Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Helping A Chick In Need

We are coming to together to support a chick in need. Mindy has been a part of Texas Fit Chicks for a long time. Please offer your support and prayers for her family.

"Chances's celebration of life information is below. You can also click the link to read his obituary. Thank you again for your outpouring of love. I thought I was ready, but I am absolutely not. My heart is completely broken into a million pieces. I just want him back in any shape or form to be here with me. 
Chance's obituary is up on their website already. ��

A funeral service for Chance Fulmer will be held at 11:00 a.m., on Thursday, February 11, 2016, at Midway Church in Pilot Point, Texas. Interment will follow at Pilot Point Cemetery in Pilot Point. The family will receive friends during a visitation from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home in Allen, Texas.

In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to an education fund set up for Caise from Chance as a living legacy. In you would like, you can make a contribution at any Chase Bank location to the bank account “Caise Fulmer under the TUTMA”. You can also mail a check payable to “Caise Fulmer under the TUTMA” to 1225 Stone Lane, Celina, Texas, 75009, Attn. Jessica English. You can also make a contribution via PayPal, www.paypal.com using the email address mfulmer@littleelmisd.net." - Mindy

Monday, February 1, 2016


We love protein shakes! Check out some of these yummy vanilla protein shake recipes brought to you by your amazing Texas Fit Chicks trainers. These aren't just your normal ol' vanilla shakes either... enjoy & "LIVE THE FIT LIFE".

"My latest obsession is vanilla protein with cooled coffee, frozen banana, almonds, and cinnamon! I'm obsessed, I tell ya! You get your protein, fruit, caffeine, and the cinnamon to balance blood sugar... All in one delicious frozen drink!"

Half scoop of van & a half of choc & pb2, ice, water, and a splash of milk.

1 scoop vanilla protein
8 oz- 10 oz almond milk
3 strawberries
1/2 banana
5-6 ice cubes
Blend and enjoy!

1 scoop vanilla protein
8 oz- 10 oz almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
1 tbsp almond butter
5-6 ice cubes
Blend and enjoy!

1 scoop vanilla protein
8 oz- 10 oz almond milk
3 strawberries
1/2 cup blueberries
1 tbsp Greek yogurt 
5-6 ice cubes
Blend and enjoy!

I dislike cottage cheese but add protein to it and it's yummy. 
The protein changes the texture and it makes it edible (for me) 
1/2 cup of cottage cheese 
1/2 scoop vanilla protein 
Stir it up and enjoy! 
Optional: Fruit or granola 

1 scoop vanilla protein
8oz Unsweetened vanilla almond milk 
Half a frozen banana
& Lots of cinnamon 

Vanilla protein, raw meal vanilla chi or Thrive shake 
mixed with 1 frozen banana
unsweet vanilla almond milk
and 1 Tbsp chocolate PB2 with ice. Blend.

Great Stuff PB powder
organic cocoa powder
2 Tablespoons organic pumpkin pie mix
1/3 cup Greek yogurt
Vanilla protein powder

Mix vanilla protein powder with coffee, add some cinnamon, and poor it over ice :)

What is Texas Fit Chicks? 
We create a fun environment for women to lose weight and get FIT! With over 125 camp times and locations across the state of Texas, we are the leader in womens' fitness. Our trainers are all (female) nationally certified and have a true passion for helping other women GET fit or STAY fit! Designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness, Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp will change the way you look at fitness and yourself! We think every woman should have access to a trainer, at an affordable price. We believe that there is no need to yell, scream or intimidate women into working out and pushing themselves. Our trainers encourage you to push to the next level in a safe and effective way. You won't ever get bored or do the same workout twice! We have many clients that have been with us since we started, in 2009.
Our program is designed to dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 4 weeks. Our workouts and female fitness experts can help you reach your goals, in a healthy, sustainable way. Texas Fit Chicks includes a full body composition from your trainer before and after your session, and a free meal plan from a nutritionist to maximize your boot camp results. This plan includes family friendly recipes and printable grocery lists to make healthy eating simple.
For a full list of our locations, please visit our website www.texasfitchicks.com Are you a certified trainer interested in joining our team? Find out more here: www.fitchicktrainers.com

Monday, January 25, 2016

Smart Shopping: 7 Tips For Success

Grocery stores can make or break your fitness goals. Your success depends on what goes into the cart and makes it into your home. One of my favorite quotes is "you can't out-train a bad diet." This is SO true.  If you consume more calories than you burn off you gain weight. No matter how hard you train, one trip to the grocery store can undo all that you've done at boot camp or the gym.

Getting in and out of the grocery store with exactly what you planned to buy is tricky. How many times have you gone in for bread and left with $50 worth of stuff in your basket? There are lots of ways the stores keep you wandering down the aisles, and if you go with a plan, you are more likely to stay on track. Here are ways to shop smart and stay on track!

Stop by the cooler in the front...and get the largest bottle of water they sell - pop it open and drink the entire time you're shopping. If you happen to be a little hungry, it will satisfy you. It will remind you of your goals to make this a healthy shopping trip, and it will help get you to your 64 oz minimum water intake for the day! Plan your lunches and dinners on Sunday ~ Spend an hour making your list and your plan. Think through the entire day, including snacks. Once you've purchased it, bring it home and do the chopping and sorting. It will take a few more minutes out of your day, but it will also make grabbing a healthy snack easier - which makes it more likely you will eat it and not junk. If you know that you don't have time to chop everything ~ buy it already done for you. Try to only hit the grocery store once a week.

Plan 1 cheat meal per week BUT.....Don't buy the chocolate you are going to indulge in, until the day you're going to eat it. Too tempting to have it in the house for most people. If it's not in the house, it's not going to be as much of a problem in a weak moment. 

Never, Ever go to the store hungry - I'm sure you've heard this, but it's worth mentioning again. This will blow your strategy. Especially if they're handing out samples. You're much more likely to make impulse purchases if you're hungry and at the grocery store.

Linger in the Produce section and shop the perimeter - Shopping the perimeter means that you are spending most of your $$ on produce, lean meats, and dairy. The processed, packaged, preservative laden food is all in the middle of the store. Linger in the produce and make your basket look like a rainbow of colors from all of the veggies and fruits you buy. Get fresh lemon to flavor your water during the week. Apples for healthy snacks....

Choose fresh or frozen veggies - canned veggies just don't cut it. Fresh is best. Steam them, bake, or boil. Don't smother with butter or cover with cheese :) If you can't do fresh, frozen is next best. Don't overcook the veggies or they lose their nutritional value.

Go without the kids -  If you have kids (that are old enough to talk) chances are they are going to be asking for junk. The cereal aisle will become a battleground. If all you have in the house is cereal that you pick out based on it's nutritional value, there's no discussion on whether or not they will eat it. The people that package Trix and Lucky Charms know how to get their attention...so if possible, go alone.

Eating clean IS a little more work. It is NOT as convenient as the drive-thru at Wendys. But, for a little extra work, you get a huge payoff. Your training during the week will not be trashed by the trip to Market Street. 

Here's a list of the foods that are in my basket each wk:

Chicken breast (skinless, boneless)

Whole wheat breads
Ezekiel muffins
Almond butter
Skim milk
Sweet potatoes
almonds (raw, unsalted)
steel cut oatmeal

What's in yours? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tips For Meal Planning

15 Tips for Meal Planning

    Getting Inspired

    Spend time each week looking for recipes. This may feel like an indulgence, but just let yourself do it. Browse blogs and websites for recipes that look delicious. Hang out on Pinterest. Pile up some cookbooks and reach fo the sticky notes. Get inspired!

    Create a place to save recipes, and keep it SIMPLE. Do whatever works for you. Don't get caught up in a system, just use whatever works best and most easily. Personally, I like Pinterest because it's easy to visually browse what I've saved

    Ask your family, and roommates what they like to eat. This might sound obvious, but it's easy to get caught up in our weeks and forget to ask our households what they would like to eat. I get extra inspired, too, when I feel like I'm cooking a meal as a gift — trying to please and delight the palate of someone I love.

    Check the weather. Right now in Texas, the weather is changing all the time! Look at the weather forecast, and try to predict if you're going to be in the mood for soup (or grilled shrimp salad!) on Friday.

    Keep a meal journal. One of my best inspirations is my own record of things I've cooked in the past. Take a look at what you were cooking a year ago, two years ago. It's a good way to remember things you used to cook, and still love. It happens you cook something your family loves...one time because you forget what it was. Record it! I've made a family binder of favorite recipes I just add new ones to.

    Getting Organized

    Start a calendar. Now that you're getting inspired in what to eat, start a calendar of what you'd like to cook over the next few days or few weeks. It can be as organized as a Google Calendar, with notes on each day for that day's menu. Or you can just jot notes to yourself in the corner of your laptop screen. The important thing is to write it down.

    Go with theme nights (soup night, pasta night, taco night, pasta, beans) Some find it really helpful to have a theme night each week. Monday is pasta, Tuesday is fish, Wednesday is tacos. This doesn't work for everyone, but it may be especially helpful for those of us with kids. See if they want to get involved with planning their favorite tacos one week, or suggesting soups for the next month. Keeping the focus narrow will help you and your household make quick recipe decisions.

    Choose a shopping day and make a shopping list. Those who have success in meal planning shopped very purposefully. They looked at their recipes and made a shopping list. Some of the meal planning and recipe-saving services let you do this easily, extracting ingredients from the recipes you have saved.

    Check what's on sale. Some folks really like to organize their meals around sales. Is organic chicken a dollar off this week? Or canned chickpeas? Check out your grocery store circular and adjust your meal plan or shopping list a bit.

    Plan for leftovers. Most of us have at least some tolerance for leftovers. I regularly cook one or two big healthy casseroles at the beginning of the week and eat off them all week long for lunch. Some people can only eat leftovers for a single night. Either way, try to make your cooking always do double duty. Make a little extra of everything, and if you don't want it right away, freeze it.

    Getting It Done

    Prep food as soon as you get back from the store. Wash and dry lettuce. Chop onions. Roast vegetables. Brown sausage for pizza. Shred zucchini for quick stir-fries. Stack up glass containers of prepped ingredients in the refrigerator and bask in your own awesome preparedness. If you have to pack a lunch for work I highly recommend preparing those meals in advance so they are ready to go! A chicken breast & a side all neatly packed in a special to-go box. Pop them in the fridge and you are set! You may even be able to do this with dinners, especially if you are following a special meal plan for a certain amount of time. It's also very smart to prepare ready to go snacks in advance. This can save your healthy eating regimen. We all need snacks, have them ready to go! 

    Cook components of your meals. Going beyond prep, cook components of the meals. For instance, start a batch of tomato sauce while you wash greens and prep squash. The sauce can go on pizza one night, and in lasagna the next. Or roast a chicken right then that you can eat that night and use for sandwiches and pasta the rest of the week.

    Be strategic about freezing. The freezer is your friend. Actually, it's the friend of future you. Make a double batch of that sauce mentioned above and freeze half for later. Make a double batch of soup, stew, chicken cacciatore, cooked beans — throw it in the freezer. Let a month go by, and those leftovers will look fresh and tasty!

    Don't overstuff the refrigerator. It's easy to get overwhelmed when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back, lost behind the mustard. Don't let things go bad. Keep your fridge airy and light, with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it. Keep a list nearby of everything in the fridge, especially leftovers, as a visual reminder of what remains to be eaten.

    Keep a well-stocked pantry. Meals are easier and quicker to prepare if you keep your pantry well-stocked. Don't run out of olive oil at inconvenient moments. Have spices ready to dress up chicken and beans quickly. Keep a lemon and fresh herbs in the fridge at all times.
All right! What did we miss? What keeps you motivated, inspired, and on track with cooking for yourself during the week? Leave us a comment below! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Want Flat Abs?

The number one thing you can do to flatten that area is to keep your diet clean. Sorry, there's not a magic exercise (although the routine below will target that area) and there's not a magic pill, but eating well 90% of the time and indulging just 10% of the time will get you results! How bad do you want it? If you are willing to make a few changes throughout the week and build on those, you can quickly change your body - and more importantly - how you feel! Here are a few quick tips on getting on a clean eating track....Eating out is extremely difficult when you're trying to change your habits. You have no idea how they really prepared the food, and very few restaurants offer 'clean' meals. If you can prepare your own food for the first couple of weeks, and eat out as little as possible, that will help tremendously. 

Say no to sugar for a week. Analyze the food labels and if it's got more than 11g per serving, nix it. Avoid cream-based salad dressings. A perfectly healthy salad can quickly become more fattening than a cheeseburger when you top with ranch, croutons, cheese....etc. Eliminate alcohol. That will quickly undo the work you've done if you finish the day with a couple of glasses of wine. Check out the calorie content in the number of oz you are drinking, and relate that to a twinkie. Would you eat a twinkie right before bed? Probably not - but your body doesn't know the difference between drinking your calories and eating them :)

Here is a workout routine that will really target those hard-to-reach lower abs. If you're a beginner, do 1 set of each 10-15 reps. Intermediate will do 2 sets of each movement and up the reps to 20-30. Advanced girls do 3 sets of each with up to 50 reps. 

Toe-to-Sky Hip Raise - Lying on a mat, keep hands out on either side for balance and stability, legs vertical and together. Keeping legs vertical throughout, lift hips off mat slowly, then back down. 

Oblique Crunch w/ Elevated Legs - You can use your couch for this one, place legs on top of couch, keeping quads in a vertical position. As you bring your shoulders off the ground, twist to the right and on the next rep, twist toward the left. 

Knee Tuck - If you have a bench or an ottoman you can use that for this next exercise. Lean back, holding the back of the bench - legs straight out. Bring your bent knees up to your chest and repeat

Reverse Crunch - Lying on the bench, hands behind your head holding on for stability. Start with toes touching the floor. Keep your knees bent throughout the movement - allow your toes to lightly tap the floor on the downward move. 

Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp will teach you more about how to change your body and your life! Our passion is helping women lead healthy lives, and become great examples to our children and families.

What is Texas Fit Chicks? 
We create a fun environment for women to lose weight and get FIT! With over 125 camp times and locations across the state of Texas, we are the leader in womens' fitness. Our trainers are all (female) nationally certified and have a true passion for helping other women GET fit or STAY fit! Designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness, Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp will change the way you look at fitness and yourself! We think every woman should have access to a trainer, at an affordable price. We believe that there is no need to yell, scream or intimidate women into working out and pushing themselves. Our trainers encourage you to push to the next level in a safe and effective way. You won't ever get bored or do the same workout twice! We have many clients that have been with us since we started, in 2009.
Our program is designed to dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 4 weeks. Our workouts and female fitness experts can help you reach your goals, in a healthy, sustainable way. Texas Fit Chicks includes a full body composition from your trainer before and after your session, and a free meal plan from a nutritionist to maximize your boot camp results. This plan includes family friendly recipes and printable grocery lists to make healthy eating simple.

For a full list of our locations, please visit our website www.texasfitchicks.com Are you a certified trainer interested in joining our team? Find out more here: www.fitchicktrainers.com

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's In Store For You in 2016?

What’s in store for you in 2016? Are you a list maker who jots down resolutions or are you one who chooses to enter the year with a positive attitude while taking each day as they come? What about healthy living and making some efforts to improve your life style? Is that a goal of yours?
I don’t know about you, but I like to come up with short term and long term goals. Week by week goals along with quarterly goals that will lead to my ultimate goal. Doing this will keep us from failing. I find ways to hold myself accountable (workout buddies are great for this) and write goals that will be achievable. Healthy living is always on the top of my list.

How can we make 2016 more healthy? Can we commit to 3 hours a week of exercise? Can we commit to eating healthier and drinking more water? Can we work on getting the appropriate amount of sleep? Sure we can!

First, find a fitness program that makes you feel empowered. One that makes you excited to put your workout pants on. One that helps you see that your personal goals are reachable. A program that you can embrace and one that feels as if it’s a perfect fit for you.
Then commit to trying it 3 hours a week for a month. If you don’t enjoy it, try something new, stay at it and stick to your fitness! Your body and mind will thank you. It’ll keep you feeling stronger and more energetic! You’ll see results in endurance and you’ll find a new confidence that hasn’t shined in a while.
Now that we have our fitness going on, we have to come to terms with the fact that exercise alone won’t complete the total healthy living goal. So our second item is to make smart food choices. Eating better is key to over all health. The saying “we are what we eat” is somewhat true. If we eat bad we will feel bad. So, cut the sugar and alcohol out slowly.
Every day start with a high protein breakfast paired with a complex carb like plain oats, sweet potatoes, whole wheat toast or a fruit like berries or an apple. Include healthy fats like raw nuts and avocado. You can have your coffee…don’t worry I won’t take that away. Just drink it without the sugar and sweet syrups. They are added calories we don’t need, cut them out little by little. I like to add cinnamon to my coffee.
Work on eating 5-6 small meals per day. It helps better with planning if we prep our meals/snacks ahead of time and schedule what times we plan to eat. I set alarms in my phone and if I’m hungry before hand I drink a glass of water. Sometimes hunger is triggered by dehydration or boredom.
Take your lunches with you to work or while running errands and eat in more than you eat out. You’ll find more success sticking to a healthy eating plan if you have less temptation, so rid your pantry of all the junk food treats.
Third, get enough sleep. Sleep is so important for recovery. We use our brains non-stop and we are working hard now. Our body needs sleep to become stronger. We need to grow muscles, restore and repair tissue and allow the release of growth hormone. Without the proper amount of sleep we don’t function to our highest ability and our whole system becomes troubled.
Fourth, drink more water. It’s essential to our system. It helps us fight disease, rids our body of toxins, keeps our skin healthier, prevents constipation, reduces joint inflammation and keeps us hydrated!
This all may sound overwhelming. Remember being more fit and healthy is a life style. To stick to these goals it’s easiest to start small while aiming big. Whether your ultimate goal is to shed 20 pounds or gain 20 pounds, or to run a marathon or a 5K you need to take small steps to get there. Think of yourself as an athlete training for a big game. You can’t just walk on to the court or field with zero practice and win the game. You have to train and work hard to get there.
So go week by week and add something new each week. Your new healthy living plan the first week could just be to add breakfast into your routine and replace 2 drinks (sodas, juices, alcohol, etc.) a day with a glass of water. Go walk outdoors or join a fitness program that you can do 3 hours per week (schedule it in your calendar). Your second week add on cutting out desserts 6 days a week. Save your treat for one day each week. Replace your daily treats with 1/3 cup of fresh fruit and some raw nuts and continue with your fitness program while adding in even more water. Remember good sleep is always important so aim to add an extra 30 min a night each week. Work towards getting 7-8 hours as often as possible.
If you start now, a year from today you’ll have accomplished so much and you’ll love your new healthy lifestyle. “A new year means nothing if you stay in your comfort zone.”

LeighAnne Maloy
LeighAnne Maloy

You’ve got this! Happy New Year!
LeighAnne Maloy of McKinney is a Boot Camp instructor with Texas Fit Chicks, a one-on-one personal trainer, and a certified sports nutritionist.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year!! New You!

Here comes 2016!! Let's make this new year the beginning of the new you. There are books everywhere on what to eat, when, how much, and which foods are the devil (sometimes that includes strawberries!!) Rather than starting a fad-diet that will have you gain it all back, try a couple of tried and true methods of losing weight. If you will follow these suggestions, you will notice your jeans fitting better within around 3 weeks!

  • Exercise 4-5 days a week doing cardio - include resistance training at least 2x a week! Sign up and train with Texas Fit Chicks and we will help you along the way!!
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water daily, more if you are exercising
  • Eat your veggies! Get 5-7 servings daily.
  • Avoid white, refined foods. Go for whole wheat and cut out sugar
  • Cut out soda...lots of empty calories there!
  • Don't skip meals - you will end up hungrier the next time you eat, and it slows the metabolism to a crawl
There are ways you might be hindering your progress...

SABOTAGE #1 – right foods, wrong quantities.Ok, so you eat healthy. You go for greek yogurt instead of the chocolate bar. You are accustomed to eating green leafy veggies, fresh fruit and lean meats like salmon, tuna, chicken, turkey and the occasional lean beef. If you are eating the right foods, but eating too much, you will not lose weight. It’s like your finances. You might be spending on good things, but overspending is overspending.Do you know how many calories you’re eating per day? Carbohydrates? Fat grams? Protein?

SABOTAGE #2 – right foods, “right quantities”, bad timing. If you’re either seeing very slow progress or not seeing progress and feel you’re within you’re correct caloric range and eating good foods, then time of day could ruin the best results you could have. Here’s some tips for those seeking to shed a few pounds.- Don’t eat simple carbs after 2pm, such as: rice, pasta, breads, sugars, honey, fruit juice, sweets. These foods are not bad, but they should be eaten earlier in the day, when your metabolism is running faster.- Eat a fast absorbing protein within 30 minutes of excercising such as a whey protein shake. - Realize that alcoholic drinks may not contain fat nor carbs, but to quote a University Anatomy professor, “It’s not what a food is, it’s what a food does that matters” and Alcohol easily converts to fat, hence the term “beer belly”.

SABOTAGE # 3 – Not taking ONE diet day-off per week.YOU GET CRAVINGS! We all do. You want to eat a Krispy Kreme donut, or you’d like to eat some pizza, you’re going to a party or on a date …who doesn’t… So the best way to deal with these craving is to have a once a week outlet. Let me be clear here, you should choose your day ahead of time and then get your junky eating done on that day (try not to go too crazy, just a little crazy, try not to go more than 600 Calories over your normal diet) .

Don't take several “OFF MOMENTS” during the week. This will RUIN, SABOTAGE and DESTROY your hard work and keep you at bay from your goals. Keep it to one day and one day per week only and then the rest of the week stick with the plan and you will be on your way.

SABOTAGE #4 – inconsistency. “Be consistent… nothing worthwhile is free or without cost” if you want to succeed, be consistent. Consistency is the key to financial, relational, scholastic, spiritual and fitness success.If someone isn’t getting the grades they desire by studying just 2 hours a week, what’s the solution? Study more and do it consistently, “hit & miss” never wins out, no matter how much talent/genetics/natural ability you’ve got. Remember the tortoise and the hare?The same principle applies in fitness, if going to the gym twice a week isn’t doing it for you, then go three or four times. But above all be consistent, because only then do even have a behavior pattern to measure and compare.

SABOTAGE #5 - not getting enough sleep.Proper rest is essential! if you're not getting 7-8 hours of good rest a night, it can affect your progress. Our metabolism is directly affected by whether or not we've rested properly *** this is ABSOLUTELY crucial to those wanting to add muscle. Muscles don't grow at bootcamp, they grow in rest after your workout**

Start 2016 off with a bang and Commit to be FIT! Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp specializes in helping women lose weight.. The key to success is to eat clean 90% of the time and 10% of the time, indulge.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

New Things To Come In 2016!!!

A new year means a new you!  And we want to help you create/maintain that. We are excited to share some news with you about things that will be new with TFC in 2016!

1) Our normal meal plans, which are available to any TFC Boot Camp member, have only been published once per year for the past few years.  Beginning in 2016, we will release a new meal plan each quarter, starting January 1, 2016.  This means that you will receive four different meal plans each year
2) Many of you have asked for flexibility and the option of attending classes other than your "home camp."  Sometimes you can't make your normal class time/location and would like to attend a different camp.  Others have told us they'd like to be able to get in more than 3 workouts with TFC each week.  Well, we are happy to say that we are accommodating those requests!

Beginning in January, Chicks who are on the $99, $129 or $159 plans will have up to 8 "extra" classes they can take per month. They will have a card they can print out and have their personal trainer at their "home camp," sign and date, and they will then have up to 8 workouts they can attend at any other camp within a one-month time frame. Each month, if they are in the $99, $129 or $159 plan, they will be able to print off a new card and get another 8 extra classes.  If a Chick who is on the $79 plan would like to upgrade to the $99 plan before completing her 12 month term on the $79 plan, she may do so by informing her trainer, who will then let our Support Manager know. The Chick will then be eligible to receive the 8 "extra" class card, and on the date of her next draft she will be switched to the $99 plan and have a new, six-month commitment.

            How it will work:

On Jan 1, all of you on the $159, $129 or $99 plan will receive, via email, a card you can print off, which includes room for your trainer's signature, a date, and 8 blank boxes.  Beginning January 1, each time you sign up for or renew for a camp (this does not include drop in purchases), the email thanking you for signing up will include the card that you can print.  
You will still have your personal trainer and your "home camp."  If you want to be able to attend classes outside of your normal camp days and times you will bring a card to your personal trainer and have her sign and date it. Please be sure to contact another trainer before you just show up at a class other than your own.  All class days/times and trainer contact information can be found on our website.  Then you will present your card when you arrive.  The trainer will simply sign her name and put a date in one of the 8 boxes and let you work out.
Each month, you can print off a new card and take it to your personal trainer to sign and date it.  If you present a card that has a date that is more than one month prior, you will politely be told you need to get a new card signed by your regular trainer.   If you lose your card and can't find the document that was emailed to you, you can just request a card from your trainer and have her sign and date it.

3) Our $79 annual plan was introduced for a limited time in the spring, and we are continuing it through Dec 31st, 2015.  Beginning January 1, it will no longer be offered to new clients.  All new clients will have the option of signing up for our normal 3 plans which we have had the past few years - the $99, $129 and $159 plans.  

We truly appreciate our clients' referrals.  We want to continue to show our appreciation to you for that, therefore, we are enhancing our referral program!  For any current clients who wish to renew on the $79 plan, they will have the option do to so ONLY IF they have referred a friend who has signed up within the previous six months (the six months immediately preceding their renewal date).  In other words, if a Chick is set to renew April 1, 2016, when she goes in to renew the system will check to see whether another client has entered her ID as a referrer since September 1, 2016.  If so, the renewing Chick will see an option to renew at $79 for twelve months.  The normal $25 referral credit will also apply.  If you haven't already taken advantage of this option by referring a friend to TFC, you can do so between now and your renewal period.  Be sure to give your friend(s) your TFC ID and they use it when they sign up for ANY TFC location.  If they do not enter your ID the system will not know you referred the person and we will not be able to later go back and verify your referral.

We are grateful to have you all as TFC Chicks and we thank you for the opportunity to help you along your health and fitness journey!  2016 will be a great year! 


1.      Do I have to refer a friend to the class that I'm currently in?  Or can I refer a friend to any TFC class?
Any referrals count, regardless of where your friend is located.

2.       If I'm currently on the $99, $129 or $159 plan and refer a friend, will I also have the option to renew at $79?
Yes, any current client who has had a referral within the six months prior to her renewal date will see the $79 option. Please keep in mind that in moving to the $79 plan you would not have the option for 8 extra classes per month.

3.      What if I refer someone but they do not enter my ID when they sign up?
The system will not know about your referral and you will not see the $79 option. If you are referring a friend and want to get the $25 credit and/or have the $79 renewal option BE SURE YOUR FRIEND TAKES THE TIME TO ENTER YOUR ID.

4.      If I'm on the $99, $129 or $159 and have the extra class card, what if I want to drop into 2 classes one week, but then get in 3 three classes the next week?  Is that allowed?

5.      Am I allowed to "gift" my extra, unused classes to friends who are not with TFC?
No, but keep in mind anyone can try a class for the first time at no charge.

6.      Do the "unused additional classes" rollover to the next month?
No, you'll need a new card signed by your trainer each month and only that current card can be used.