Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MARCH: Trainer Spotlight!

Terah Risner gets the spotlight this month. Terah was laser-focused on making the 2016 trainer trip. She hit that, but then just kept blowing past the finish line and was determined to have growth through what is normally our slower season. Terah had 16 Chicks in Sept 2016. She's kicked that up to 34 this month!

In conversations with Terah she said she uses Sweat Angels heavily and posts on FB, but she really attributed most of her success to the environment she creates in camp and the personal attention she provides to each Chick - all of the time. They have become her biggest marketers!

Terah has an incredible amount of humility and is definitely not one to tout her success - but after some convincing she agreed to put some of her approaches in writing and let us share with you! 

I've been a Fit Chick trainer for almost 2 years, starting with my evening class in May of '15, and my morning class June of '16. I've learned one thing about myself that I try to radiate during every class. I want to connect with and empower women. I want my chicks to find a strength and a happiness inside themselves that they've never known. 

I truly believe that because I create this atmosphere and experience every time my chicks come to class, it has greatly impacted my turnover rate and my referral rate. Side note, I do participate in the Sweat Angels/Causely program. I highly recommend doing this if you haven't. I write on a whiteboard a reminder to check in, and that month's hashtag. 

My chicks never know if I've had a bad day. There is no negativity from me or my chicks. It's not allowed!! I'm a huge goofball during camp and try to get them to them loosen up, laugh, and enjoy themselves while they workout. They get 110% of my attention for that full hour. I greet them with a smile and tell them that I am excited to see them. I ask about their day. If they've been missing class, or not seeming themselves, I check in. I talk to them, text them, and find out what's up. Everyone's different and needs encouragement in different ways. I want to find their 'why' so I can be a better trainer for them personally! 

I am huge supporter of non-scale victories. We celebrate them and do shoutouts during class. If I notice someone doing a full bur-pee instead of modified, moving up in weights, or a push-up on their toes when they've been on their knees - I call them out! I let them know I noticed! I call out people individually to let them know I see them putting in the effort. If I see new muscles popping, I'll take pictures and send them to that chick after class. I make sure my advanced chicks are working to their fullest potential, and that my beginners never feel left behind. If that means I finish part of the workout with my beginners, then I do it! 

I try to get my chicks to connect outside of camp as well. It's about creating that fit family! I do a big introductory shoutout in our chick-only fb group for everyone that joins us. We do a Chick's Night Out every couple months, which really helps everyone get to know each other. I like to throw in occasional workouts. I did a super fun themed Christmas workout, and we all had a blast!!

On Wednesdays, I do a #WonderWomanWednesday shoutout on my fit chick fb page to someone that's stood out that week. I make a photo collage of her, and a quick blurb about why she's so awesome. I have gotten so many individual thank you's just for doing these. Y'all, the power of a compliment is HUGE! Maybe they need a pick-me-up, or maybe they're not feeling their progress, or maybe they don't get compliments any where else! 

Another thing I try and do every class is read a motivational quote during stretch, and talk about what it means to me and how to apply it to our lives. I got this idea at a leadership training last March. It's not always about fitness. Many times it's personal motivation.

I always end class letting my chicks know that someone loves and cares for them. Yep, I tell my chicks that I love them! And remind them that they are beautiful, amazing women, and that they are important to someone - me :) 

Great job,Terah!! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stability Ball Workout from our McKinney Texas Fit Chicks trainer, LeighAnne!

Break a sweat on the ball this weekend!! Check out this fun Cardio intense Stability ball workout from our McKinney Texas Fit Chicks trainer, LeighAnne

Warm Up - 5-7 mins

Cardio first!!

Cardio Tabata (20 seconds of work followed by a 10 second break, repeating cycle 8 times total)
Jump Squats/Burpees
Alternate between the 2 ever 20 second interval

Strength Tabata on stability ball

Chest press/Hip drops
Alternate between the two exercises. Start with chest press - neck and shoulders on ball, weight in heels of feet, hips up (flat like a table) and chest press first 20 seconds. During the 10 second break place weights on hips, squeeze abs and glutes tight.
Hip drops for next 20second round with weights on hips. Lower and lift glutes squeezing at the top. Neck and shoulders are on the ball.
Continue alternating for the 4 minutes

Recover 90 seconds

25 ball passes - Lying on mat, ball between ankles, bring arms up to take ball - then both arms and legs drop down (keeping lower back planted on mat)
20 roll outs (on knees not resting on feet, hands in praying position on stability ball, roll out to elbows and drop hips so spine is in line, come back pressing hands into ball and guiding body back with shoulders not glutes to keep abs engages)

60 seconds superman burpees/2jump squats
Burpee, chest to the floor then so superman (arms out in front, lift shoulders and thighs of mat) come back up and finish burpee going directly into 2 jump squats

90 seconds
Lunge jumps/hop over
2 lunge jumps on each leg then hop over mat once and 2 lunge jumps there then hoot back over and repeat for 90 seconds

Strength Tabata
On stability ball
Decline Pushups - Hands under shoulders, ball is under shins (to modify, bring ball closer to hips) 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest - total 4 mins.

20 ball passes
20 leg/arm drop- on back, hold ball above abdomen with toes and fingers, lower left leg and right arm, bring back up and lower right leg and left arm. Cue to keep belly button pulled in tight to spine.

Walk out push-ups with stability ball, come back set toes down and do a back extension. (15 reps)

Planks knee ins on ball (forearms on ball, drive knee into ball, alternate legs)-10 ea side - plant ball against wall for more stability

Strength Tabata
Reverse lunge tabata with ball over head
Right leg for first 20 seconds then left leg for next. Continue alternating for entire tabata

Cardio tabata
Run with ball over head 20 secs (in place if indoors), walk during 10 seconds with ball Down

Recover - 90 secondds
Strength tabata
Reverse crunch with ball between ankles - lift and lower hips to the mat keeping legs extended
bridge lifts (heels on top Of ball, lift hips up and down)


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fit Chick Challenge Testimony: Autumn

My testimony is as follows:

I am 31 years old and a new mom to a 7 month old baby girl. I have always been into fitness and loved that time to myself. After getting pregnant and having my daughter, I gained so much weight and literally got so down on myself. I've never been a depressed person but not being able to fit into anything and never feeling good enough about the way you look to even leave the house. I got into such a funk to where I was at home all the time and that's because I didn't want anyone to see how I looked. I know as a new mother you shouldn't be so down on yourself but I was. Being unsociable has never been me. I was always outgoing and never passed up a chance to do anything fun. I found this challenge on Facebook and knew I needed something like this to help me get focused and back on track. It was hard at first but when I got going with it, I got enough self esteem to show myself in public. I got back into crossfit and even got my husband to start eating better with me. I am not back where I was before my daughter but I feel better in my clothes, feel better about my image and feel that I'm back to being a good mom and wife as well. I'm not down and sad anymore. I have replaced that with determination to not ever let myself get to that level of depression again. My home is happier, my health is better, and my heart is so thankful for this opportunity that I got to work with Billie Jo and all the other ladies in the group that supported me and pushed me to keep going. This was not only a get healthy and weight loss success for me, it was a life changing even that I conquered and came our better than ever!

Thank you Billie Jo, you did more for me than you will ever know.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fit Chick Transformation: Monica!!

Monica’s Fit Chick Transformation 

Being a mother sometimes you tend to put yourself last and prioritize your children’s needs. That was me, I forgot about me and lost myself along the road of motherhood. One day a friend was showing pictures of a party I attended and I saw myself and the first thing I thought was “is that me?" I couldn’t recognize myself. I needed to make a change. I needed to be healthier. I needed to put me as a priority too. So, I found Texas Fit Chicks, and I can whole heartedly say joining Fit Chicks has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’ll never forget the first day I started. I was welcomed by a group of women, every workout we did I finished last and I was struggling, but there was that group of women always clapping for me when I finished each exercise. That’s when I knew I made the right choice. The support I’ve received from my fit chick sisters is incredible. They all motivate me so much more than I think they understand. Annalisa, my trainer has helped me understand fitness and nutrition on a whole other level than I ever imagined. I now understand what my body needs to succeed and food is fuel for me rather than comfort. My health is now on the top list of my priorities and within the past 11 months with TFC I’ve lost 35 lbs.! I’ve gained so much confidence and made lifelong bonds with an amazing group of women. Thank you Fit Chicks and thank you Annalisa!

Annalisa Martinez
Certified Personal Trainer 
Women's Fitness Specialist 
Texas Fit Chicks NW San Antonio
San Antonio Texas  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sharing The Love! 7 Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is a topic of vital importance for everyone that is truly interested in their health. Although many of us make weight loss our new year's resolution, it is a topic that must be dealt with year round. We've put together 7 simple steps to lose weight, plus details on how to speed up your metabolism. 

  • When starting a weight loss journey, especially a significant one, clients that set multiple small goals instead of focusing on the main goal are much more successful.  It is much more daunting to think about losing 50 pounds in 6 months than it is to focus on losing 10 pounds in one month. By choosing the smaller goal, in 6 months you will have lost 60 pounds instead of 50.

  • Reducing your stress level is essential when on a weight loss or fitness plan. Depression can cause you to eat more, eat unhealthy foods and reduce exercise. When you are stressed out it is hard to find motivation to exercise, so reducing stress can lead to being more active.

  • Increasing the taste and zest in your food can help you feel full and make dieting a great deal more pleasurable. By choosing spicy food and other flavor-packed cuisines, you entertain your taste buds and add to the overall level of satisfaction you take in eating. Meals no longer have to be bland, self-denying experiences.

  • As soon as you start to see some progress with your weight loss goals, reward yourself with a little shopping trip. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Just buying a new pair of pants or a new shirt will go a long way toward motivating you to continue. Soon you will see even more changes!

  • To help achieve more noticeable weight loss, watch the amount of sodium that you eat each day. Eating too much sodium can cause you to retain water which will lead to pounds on the scale. If you do not see your weight go down, you may become discouraged and give up your diet. Knowing that muscle weighs more than fat is important because the scale isn’t always the best indicator of improved fitness. I always go by how my clothes fit versus the number.

  • You should always try to find diets and eating plans that emphasize long term lifestyle change. Using methods of weight loss that have you losing weight much too quickly will only lead to you gaining back all of the weight you lost just as fast as you lost it. This becomes a vicious cycle for too many women. Are you one that's tried every diet? I am! Before becoming a trainer, I did the Cabbage Soup diet, South Beach, Atkins, Detox Diet....and the list goes on. Inevitably I'd lose and then gain back everything I'd lost plus another 5 or so pounds! Those are not long term fixes, and once you're 'off' the restrictive plan, you make up for lost time and gain more weight back than you lost. 

  • Weight loss is all about consistency. Don't wake up one morning, think you are going to go to the gym or start boot camp one day, and be skinny the next day. Weight loss is about waking up every morning with the motivation and determination to keep on going, to keep changing your unhealthy habits into healthy habits, until you reach your target weight.

Every one of us has an idea about what we would look like if we were our ideal selves. For many of us losing weight is a vital step toward achieving that vision. By applying the tips from this article you will help ensure that you reach and maintain your ideal self. Weight lifting is a critical piece of any good weight loss program. Research has shown that weightlifting boosts metabolism. For a lot of people trying to speed up their metabolism, the first thing they think is to engage in an aerobic or cardio-exercise program. However, by merely focusing on cardiovascular activities, you may actually miss another piece of the fitness puzzle. Few people realize that when it comes to speeding up metabolism, good old-fashioned weight lifting is one of the effective methods, if not the best way to boost metabolism.

A number of studies have shown that athletes exhibit higher RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) than non-athletes. RMR is the number of calories we burn to maintain our vital body processes in a resting state. It is usually determined by measuring a body’s oxygen utilization (which is closely tied to calorie burning) while one is lying down or sitting quietly in the early morning before breakfast or after a full night’s sleep. RMR typically accounts for about 65 to 75 percent of the total daily calorie expenditure.

When you lift weights, you’re not actually building muscle, you are breaking it down. The physical exertion involved in weightlifting causes the metabolism to speed up. After the muscle is broken down, the body compensates by building more muscle to try and keep the muscle from breaking down again. It takes a large amount of energy from calories to rebuild new and bigger muscles (happens while you sleep), So lifting weights burns calories and speeds up metabolism not only during the weight lifting workout but also while the body builds bigger and stronger muscles.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Four days from now, I will be celebrating another year of life. Yay! Very exciting, right? Well let me share with you about my pre-birthday week from last year. 

Last year on this day, I had one of the most difficult times in my life. I had been dealing with health issues and feeling so depressed about my inability to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style for me and my family, that my birthday was nothing to be excited about. Not to mention, I was in constant pain so I was very nostalgic and depressed that night that I didn't even feel like celebrating at all. What for? I felt worse than an 80 year old woman. As I sat on my bed that night, I came across the Texas Fit Chicks FB posting from Kathy. It was almost like a miracle to me,  without me even realizing this was just the beginning of my health restoration and the best was yet to come. 

I sat on that bed at the heaviest weight I had ever been, but told myself, "Next year I will celebrate my birthday as a totally changed person! I won't even recognize myself! " Well, tonight I did JUST THAT! As I was getting ready for an important meeting today, I capture this picture of me and compared it with the one from last year. Not only have I lost 28 pounds in weight, I have also lost all my bone pains and depression that I had been dealing with from last year. I feel like a new person, full of energy and healthy for the first time in so many years! Kathy and the Texas Fit Chicks has helped me to restore my health, mind, and soul to be able to achieve my goal. Thank you Texas Fit Chicks for having an awesome trainer!

Kathy Peterson
Texas Fit Chicks Certified Personal Trainer

Monday, January 2, 2017

Fit Chick Transformation: Copperfield Texas Fit Chicks

"I have had many different types of trainers in the past, some of which included kettle bells, kickboxing and hi impact cardio. Once I signed on with Texas Fit Chicks, I was asking myself why didn’t I start this sooner?
Loving the mission of Fit Chicks, I became a chick in May of 2015. Just after starting I was informed that I had Osteoporosis. During a doctor’s visit I asked what could I do in order to get off the meds I was now on?  I was told that “Pounding the pavement” would help and what better place to do that but at a TFC boot camp.   A year later I was off the medications.  I am one happy chick! 

What a NON-SCALE Victory!

I have had many different types of trainers in the past, some of which included kettle bells, kickboxing and hi impact cardio. Once I signed on with Texas Fit Chicks, I was asking myself why didn’t I start this sooner.

Loving the mission of TFC, I became a chick in May of 2015.  Just after starting, I was informed that I had osteoporosis.  During a doctor’s visit I asked what could I do in order to get off the meds I was on now?! I was told that “pounding the pavement” would help and what better place to do that than at a TFC bootcamp.  A year later,  I was off the medications.  I am one happy chick!"

To Join Copperfield Texas Fit Chicks Contact:
Whitney Kunze Eaton, MPH RDN LDN CPT
Directing Trainer

Copperfield Texas Fit Chicks

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fit Chick Transformation - Terese Round Rock Texas Fit Chicks

Congratulations to Terese started with Round Rock Texas Fit Chicks just over a year ago and has lost:

25.5 inches
57 pounds
12.1% body fat

"Even though I've always tried to workout and eat right, I've also been a yo-yo dieter for the past 30 yrs. I wonder why it's taken so long for me to learn that there's no such thing as a quick fix, and that diet pills and fad diets don't work. I just think it takes a lot of hard work, discipline, sacrifice and support. I know it can be frustrating. I've had those times when I've worked very hard for a month, watched everything I've put in my mouth, tried to put on those skinny jeans and they won't even go past my hips, and then I've had times where I'm constantly pulling up those skinny jeans.

I can't say enough about Jessica. She's a great motivator, works you hard, and is very knowledgable about both nutrition and fitness. I tell everybody I know about Fit Chicks, I just love showing up and working out with the rest of the ladies!!"

For more information about Round Rock Texas Fit Chicks Contact:

Jessica Apodaca
Women's Fitness and Nutrition

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How Many Calories In Your Christmas Candy?!?

Want to know the damage?
Here's what it will cost you if you find yourself in the kids stocking...

Candy Cane = 110 calories

Heath Fun Size Bar = 77 calories

Hersheys Fun Size Bar -= 67 calories

Kit Kat = 70

M&Ms  fun pack (17 pieces) = 73 calories

Peanut M&Ms fun pack(9 pieces)  = 90 calories

Peanut Butter M&Ms (10 pieces) = 95 calories

Milky Way = 80 calories

Mounds = 80 calories

Mr Goodbar = 90 calories

Nestles’ crunch  = 60

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup = 110

Snickers = 80 calories




TWIX = 80


Indulge in moderation :) 

What is Fit Chicks? 
We create a fun environment for women to lose weight and get FIT! With over 125 camp times and locations across the state of Texas and Oklahoma, we are the leader in womens' fitness. Our trainers are all (female) nationally certified and have a true passion for helping other women GET fit or STAY fit! Designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness, Fit Chicks will change the way you look at fitness and yourself! We think every woman should have access to a trainer, at an affordable price. We believe that there is no need to yell, scream or intimidate women into working out and pushing themselves. Our trainers encourage you to push to the next level in a safe and effective way. You won't ever get bored or do the same workout twice! We have many clients that have been with us since we started, in 2009.

Our program is designed to dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 4 weeks. Our workouts and female fitness experts can help you reach your goals, in a healthy, sustainable way. Fit Chicks includes a full body composition from your trainer before and after your session, and a free meal plan from a nutritionist to maximize your boot camp results. This plan includes family friendly recipes and printable grocery lists to make healthy eating simple.

For a full list of our locations, please visit our website Are you a certified trainer interested in joining our team? Find out more here:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fit Chick Transformation: Pflugerville Texa Fit Chicks!

Up until 3 years ago I rarely, if ever, worked out. I played sports and was active in school but after that I was able to stay thin without worrying about what I ate or how much I worked out. That is, until I had my daughter. My daughter was 7 when I finally decided I had enough. My best friend was going to Texas Fit Chicks in Round Rock and told me there was about to be one opening in Pflugerville.

I did the first trial class and then immediately signed up for 6 months before I changed my mind or chickened out. When I first started I could barely do a lunge and didn’t even know what a burpee or a plank was. I loved how the workouts were different each time so I never lost interest or if it felt too hard, I could tell myself it would change soon. Almost instantly I recognized how much better I felt and that I was in a better mood on the days I worked out. Knowing I was doing something good for my body and that I had accomplished something before most people even woke up, felt really good. I soon began to feel myself getting stronger and able to do more. 

Unfortunately, it took me some time to realize if I was going to lose weight I needed to change my eating habits, as well. After about a year of working out with Briana, I finally started making some changes with my diet. I spent the next year with my weight going down and then back up…I was dieting, I wasn’t making a lifestyle change. I am slow learner but I eventually started realizing the better I ate, the better I felt, the better my workout was…and then I started seeing results on the scale and in my clothes. While I still would like to lose another 10lbs or so and continue getting stronger and replacing fat with muscle, I am excited to say I have lost 38lbs, 17.5 inches, and decreased by body fat by almost 8%. Most importantly though, I am setting a good example for my now 10 year old daughter and that is what I am most proud of. Thank you Briana and TFC for changing my life, and that of my family, for the better. ~ Jerrilyn

Monday, November 21, 2016

Giving Thanks at Fit Chicks!!!

Thanksgiving quotes from a 
few of our Fit Chicks! 

"You all have made me feel so welcome, the best welcome I've had since moving here, no judgement just friendship. My heart is over flowing with excitement"

"I am thankful that Tammy Kaakouch accepts that I come almost every night with a mini-me. Not only does she accept this "helper" but has gone above and beyond to make her feel included and loved. You make me feel like a part of a village and my TFC time during the week is definitely something I look forward to. You're not just helping me get in shape physically, you are helping me find my balance emotionally and mentally."


Find us on Facebook and participate in our Give Thanks campaign where a loved one or friend can receive a FREE CLASS!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Fit Chick Fighter ~ Valerie

Here is a story written by Valerie, a client of Texas Fit Chicks Anna, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in May. She's a true fighter!! We are so thankful that she has chosen to share her inspiring story on the Fit Chicks blog. 

(This story was started in May 2016:)

Not sure how to start this out. I'm not a blogger or a writer by any means, but I thought I'd give a little background on my diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on May 17th, 2016. Trust me, it was as much of a surprise to me as it was to any of you!!

When I think back over the last 7'ish weeks, I can see where things started feeling "off", but as someone who is never sick, I chalked it all up to common issues on Dr. Google. Night sweats and hot flashes=early menopause. I mean, I am almost 40, so it's possible. Light-headedness and dizzy spells=too much caffeine or lack of sleep due to a 15 month old. Full feeling in my head and swollen face=sinus issues. It is spring in Texas after all!!

So I never REALLY thought it was a big concern until Mother's Day weekend. I did the Head for the Cure 5k with a group from my work. I am not a runner, so I walked most of it and felt fine. However, when I see the pictures of me at the end of the race, I am un-recognizable. My face is puffed up to about twice its normal size and it's not a skinny face to begin with!! I again chalked it up to allergies, since we had been in the woods, and went home, took some Claritin and a nap. It never really got any better and then I woke up on Sunday and my neck was swollen. I looked like a line-backer that had been hitting the steroids..HARD! Veins standing up and everything! I called an urgent care place and got in pretty quick. I was diagnosed with an allergic reaction and given a steroid shot, Benadryl shot, steroid pills to take home and an epi-pen in case I started having trouble breathing. This helped for a few days but by Wednesday, I was puffed up again. I called my PCP on Thursday and he said I had not been given a strong enough dose of steroids. So he upped my dose, gave me a cortisone shot for the swelling and sent me on my way. I was expecting a significant improvement by Friday because I started to look a little better by Thursday afternoon.

By Friday morning, I was no better, so I went back to work. I work for Emergency Department physicians and several of them just happened to be having a meeting in our office that morning. Three of them looked at me and told me to go to the ED now! They called and spoke to one of our docs that was working and told her I was coming. She got right on it, chest X-ray, EKG, lab work, CT scan. Chest X-Ray=clear, EKG=good, Labwork=good, CT scan=not clear. Large mass on the back of my sternum that was pressing on my Vena Cava. So I had Superior Vena Cava Syndrome or SVCS. Please DO NOT Google that!!! Terrifying articles!!

Anyway, I was admitted after that and spent the weekend in a bit of limbo-hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. The prelim labs came in Monday morning and showed that is was more than likely lymphoma, but we didn't know what kind. The oncologist came in and kind of described the treatment plans and told us that it was treatable and possibly curable, which was very good news. She wanted to do a PET scan and a bone marrow biopsy to make sure it hadn't spread, so that set off more alarm bells. We hadn't even thought about this thing spreading, yet. She did say it was unlikely because it had apparently grown to this point in a matter of weeks, it was VERY fast.

Either way, Chemo started on Tuesday and I was given a pre-chemo mix of things to fight off nausea and other possible side effects. That first day was pretty nerve wracking but I never got sick or had any pain and as of today, I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm still very swollen and mentally and emotionally exhausted from all of this, but I can say that I've (almost) made it through the first 5-day chemo treatment and I'm getting ready to go home tomorrow.

We've been told that this next week may be a challenge. This will be the week that my blood counts drop and my immune system crashes, so I will probably be pretty fatigued by mid-week. We are still hopeful that it won't be that bad, since I've reacted so well to the chemo. It's going to be a crazy few months and we don't really know what to expect, but we will keep you updated as we can until this thing is over.

One thing that we do know is that it WILL NOT end well for cancer!!

Fast forward approximately 5 months and things are looking good!  My last chemo treatment ended on September 2, 2016. I had a follow up PET scan on September 15 and the tumor was still shrinking.  My doctor said that I could stop all of my meds and basically return to my “normal” life.  Since then I’ve returned to work full time, my hair is starting to grow back and I have just completed my first week back at Texas Fit Chicks Anna with Trina’s Fit Chick Tribe! It sure feels good to feel good!!

I truly believe that my treatment would have taken a much more serious toll on my body had I not been working out with TFC during the months before my diagnosis. That and the support of my amazing family and friends!

Join Anna Texas Fit Chicks:
Trina Harris
Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp
One Star Directing Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Emily's Fit Chick Transformation!!

Thank you Emily, at Mansfield Texas Fit Chicks, for sharing your story with us. 

On April 1st, I started Texas Fit Chicks. The first class had me SOOOO winded. All I heard from the trainers mouth was 100 jumping jacks, as a " warm-up". I thought to myself, "the warm-up?! Is she serious? How am I ever going to get thru this LONG, HOT, and TIRING next 50 minutes?" Before I knew it, the work out had flown by and I was coming 3x a week. With the help of my awesome trainer, supportive group of ladies that are now my friends, I kept showing up. I came to realize that the best feeling wasn't the numbers on the scale going down, but that I was doing better every class. I could handle 100 jumping jacks and more than 3 burpees a minute. So, fast forward to August, and I had lost 20 pounds, over 30 inches, and I was so pleased that my size 16 jeans that I was squeezing into, were way too big. This has been quite the experience, and I'm just getting started! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Planning Your Thanksgiving Meal?

Keep your holiday healthy with these recipes! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we know you are planning your menus!! Here are a few festive and healthy recipes that everyone will love!!

Pumpkin Fluff:

Mix canned pumpkin with Zero fat Cool Whip and a large fat free vanilla instant pudding (adjust amounts to taste) Makes Pumpkin Fluff, low cal and yummy!

Crust-less Pumpkin Pie:

15 oz can pumpkin
¾ cup Splenda®
½ cup Egg Beaters®
1½ cup nonfat milk
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp flour
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Beat all ingredients together. Spray pie plate with cooking spray. Pour batter into pie plate and bake for 15 minutes at 400°. Reduce heat to 350° and bake for an additional 45 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean.
Top with a dollop of fat-free whipped cream (not included in nutritional information).
Nutrition FactsServing Size: 1/4 of 9" pie Servings: 4 Squares: ■ Calories: 64 Total Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 2mg Sodium: 893mg Carbohydrates: 17g Fiber: 1g Sugars: 1g Protein: 4g
"Serving size: ONE QUARTER OF THE PIE! WHOO HOO! Go ahead ... have seconds!

Pumpkin Parfaits:

1 box fat-free, sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
1¾ cup nonfat milk
15 oz canned pumpkin
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
½ cup Splenda®
2 cups fat-free whipped topping
Mix first five ingredients together in a bowl for two minutes. Hold a long tapered glass at a slight angle. Spoon ½ cup of pumpkin pudding mixture into the bottom. Top with with 1½ tbsp fat free whipped topping . Repeat layers. Chill until ready to serve. The hardest part of this recipe is not getting the pudding on the side of the glass. Spoon slowly and carefully.

Dirty Potatoes:
6 cups diced potatoes with skin
4 tbsp fat-free cream cheese
4 tbsp fat-free half & half
1 tbsp fat-free spray butter
2 tsp crushed garlic
2 tsp garlic salt

Wash potatoes and cut into large cubes, but don't peel. Place in a large pot, cover with water and boil until tender. Drain. Beat with an electric mixer on low, or mash remaining ingredients together.
Nutrition FactsServing Size: ½ Cup Servings: 12 Squares: ■ Calories: 71 Total Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 2mg Sodium: 69mg Carbohydrates: 14g Fiber: 2g Sugars: 1g Protein: 3g

No Guilt Gravy:

2 cans 98% fat-free cream of chicken soup
6 oz fat-free chicken broth
¼ tsp Gravy Master® seasoning
½ tsp garlic powder
1 tsp poultry seasoning
½ tsp pepper
¼ cup nonfat milk
1 tbsp cornstarch
In a medium saucepan, mix cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, Gravy Master®, garlic powder, poultry seasoning and pepper. Heat and simmer for 7 minutes. In a small bowl mix together nonfat milk and cornstarch. Bring gravy mixture to a boil and gradually stir in the milk mixture. Continue to cook, stirring constantly for 1 minute or until thickened. Be careful not to let the bottom scorch.

Nutrition FactsServing Size: 1/3 Cup Servings: 12 Squares: ■ Calories: 37 Total Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 4mg Sodium: 393mg Carbohydrates: 6g Fiber: 0g Sugars: 0g Protein: 1g

Vicki's Fit Chick Transformation!!

Let me introduce you to my amazing chick Vicki! She is 61 years YOUNG, she keeps her mind and body moving and doesn't let any thing slow her down! She will tell ya, most of the chicks in our class are about half her age BUT she isn't focused on that - She is focused on herself! She works crazy hard, she leaves drenched in sweat and attends other TFC camps to get in extra workouts! She thought not much had been changing for her, until I snapped the most recent Unicorn pic of her. Left was March and right is October! Here's her TFC journey in her words:

I had a workout partner and we went to the gym almost 5 days a week. She started to get tired of the workouts and wanted to go back to another workout program.  I retired on April 1, 2015, and kept going to the gym but it wasn’t the same.  The end of January 2016 my niece asked me if I wanted to try Texas Fit Chicks, and I said sure.  I signed up as an official member February 1, 2015. 

I wasn’t looking for a quick fix because I knew I didn’t gain the weight overnight so it wasn’t going to come off overnight.  At first I was more interested in what the scale showed, but the more I worked out I became more interested in getting stronger and building muscle.  I knew from watching my mother-in-law and father-in-law I was going to need strength the older I got.  The saying is true if you don’t use it you lose it. Also, I wanted to keep my cholesterol down. 

After the first week I was hooked. I had a place to work out with other ladies, and I didn’t have to figure out what I was going to do each day I worked out!!  The Awesome thing about Texas Fit Chicks is every day it is something different and there is always a modification if you aren’t able to do some exercise. The other thing I didn’t like about working out by myself was I never knew if I was doing an exercise or machine correctly. Our Awesome trainer, Christy Riley, is always willing to help you and show you the correct form.  She is really concerned about you becoming the person you want to be and you cannot find that in a gym!!! 

I feel so much better since starting with Texas Fit Chicks. It’s so good to be able to work out first thing in the morning and then go about what I need to get done the rest of the day instead of trying to fit my workouts in through the day!! 

I get excited about the small things in life so taking one day at a time and one step at a time with Texas Fit Chicks works for me!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Marissa's Fit Chick Transformation Journey!!

We are so proud to feature Marissa as this week's transformation journey. She has put in the hard work it takes to reach goals, and we congratulate her!! Thank you Marissa for sharing your story here with us, we know it will be an inspiration to many others. 


Hi my name is Marissa. I am 27 years old and up until 5 months ago I had gotten to a point where my body was no longer effectively working for me due to my size. So I decided it was time for me to take back control of my body and most importantly my health. 

Unfortunately I didn't have much support at home, so I had to create a support system for myself. The 1st thing I did was change my diet. I started eating only fresh foods and watching my sodium, sugar and carb intake. Once I felt that I had my diet under control I knew I wanted to start working out. I joined TFC for a few reasons. 

1. I liked that it was a female only class. I already have enough anxiety about working out in front of people let alone men. 

2. I had tried out the class before and really liked how Analisa (my trainer) had created a comfortable and welcoming environment. I feel like TFC is so much more than just a workout class. We do group outings everynow and then and are always in communication with each other through our group FB page. The workouts are always challenging and everyone is always really supportive! 

I also decided to create a youtube channel to keep me accountable with weekly weigh in videos. So far I'm down 58 pounds and 24 inches!!! Having TFC and my YouTube channel has really helped me to stay focused and kept me headed towards meeting my goals.

My goal is to lose 70lbs. I can't believe how far I have already come and I'm only 12lbs away from reaching my 70lb goal. I have found a new goal through my channel to positively inspire and motivate others to reach their own goals to get healthy. If your interested in watching my weight loss journey you can find my weight loss videos at 

-Marissa LaRochelle
Northwest San Antonio Texas Fit Chicks 
Trainer: Annalisa Martinez