Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 Saturday bootcamps this weekend ~ Frisco AND McKinney

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2 Saturday Bootcamps with Texas Fit Chicks!
Frisco and McKinney Locations
Saturday, March 3, 2012

Workout for RELAY!!!
We are raising money for RELAY for Life and the American Cancer Society ~ donations are appreciated!

This is open to ANY chick that wants to join don't have to be a client to participate.

 Feel free to bring a friend or two!

Cresent Park
11595 Lenox Lane  Frisco, TX 75034
Trainer ~ Aimee
RSVP to save your spot:

Crosspoint Church
2101 Stonebridge Drive McKinney, TX 75070
Trainer ~ Angela
RSVP to save your spot:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Break Workout you can do anywhere!!

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Traveling for the break? At home with the kids and can't make it to bootcamp? Here's a great workout from Texas Fit Chicks that you can take with you anywhere! Remember, before starting this or any exercise program, see your doctor :)

Before the workout - check out our latest video of TExas Fit CHicks in Action!! :)


 Warm Up

4 Way Straight Arm Plank - 30 sec hold each direction. Start w/ reverse plank (straight legs fingers towards rear) then move to side plank - then fwd plank - then other side plank.
Burpees - 1 min
4 Way Straight Arm Plank - same count as above
Burpees - 1 min
water break

Mountain Climbers - 1 min
PushUps - 10 reps
Mountain Climbers - 1 min
PushUps - 10 reps
water break

2 mins cardio with an option:
If you've got stairs - you could run your stairs for 2 mins or head outside and time yourself around the block for 2 mins. No stairs and can't get out? Jog with high knees in place for 1 min and then rear kicks for the second minute.

Walking Lunges around the house - 2 min

Squat Jacks - 1 min
Reverse Lunge w/ Front Kick - 1 min each leg
Squat Jacks - 1 min
Speed bag - 1 min - Boxer Shuffle w/ arms overhead
water break

High Knee Walk - Chest up, walking - lifting knee up high in front, raising other leg up for calf raise - then alternating legs. 1 min
Plie Squat - 1 minute - feet out wide, knees aligned with ankles - sink down low then up.
Bunny Hops - Fwd and back little hops keeping knees bent and landing on balls of feet. 1 min
Plie Squat - 1 min
Bunny Hops - side to side 1 min
Plie Squat and hold - 30 seconds

Core Work -
Horizontal Scissors - fingertips behind ears, chin lifted off chest - raise legs up a few inches off mat - then scissor in and out, with one leg going over the other then alternating. 30 seconds
Alternating Heel Touch - Knees bent heels on mat - lifting head off mat arms down to sides - reach with rt arm down to touch heel - working obliques then do other side. 20 reps each side
Lying Leg Raise - legs straight out and down on mat. Lift both legs up in the air at same time, then release back down keeping control and cue to not let lower back arch off only bring legs down as far as you can w/out that occuring. 15 reps
Bicycle Crunch - 30 reps
Oblique Crunches - dropping both legs down to the right - lift and lower - repeat other side. 15 each side

Healthy Twist on Sunday Brunch

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Dallas Texas Fit Chicks Trainer Emilys' healthy twist on Sunday Brunch!

My favorite meal, hands down, would be Sunday brunch. I just love enjoying
pancakes with maple syrup while having a relaxing morning. However, that treat
can quickly derail all of the positive steps of clean eating and hard training during
the week. Even after that, I am usually hungry not long after! This recipe for
pancakes is not only quick and easy, but also combines filling fiber and protein
together for a healthy alternative!
Easy, pancake mix:
In blender, combine equal parts of egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese, and oatmeal.
Blend until completely mixed. Let sit in blender for 5 minutes to thicken. Use as you
would any pancake batter. Top with fresh berries.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

$99 Boot Camp for our new FRISCO Texas Fit CHicks Bootcamp EvENING camp!

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Texas Fit Chicks FRISCO EVENING Camp
starts March 5!!

This week ONLY you can get boot camp for just $99 when you sign up with a friend!*
Boot Camp will meet at Wade/Preston M,Tu,Th from 7pm-8pm.

Details of the deal:

You and a friend both sign up for our new 7pm Frisco evening camp with Texas Fit Chicks, and you each get:
What you get: 5 wks of full body (amazingly FUN and effective) workouts with your nationally certified female trainer + Free 5 wk meal plan to get you even faster results than our workouts alone + Amazing support on your weight-loss journey + Training for just over 6 bucks an hr!! It's a steal. + Full Email access to your trainer. Got a question you don't want to ask in class, we are always happy to help even when we're not training you.
All of this for $99!! That's a savings of $100!
Hurry...offer expires March 4!!
Angela will get you to your goals, and have amazing support along the way. We motivate without the megaphone ~ but will push you in a way that makes you get the results you want. Just in time for summer :)
Want to grab this deal?
Email Angela for details on how to get this deal and sign up!

Our 5 wks are already a low $199 ($13/hr) if you can't find a friend, and you can start any Monday! All fitness levels welcome. Still not sure? Read these testimonials from a couple of our fit chicks...

"I lost 15 lbs and 7 inches in my first 5 wk bootcamp with Texas Fit Chicks!" - Tonja N. Age 51

"Joining Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp has been a life changing experience for me. I have finally found the motivation that I was lacking for so many years. I was very nervous when I joined boot camp that I would not be able to keep up in the classes. From the first day of class I have felt comfortable and confident in my abilities. The trainers show you different levels for each exercise and allow you to increase to the next level at your own pace. I also enjoy how every class is different and the exercises are fun. After 3 months I have lost 24 lbs and 18 inches. I could not have done it without Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp" - Brooke R. 4/11

"This boot camp helped me push myself harder than I ever would have pushed myself at the gym.The large variety of strength and cardio exercises kept me from ever getting bored and the accountability of being in a class setting kept me from making any excuses! I lost weight and inches in my first five weeks and am looking forward to losing even more!" Karen M.

Join us today and start Monday! Let us get you to your fitness goals.
Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp ~ Get Up. Get Out. Get FIT!

$99 5 wk Fit Friend deal is only good for our Traditional "NO EXCUSES" 5 wk bootcamp, and not offered for the flex card. Friends must start on the same date and the same class time/location for offer to be valid. Not valid with any other offers *Both clients must be new clients only, never having previously been enrolled in a TFC camp at any other location.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4 FREE Saturday BOOTCAMPS with TExas Fit Chicks!

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Texas Fit Chicks FREE

4 Camp options for this Saturday!

Great way to start the weekend!! No charge to attend, but we are collecting donations to support RELAY for LIFE and the American Cancer Society. Relay is an amazing event that will be taking place in McKinney on April 27,2012. Texas Fit Chicks has a team and we are raising money to support this great cause. Want to join our team or donate online?
Click HERE for Texas FIt Chicks Team Page

100% of funds raised at each location will go towards this event! Let's see how much we can raise to fight cancer!

Here are your 4 camp options for Sat, the 25th of Feb:

McKinney - 8:30am-9:30am ~ Workout with Melody
Open to chicks only - you don't have to be a TFC client. Feel free to bring a friend to join you!
Located at 2101 Stonebridge Dr, McKinney TX 75070. CROSSPOINT Church.
Cross streets are Stonebridge Dr and Coronado

Frisco - 8:30am-9:30am ~ Workout with Angela
Open to chicks only ~ don't have to be a client, feel free to bring a friend to join you!
Located at Mateo Office Park - 8501 Wade Blvd, Frisco
Cross streets are Preston/Wade.

Plano ~ 8:30am-9:30am Workout with Titia
Open to Chicks Only ~ Everyone is welcome...bring a friend!
Located in the Wiers Shopping Center - 6205 Coit Road (Spring Creek/Preston) in Plano
The weather guys are forecasting a low of 45 that morning...which is PERFECT to workout in! Might layer a bit, but you will be warm within a matter of minutes. It's going to be an AWESOME workout at each location!
Here's what you will want to bring on Saturday morning:

Yoga style mat
(or beach towel if you don't have a mat)

Set of Dumbbells
Boot Camp Liability Release and PAR-Q
You won't be able to participate without these forms, so please be sure and either print and bring or scan and email to your trainer.
Donation for Relay For Life
Please contact the trainer leading the location you would like to attend for any questions or more information.
Hope to see YOU there!!

COMMENT BELOW (with which location you want) TO SAVE YOUR SPOT!!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Soda (including diet) is making you Fat!

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Why Soda Is Making You Fat!

If you’ve been drinking one or more sodas every day, that aluminum can in your hand is to blame for those extra digits on the scale. We’re not talking a couple pounds either. We’re talking long term weight gain. One can of cola adds more than 100 calories to your daily intake. That’s over 10 lbs of additional body fat every year.

Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and soda addiction have all risen together steadily and scarily over the past decades. Coincidence? Not a chance. Soda is sabotaging your body.

What’s so bad about a little bubbly liquid?
Lots and lots of calories and zero nutritional value. Sugary soft drinks account for almost 10% of the average American’s daily caloric intake. That’s a ton of empty calories that lack any of the nutrients, fiber, or minerals your body needs to function. Because soda’s missing what your body craves, no matter how much you drink you’ll still be left feeling hungry. So, on top of hundreds of empty calories, you pile on additional food that still counts against your ideal daily allotment. Remember, there is one absolute truth: if you take in more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

Your odds of becoming obese increase as much as 1.6 times for every 12 ounces of soda you drink over the course of the day. That’s because one small can of soda holds a whopping 140 calories of added sugar. Reality check: at most fast food restaurants, a 12 ounce serving of soda is considered the kiddie size.
Go directly to fat jail.
All these added sugars are simple sugars, meaning they are readily and easily absorbed. When you take in such a high volume so quickly your insulin spikes. Your body can’t handle the rapid influx, which leads to extra glucose being stored as fat. You don’t get any lasting energy from the liquid carbs; you get that familiar and inevitable crash. Instead of being ready to hit the gym to burn off any extra fat, you’re so exhausted you just hit the couch. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I’ll just switch to diet soda!
Not so fast. Recent studies show that over time diet sodas still cause weight gain. If you drink 2 or more servings of diet soda a day you are 5 times more likely to increase dangerous visceral fat in your midsection. That extra fat puts you at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.
Let’s say you only drink a single serving of diet soda a day. Diet soda is still high in sodium. The more sodium in your body, the more water you’ll retain. Which means if you’re trying to lose weight, diet soda can actually make it that much harder move the scale in the right direction. And let’s not forget the artificial sweeteners in diet soda – a BIG no-no!

Instead of sodas, why not reach for healthier and even more refreshing beverages?
If you won’t give up the carbonated bite of soda, mix two parts seltzer water with one part 100% fruit juice – like powerhouse pomegranate or cranberry. You’ll get your pleasant pop and fizz along with rich antioxidants and vitamins. Embrace homemade smoothies made with fresh fruit and almond milk or greek yogurt for added protein.
Maybe it’s time you jump on the green tea train. Even if you sweeten your tea, you’re more likely to check your sugar intake when you’re the one spooning in the sweetener. Or reach for that oldie but goodie, pure H2O.

One thing is for sure: cut out sodas and you’ll start to feel lighter than carbonated air.
Let us help you rid yourself of the nutrition which sabotages your health and help you make better choices you can trust.
Call or email us today!
Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp Training REAL Housewives in McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, Allen, Highland Park and Austin Texas