even faster results than our workouts alone + Amazing support on your weight-loss journey + Training for just over 6 bucks an hr!! It's a steal. Full Email access to your trainer. If you've got a question you don't want to ask in class, we are always happy to help even when we're not training you.
All of this for $99!! That's a savings of $100!

Hurry...offer expires March 24!!
Start NOW and be ready for swimsuit season right around the corner!

Want to grab this deal? Here's How....

Call or email Debbie for exact details on how to register!


*$99 5 wk Fit Friend deal is only good for our Traditional "NO EXCUSES" 5 wk bootcamp, and not offered for the flex card. Friends must start on the same date and deal only vaild for this location Not valid with any other offers *Both clients must be new clients only, never having previously been enrolled in a TFC camp at any other location.
Here's a few of our happy chicks....

"I lost 15 lbs and 7 inches in my first 5 wk bootcamp with Texas Fit Chicks!"
 - Tonja N. Age 51

"Joining Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp has been a life changing experience for me. I have finally found the motivation that I was lacking for so many years. I was very nervous when I joined boot camp that I would not be able to keep up in the classes. From the first day of class I have felt comfortable and confident in my abilities. The trainers show you different levels for each exercise and allow you to increase to the next level at your own pace. I also enjoy how every class is different and the exercises are fun. After 3 months I have lost 24 lbs and 18 inches. I could not have done it without Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp" - Brooke R. 4/11

"This boot camp helped me push myself harder than I ever would have pushed myself at the gym.The large variety of strength and cardio exercises kept me from ever getting bored and the accountability of being in a class setting kept me from making any excuses! I lost weight and inches in my first five weeks and am looking forward to losing even more!" Karen M.

Texas Fit Chicks is a non-military WOMEN only bootcamp that serves McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Allen, Richardson, Dallas and now FAIRVIEW Texas! Our mission is to help women reach their personal fitness goals and lead healthy lives.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Texas Fit Chick Trainers ~ Bootcamp Action!

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We have so much fun training chicks. It's our passion to get you healthy and fit, and SO rewarding! Here are some action shots of our trainers while they're leading our clients to their personal fitness goals!

This first set is our trainer Michelle that teaches Allen Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp 9am-10am:

and her favorite exercise move is....

Here's our next trainer, Melody that teaches the McKinney Texas Fit Chicks 5:30am-6:30am class:

Here's Mels' favorite exercise....

Michelle R. teaches our Frisco 5:30am-6:30am Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp...check this out :)

She loves....

Titia Trains our Plano Texas Fit CHicks from 5am-6am!

Meridith Trains our McKinney Texas Fit Chicks in the evening from 7-8, Love this shot!

Mer Loves this one....

Keali and her Richardson have fun at 5:30am in the morning!

Allen Texas Fit Chicks trainer Katrina had some awesome shots!!!

McKinney Texas Fit Chicks Trainer LeighAnne guides her 5am, 6am and 9:30 chicks to FIT!

Here's her favorite move....

Texas Fit Chicks Run Club starts April 2 in McKinney!

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Want to lose weight as quickly as possible??
Here's the answer.....

Bootcamp + Clean Eating + Running = AMAZING results.

NEW McKinney Run club for beginners starts Apr 2! Meets at Crosspoint Church (Stonebridge Dr/Coronado) from 8:15am-9am Tues and Thursdays for a 5 week session (10 runs).

Baby Joggers welcome!
Cost of session is $85. Melody will be your trainer, and will teach you how to go from being a walker to becoming a runner. This class would not be appropriate for someone that can already run a mile without stopping. We will do interval style training, with a mixture of walking/jogging to build up at your pace.

Get ready for bikini season...right around the corner!

To sign up - email Melody at

Must have 6 chicks to start the class - so grab a friend to join you!

Hope to see you there!!