Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 7 Reasons Cardio is a key component of your fitness program

I hate treadmills. There is nothing worse than running and going nowhere...in my opinion :) For years, I would go to the gym and ignore the boring cardio machines, opting to only lift weights. I was missing out on so many benefits of doing cardio, but I didn’t want to be bored!! High Intensity Interval Training was the answer for me. The treadmill wasn’t so horrible if I was sprinting as fast as I could for 30 seconds then taking a break for a bit. Challenging myself like that was the only way I could stomach the treadmill. After a while though, that too became mundane. Boot Camp training was the answer for me. Doing a variety of cardio drills alleviates boredom completely and not only will your heart benefit, you might have to shop for new clothes in a smaller size!

If you are one that doesn’t have time for long drawn out bouts of cardio I have good news! You can get the same results from short bursts of activity…if done correctly!

Here are some of the top benefits of high intensity cardio exercise;

Cardio exercise improves blood circulation

Cardiovascular activity like running helps to increase the density of your capillary network. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that cover your entire body delivering oxygenated blood and nutrients to where they are needed and taking away toxins and other waste products from cells. By increasing the density of your capillary network you create an environment where greater oxygen delivery is possible and waste disposal is made more efficient.

Cardio exercise lowers blood pressure

Cardiovascular conditioning like running can help lower blood pressure. While the scientific reasons for this are unclear, it has been observed as a common by-product of those who exercise regularly, particularly if blood pressure was high to begin with. In fact many doctors will recommend patients commit to a period of cardiovascular activity if they discover they have high blood pressure! One of our fit chicks Dee recently got a great dr. report and was able to discontinue her blood pressure meds due to her fitness training at Texas Fit Chicks bootcamp!

Cardio exercise enhances blood flow

Greater blood flow means you can circulate greater levels of oxygen around the body and produce energy more efficiently. Enhanced blood flow will also help remove waste products and toxins more effectively.

Cardio exercise increases stroke volume

Stroke Volume refers to the volume of blood the heart pumps per beat. Cardio exercise can cause a substantial increase in stroke volume both at rest and when exercising.

Increased stroke volume is likely caused by;

  • A decreased heart rate allowing for more blood to enter the ventricles between beats
  • A greater volume of blood in circulation leading to more blood returning to the heart
  • An increase in the size of the left ventricle chamber
  • An increase in the strength of the hearts contractions due to thicker ventricle walls

Cardio exercise lowers resting heart rate

Many people experience a substantial lowering of resting heart rate after improving their conditioning through cardio exercise. This is likely to be caused by an increase in stroke volume and improved oxygen delivery. The result is the heart has to beat fewer times per minute to deliver the same amount of oxygen. A resting heart of 70bpm or lower is excellent.

Cardio exercise increases energy expenditure

Cardio exercise is fantastic means of increasing your weekly energy expenditure. For those of you fit chicks looking to burn fat this is good news. Increasing your energy expenditure makes it more likely that you will create the required energy deficit for fat loss to occur. Remember if your body has an energy surplus then there is no need for the body to dig into its own energy reserves (fat) to make up the short fall.

High intensity cardio like our bootcamp hill sprints will also help trigger the release of potent fat burning hormones such as HGH thereby helping to accelerate fat loss results. Low intensity cardio will not

Cardio exercise can help improve sports performance

For those of you that play sports, enhancing your conditioning will only help your performance. More often than not it is the player or team who is able to maintain their intensity for longer that will come out on top in an athletic setting.

At Texas Fit Chicks bootcamp, we incorporate Tabata training during our workout. This high intensity training protocal will give you greater benefits than steady state training. Our bodies also never have the opportunity to plateau when you participate in our boot camps, since every single workout is different.Our clients see the benefits of working out in as little as 4 weeks with us. Join us and start this Monday to make sure your workout will get you the results you want to see. We take the guesswork out of losing weight and getting healthy! 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tips for staying on track when eating out

Let's face it...eating out is really hard when you are trying to lose weight. There is a reason that calorie content and fat grams aren't printed alongside the fettucine alfredo or bowl of queso...because nobody would eat it! A dinner portion of Fettuccine Alfredo at a popular italian restaurant along with 2 of their breadsticks contain 1520 calories and 52g of saturated fat!!! (That's calories for an entire day and double the amount of sat. fat recommended for the DAY!) 

The workouts that we do at Texas Fit Chicks BootCamp will burn anywhere from 400-600 calories in one hour. Add up how many hours you'd have to workout to burn that off, then ask yourself is it really worth it??? Most of the time that answer should be a loud NO. The 90/10 rule should apply to your eating habits when you are trying to lose weight. 90% of the time be eating clean, good foods. Then you can indulge 10% of the time. This can mean that 6 days a week you are eating well and you take 1 day "off" to indulge. For faster weight loss, make that 1 meal rather than 1 day. When you realize how quickly you can derail your hard workouts - it makes the eating bad not seem so good!

If it's not time for your free meal and you have to go out to eat, here are a few tips on how to eat smart when eating out:

  • Start out with a small salad. This will help to fill you up before the main dish comes, and might prevent you from overeating the higher calorie food. Order it without croutons, cheese or cream-based dressing. Oil and Vinegar is best.
  • Order Veggies instead of rice
  • Stick to chicken or fish as an entree - order it grilled, baked or blackened - Avoid Crusted, stuffed or fried of course 
  • Ask for salsa as a side sauce instead of sour cream, butter, cheese or bacon.
  • Ask for a to-go box before you start eating and divide your meal in half right away. The portion sizes are out of control in our society - and you won't feel compelled to eat more than you need if it's not in front of you
  • Don't drink your calories - stick with water w/ lemon, unsweetened tea, etc.
  • Order off the kids menu - many times these sized portions are "normal" and half the calories of the full sized entree
So many restaurants have their nutrition info online - so if you know ahead of time where you are going, educate yourself before you get there. You will be shocked to see the amounts of sodium, fat and calories that are in some healthy sounding entrees. The restaurants want people to come back over and over - and to make the food taste the way they make it, they load it up with butter, sugar and it's easy to get your full days worth of calories in one sitting!

When trying to lose weight, ignorance is not bliss. Once you realize how much work goes into burning calories, then you learn how many calories are in restaurant food, you will most likely decide that it's just not worth it. Our society is so food-driven these days, and if you look at what a portion size was 50 yrs ago, and what it is today, it's no wonder we have the obesity crisis that we do in America. Health experts predict that by the year 2020, 1/2 of American adults will have Diabetes. This is a shocking statistic, but true.

The best way to stay on track is to prepare as many meals at home as you can, but if you need to go out, make a plan before you go...and think this thought: "Is what I'm about to eat going to get me closer to my goal?" Might make you re-think that Alfredo :)

- Melody Chandler, CPT
Owner, Texas Fit Chicks 

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Locations in Dallas.Houston.College Station

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Want a Flat Belly? Top 3 Tips plus at-home Texas Fit Chicks Belly Blast Workout

If you visit Colorado in the Summertime, you see the rocky mountains with all of their jagged edges clearly. Go again in the winter, and you no longer see the rocky edges...but you know they're still there. They are just covered with snow. We've got the muscles under there, but have to get rid of the snow to see them :)In order to get rid of our "snow" means upping cardio and adding lean muscle mass which will burn calories faster than fat. At Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp we do high intensity interval training plus strength training. When coupled with solid nutrition, results are incredible, and you can get those defined abs you want. Here are 3 tips when training to get a flat belly to remember:
  • Change it up. Like anything else we do, your body adapts very quickly. Mix it up with reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, weighted crunches, etc. You've got to continue challenging your abs with different exercises
  • Include a Stability Ball for added difficulty. The stability ball is a great tool in core work, and challenges you much more than being on a mat. We always include stability ball day once a week at Texas Fit Chicks...clients love it!
  • EAT WELL....you've heard the saying...a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips...if you don't practice "Clean Eating" 90% of the time, you will never see definition in your abs. This is the most critical piece when it comes to a flat stomach. Avoid temptation, and visualize yourself at your goal. It's a powerful tool that works.
Try this at-home workout to strengthen and tone your core...Ready...Set...GO!

3 Minutes of Cardio - High Knee Run/Jumping Jacks/Run the Stairs/Run around the block..just get your heart rate up for 3 minutes

Up & Open Abs- Lie face up on the floor, legs extended straight six inches off the floor, hands by your sides, palms facing down. This is the starting position. Keeping your core engaged, bend your knees into your chest, return to start, then raise your legs straight towards the ceiling so they’re perpendicular to the floor, then return to start; slowly open your legs so they form a wide V, keeping them six inches off the ground. Return to start - do 20 reps
In & Out crunch - Lie face up on the floor, legs extended straight six inches off the floor and hands behind your head, elbows out. Bracing your core, simultaneously lift your shoulder blades off the floor as you tuck your knees toward your chest Reverse the movement to return to start, keeping your feet off the ground. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps
Double Banana Crunch - Lie faceup on the floor, with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees, fingertips behind your ears, elbows out. Brace your core and lift your shoulders off the ground. In one motion, extend your legs about a foot off the floor and reach your arms directly overhead, elbows near your ears. Reverse the movement to return to start. That’s one rep. Do 20
4 Minutes of Cardio - 1 Minute each of the following moves:
1 Minute Booty Kickers
1 Minute Mountain Climbers
1 Minute Jumping Jacks
1 Minute Burpees
RECOVER - 60 seconds
Cross Legged Lift - On mat, hands out to sides, Legs straight up. Cross left ankle over rt knee. Keeping rt leg straight, use abs to lift hips off mat. Lower then take legs down to 45 degrees off mat. Repeat - 15 on ea side. Press belly button into mat as you lower legs.
Compound Crunch - Fingertips behind ears. Lift head and shoulder blades as you pull knees toward chest. Lower head and shoulder blades and slowly extend legs 45 degrees off mat keeping abs tight. Repeat for 15
One Legged Bridge - Rt knee bent, foot on mat - left leg extended straight up. Arms out to each side, palms on mat. Push through rt heel as you lift hips till body is aligned from shoulders to rt knee. Lower hips till they almost touch mat, then lift again. 15 reps on ea side.
Reverse Crunches - Both legs straight up in the air, feet together. Lift hips off mat, then return to start. Slowly do 20 reps
Horizontal Scissors - fingertips behind ears, chin lifted off chest - raise legs up a few inches off mat - then scissor in and out, with one leg going over the other then alternating. 30 seconds
Alternating Heel Touch - Knees bent heels on mat - lifting head off mat arms down to sides - reach with rt arm down to touch heel - working obliques then do other side. 20 reps each side
Lying Leg Raise - legs straight out and down on mat. Lift both legs up in the air at same time, then release back down keeping control and cue to not let lower back arch off mat...so only bring legs down as far as you can w/out that occurring. 15 reps
Finish it off with 5 Minutes of Cardio - Repeat the series of exercises above and add in 1 minute of Bunny Hops
Repeat series 2-3 times for an awesome calorie burn!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Texas Fit Chicks Tank Now Available!

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Do you heart TFC? Show it with our new fun TFC Tank ~ Comfortable fitting tank (think t-shirt sizing) for just $18 (+tax/shipping). 
Available only until March 5. 

Click on the tank to order...or

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Sizes from small-2X available

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Nutrition Tips from Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp

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Here are some commonly asked questions from our chicks ~ we thought we'd share with you!

What would be best to focus on first, nutrition or exercise?
The Answer: BOTH! You can eat your way out of any great workout so it's extremely important that if you are trying to lose weight and create more health and wellness to your life you have to make nutrition a priority. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind. Remember, by small changes you will create big results:

     *Don't drink your calories! Check out our fb page HERE for some great links to articles that will shed more light into this.  I encourage you to drink as much water throughout the day as you can and avoid any all soda.  That may seem unrealistic, but when it comes to your health and your body don't you want to give it your best?

    *Make your calories count! Look for nutrient dense foods. It's recommended to shop the periphery of the grocery store, especially the produce section. Start reading the labels--if you can't pronounce it, you probably don't want to eat it! I love Dr. Andrew Weil's statement, "A dish can only be good as its worst ingredient." With that in mind strive to consume food that is minimally or not processed at all. When food is taken from it's natural state, stripped down and processed and then given a few man-made vitamins to make it consumable it's harder for our body to even recognize it as food. It takes longer for our bodies to digest it and it places a lot of stress on our bodily systems to break it down and absorb the small amount of usable nutrition that it holds.  Keep that in mind the next time you are making your grocery lists. Find places that you can start making some healthier changes--a little at a time.

Maybe you're not worried about counting calories, and that's just fine. Just remember that your body isn't a trash can, so don't put garbage in it.  If you are counting calories consider this: you want aim for 100-250 calories for a snack and approximately 300-450 calories for a meal. These amounts will differ from one person to the next. It will depend on your needs and the amount of exercise you do during the week.

   *Stock your Pantry for success. Fill it your with whole grains, beans, nuts and other nutrient rich foods. I'm not suggesting you just throw out what you have all at once and start fresh. It will be easier on your budget to just start with one or two items each time you shop. Some suggestions of items to start using if you don't already: brown rice, old fashioned/steel oats, quinoa, whole wheat breads/pastas/flours, lentils, black beans, garbanzo beans, all natural-low sodium broths, I could go on and on. This is just a place to start. Let me know if you want more detail on this.

   *Don't forget to eat breakfast! Feed your family  something that will give them the fuel they need for the day-not fill them with empty calories and send their blood sugar spiking. On that note if you have any artificially flavored maple syrup once it's gone do not use it anymore. It does nothing good for your body, filling it with empty calories and sending your blood sugar spiking that will cause you to be hungry sooner, and crave more sweets and calories later in the day. My suggestions for pancake toppings: All natural maple syrup, Agave Syrup, nut butters, or my favorite: plain, nonfat greek yogurt and organic strawberry jam.

    *Make sure you include some protein in your meals and snacks. How much protein? Here's how to Calculate your protein needs:

       1. Calculate your weight in kg: body weight in lb. x .45 = body weight in kg.
       2. Multiply weight in kg by 0.8. The result is the grams of protein you should consume    per day.
                For example: body weight 160lb
                 1. 160lb x .45 = 72 kg body weight
                  2. 72kg x 0.8 = 57.6 grams of protein per day

 *Make Portions a Priority! The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute provides these visual examples to help us better understand what a serving really looks like.

One Serving                                                Looks Like
1 cup cereal flakes                                      fist
1 pancake                                                  compact disk
1/2 cup cooked rice/pasta                            1/2 baseball
1/4 cup raisins                                            large egg
1 baked potato                                           fist
1 cup salad greens                                     baseball
1/2 cup fresh fruit                                        1/2 baseball
1 1/2 ounces cheese                                   4 stacked dice
1 teaspoon margarine/butter                         1 dice
3 ounces meat, fish, poultry                         deck of cards
3 ounces cooked fish                                  checkbook
2 tablespoons peanut butter                         ping pong ball

Here's an easy tip, if you're trying to eat smaller portions use a smaller dish!  And when eating out have half of the meal boxed up when it is served to you to eat later. Restaurants typically serve larger portions than one person really needs.

We'd love for you to share this information with your friends if you found it helpful!
Committed to Your Success
Melody Chandler

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun at home workout while you get ready for the day!

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Ok - seriously...who has room for an elliptical machine in the bathroom?? Our Plano Texas Fit Chick Trainer Tia came up with this fun workout you can squeeze in while you're getting ready for the day...no elliptical required! :) Check it out - and burn some calories while you finish off your mascara for the day....

So, I wanted to share with you a "Bathroom Workout" that I've created for myself! With all of us having such busy schedules...work, family, spouses, etc., we have to get creative and get a calorie burn and muscle build whenever we can.

So, this one is a workout that I do in the bathroom (because that is sometimes the ONLY place that I get 10 minutes to myself. Ha!). I think you will like it!

25 TUB STEP UPS (with weight to your side, step up with right leg first and follow with left leg. Step back down and now lead with stepping up with the left leg first, followed by the right leg. BE CARE NOT TO FALL IN THE TUB. Perform this exercise on the widest part of your tub. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO WATER IN THE TUB! Otherwise, you have now just turned this workout into Water Aerobics! LOL!)

25 TUB DIPS (using the side of the tub, perform deep dips similar to the tricep dips that we perform on the curb at boot camp. These dips will be more intense because the side of the tub is higher than the curb at boot camp. THIS IS A GOOD THING:) Keep your elbows back, hips close to the tub, and dip down as far as you can. Keep your arms close to your side as possible).

25 BATHROOM COUNTER WIDE INCLINE PUSHUPS (Position your arms on the bathroom counter wider than shoulder width apart. Bring your legs far out behind you, forming a 45 degree slope with your body. Note: the farther back your legs are, the more challenging the incline pushup). Perform the pushup aiming your chin towards the counter.

60 Sec SHOWER WALL SIT (I am sure that you are familiar with wall sits. Use your shower door for support)
60 Sec WALKING TUB PLANK (Position your arms in an extended plank position on the side of the tub. Walk your arms and legs out from left to right. Peform this exercise for 60 seconds)

100 MASCARA CALF RAISES (While applying your mascara, brushing your teeth or brushing your hair...perform 100 fast calf raises by lifting up on your toes repeatedly:)

Repeat this 4 times or as many times as you can before someone comes knocking on the bathroom door! The great thing about this, it you can get a good sweat and the shower is only a step away:) Enjoy:)

Tia trains our Plano Evening Texas Fit Chicks from 7-8pm M/Tu/Th
Click HERE for more information or to contact Tia

Monday, February 18, 2013

Just when you thought burpees couldn't get any tougher....

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plano Texas Fit Chick Trainer Titia shares awesome exercise... Squat Taps

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Share some FITNESS Love with Texas Fit Chicks Friend Week!

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Let's share some fitness love! Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp Friend week starts Feb 25! 

Invite a friend to join you (or another location) for a week of boot camp and burn off some of the chocolate you may have had over the holiday! With over 40 class times to choose from in Dallas, Houston and College Station, there's a good chance that one will work for you.

Here's the map for all locations included in this offer
Click here for TExas Fit Chicks Locations

Here's how the deal works ~ Current TFC clients, share this offer with a friend, and she will be invited to try out TFC for a full week. She can attend your camp, or choose another location to try (if she signs up after the trial, and lists you as the referrer, you will get a $25 credit towards your next session) she can attend during the week of 2/18-2/22 OR 2/25-3/1

Ready to 'share' this deal? Here's a link you can easily share with your friends from:


For a complete list of trainer contact information and camp details, please visit our website:
www.texasfitchicks.com and click on Locations tab

We hope to see you share the fitness love with your friends ~ Happy Valentines Day!!

Thank you for understanding that the free week offer is for new clients only

Want to read what clients' have to say about Texas Fit Chicks?

"I became aware of TFC via Facebook when an acquaintance from church “blogged” about 5am workouts…outside.  My first thought was …really? ..then I watched her transformation of strength and posture and just plain looking great.  She is active in missions and activities that I knew I would not have the energy to commit to…..anyway…flash forward several months.  I finally got the nerve to contact Texas Fit Chicks, having never been in any shape or even participated in much of a group fitness plan.  I got a very encouraging email from Keali and decided I would do a trial session…on a Friday.  I knew immediately I loved it.  I did the 15 week commitment, no Groupon for me, I needed it to be something I would not take lightly or give up on…for at least 15 weeks. I am so addicted, my only set back has been an eye injury (not related to TFC), that has kept me from camp for nearly 4 weeks.  I have now depleted my endorphins that the 15 weeks prior had supplied and I realize how much I cannot do this on my own…and quite frankly why would I when it is fun, encouraging and addicting to attend. The difference in Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp is that your trainer is your trainer…she is there for consultation, encouragement, and just plain fun.  I am excited for the new plans, as I will be enrolled in the Commit to be FIT 24 wks 99/mo  as soon as eye is healed." - Wendy J

"I found Texas Fit Chicks through Groupon.  The Richardson Sprouts location and class time was perfect for my schedule, so I bought the Groupon.  Having tried two other local boot camps, that were not what I was hoping for, I was skeptical.  I was looking for a trainer that is motivating & supportive, as well as a group that worked as a team to gain the same great results.  Well, I have found that and so much more with Keali and the 'Chicks' in Richardson.  Keali is awesome, I can't say enough nice things about her!  She's positive, sweet, motivating and supportive of everyone in her class, which makes getting up at 4:45 am MWF totally worth it!!  After my initial five weeks had ended and I saw the difference in my measurements/body, I committed to another six months.  I recommend Texas Fit Chicks to everyone because you get great results while working out with awesome Chicks!" - Courtnay 2/1/13

Here's what Tias' chicks have to say about her Plano evening Boot Camp

"I just want to say Thank You. I know I am still a little on the slow side but I feel like every class i make a little more progress. I have NEVER in my life thought I would look forward to working out. TFC has become my "happy hour" 2-3 nights a week after work!  I don't think it would be half as enjoyable if we didn't have you as our cheerleader! So, again, Thank you!"

  "I have to brag on reaching my first goal post-baby, and you get some credit :) !!
I had a pair of skinny jeans I wanted to get into comfortably as my first goal, and today I fit in them and not by squeezing into them either (no muffin top lol)! These two weeks have been great, and I appreciate your help and motivation each class to push harder and not give up.  There are a few moments when I have the normal pelvis pressure after birth, but I appreciate your help on modifications so I can continue to work out" -Morgan 

I started working out with Aimee at Texas Fit Chicks on April 2 2012 almost 1 month before my 40th birthday.  I needed something.  I wasn't motivated to do it at home or go to the gym so when I saw the groupon I figured what was it going to hurt.  Now I can't imagine my life with out my Texas Fit Chick Family.  I never weigh myself or take measurements because I wanted my work out to be more about getting stronger inside and out and now looking at my before and after pictures I can't believe that was even me.  What a great feeling!!!    Thanks Aimee for motivating me to get my butt into shape and getting me healthy!!!" - Michelle H.

I started working out with Aimee and Texas Fit Chicks 3 months ago and I have absolutely seen extraordinary results. I have lost inches and am so much more toned! I have spent years trying to get these results in the gym, P90X, etc. This is by farthe best workout experience I've ever had! - Suzette

"Like many women, I looked the best I have ever looked on my wedding day.  Since then, I put on a "happy layer" and we've moved to a new city because of my new job which all added up to not looking or feeling my best any more.  I started training with Texas Fit Chicks in Frisco, and Aimee, about 3 months ago and this weekend for our anniversary dinner, I'm going to rock the dress that I originally wore to my rehearsal dinner.  The very best part is that I'm feeling my best again because I'm strong and healthy.  The encouragement and positive attitude of my trainer and the other women in my boot camp keep me coming back for more and I'm amazed at what I'm able to do now.  Aimee, I really do hope you know how much you are changing my life.  I have always struggled with weight and feeling good about myself physically and it has just been so good for me to be in boot camp with you and the other ladies". - Jen

"My name is Tammy, and I started Texas Fit Chicks boot camp last September with Aimee Storm in Frisco on MWF at 5am. The reason that I was so interested in joining her class is it pushed me to do something I had never done, plus it gave me a sense of accountability!  I was not sure that I do very well with a 5am class, but I have surprised myself! It must be because Aimee is great for holding me accountable for every class and pushing me to my limit, even when I want to give up! Now, it is January, and I am still going strong! I can honestly say it has been the best thing I have ever done!! Without doubt, I have become much stronger, toned, and even lost an inch or two over the last few months all because of boot camp!! With that being said, I am so glad that I decided to sign up!! In addition, I want to give a special Thank You to Aimee Storm for her dedication and believing in all her chicks!! It is because of her we are inspired to work hard and aim for achieving our goals. She is AWESOME!! :) Texas Fit Chicks is an awesome Boot Camp program, and I highly encourage ALL women to give it a try!! The classes are always different and the chicks find ways to keep them interesting!! The classes are by no means easy, but they are SO worth it!!! :)"- Tammy

"No cookie cutter routines"
Over the past year and a half, I have had the pleasure of training with Titia and Plano Texas Fit Chicks.  The workouts are always changing and continue to challenge every time!  In the past, I have worked with a variety of other trainers and find her style of training to be very effective because she truly keeps your body guessing and you do not get stuck in a cookie cutter routine week after week. Over the time that I have been working with Titia, I can feel a dramatic difference in my strength, especially in my push-ups! I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Titia as I believe that the interest that she has in each client’s personal health and fitness journey helps to keep me moving forward to reach my goals".  Emily G. 

"Awesome results"
A friend of mine asked me the other day if I made a commission by promoting the Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp.  My answer was “no”, but if I were in sales this would be a product that I could easily market because it’s one I’ve come to really believe in!  My trainer, Titia, is amazing…and the results I’ve seen in 6 short weeks have been awesome.

Titia motivates us all with her sweet nature and lots of positive reinforcement.  The workout is different every day - I love is that we never do the same routine twice!  I used to be a runner, but was forced to stop due to knee problems.  Then I tried walking, but the harsh pounding on the pavement still stressed my joints.  The best part of this boot camp is that we work out every part of the body without placing pressure on any particular joint.  I’ve had tons of (good) muscle soreness, but absolutely no issues with knees or hips.  Titia offers modifications to each exercise so that we can all work to our best potential, and she obviously cares about each participant.  She’s so good that I feel that I’m getting the benefit of individual personal training – just in a group setting!

I joined boot camp because I noticed that my clothes were fitting a little snugger than I wanted them to fit. I was not motivated to get to the gym on a regular basis so boot camp was the answer for me. Boot Camp challenged me physically and allowed me to perform at my own pace. I never got bored with the classes because every class was different but most importantly effective. The class targeted all of the areas I needed most. I dreaded waking up in the morning to go to class but once I got there and got moving I was fine. My day started off right and I felt energized the remainder of the day. Amazingly after only 5 weeks of boot camp, I lost 6 pounds and 6.75 inches. WOW!   Vanessa L. 

"I never enjoyed working out."
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! I have never really enjoyed working out and I am really enjoying this workout!! I never got any concrete results before because I guess I didn't put enough effort in but with this program I am getting results.  Patti G.- Plano

"I have three children and have never felt stronger"
I met Titia in 2006 after I had my first son.  I was used to working out by myself but after a baby, well, your body is not the same.  I wanted a personal trainer that knew what my body had gone through and would know how to get back as close as possible to where it was!  Titia is full of knowledge and inspiration and has taught me even more on what I thought I knew about fitness and diet.  She has kept my body fit, toned and pushed it to limits that I would have quit by myself.  Years later, I now have three children total and have never felt stronger.  Besides I am going to need the energy to keep up with three kids!  I look forward to each work out and can't wait to see what challenge awaits.  Titia is a great trainer, wonderful friend and I encourage anyone looking ot better themselves in amy amount ot try Texas Fit Chicks and see the results!  Dee M. - Lakewood Village

"I can't wait for my alarm to go off"
Your class has definitely helped me pick myself back up and start working out again...which was the whole reason why I joined.  I've been surprised at how much I like it because I usually do not like mornings or group workouts.  Now, I can't wait for my alarm to go off on Mon/Wed/Fri!!!  I mostly like that the workout is a surprise every time.   Jessica C. - Dallas 

Before I started working out with LeighAnne and Texas Fit Chicks in McKinney, I thought I was in shape. I was able to run 3-4 miles 4-5 days a week. After having my 2nd baby I needed something more. I have completed 15 weeks of boot camp and immediately signed up for another 15 weeks. I believe I have found my ideal fitness routine. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. My body has never been this toned! LeighAnne pushes me to go further than I would ever push myself. Never did I think I would look forward to waking up at 4:30 so I could workout at 5am. She is just amazing! She goes beyond the workouts too. We get recipes and other nutritional information to help us meet our goals. We are educated. I knew I would see results but its because of LeighAnne and Texas Fit Chicks that so much more has changed. I feel smarter, more confident, stronger, healthier, happier and no matter what speed bumps I encounter I have someone that is behind me to push me over them. ~ Melissa A.

I enjoy working out with LeighAnne and Texas Fit Chicks! Since I started boot camp, I love working out and eating healthy! I like how she pushes us and motivates us- I think in her class- I will accomplish the body I want. ~ Gloria S. 

The things I love most about Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp is that every workout is challenging and different, even though it's hard work it's always fun, and our trainer motivates me to give all that I have to each workout.  I have more energy and feel so much better since I've become a "Chick"!!!!  
Mary B 

Previous to joining Texas Fit Chicks with Leighanne, my workouts were not matching my eating habits.  I was working out tremendously hard but losing the weight loss battle.  I also hated running and I would not push myself in that area at all, I had not run further than 2 miles when we first met.  After meeting Leighanne and assessing where I wanted to go with my health and fitness goals, it took no time to drop 24lbs!!  She taught me that proper nutrition was a major factor in losing weight and I am now an avid runner, 5 miles by myself!!  Thanks to her diligence, patients and knowledge I couldn't imagine how I would have gotten to this point with out her!! ~ Stephanie 

Joining Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp has been a life changing experience for me. I have finally found the motivation that I was lacking for so many years. I was very nervous when I joined boot camp that I would not be able to keep up in the classes. From the first day of class I have felt comfortable and confident in my abilities. The trainers show you different levels for each exercise and allow you to increase to the next level at your own pace. I also enjoy how every class is different and the exercises are fun.  After 3 months I have lost 24 lbs and 18 inches.  I could not have done it without Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp. ~ Brooke R. 
This boot camp helped me push myself harder than I ever would have pushed myself at the gym.
The large variety of strength and cardio exercises kept me from ever getting bored and the accountability of being in a class setting kept me from making any excuses!  I lost weight and inches in my first five weeks and am looking forward to losing even more! ~ Karen M 

In March of last year, my husband and I quit smoking.  I traded in that bad habit for eating sugar and immediately gained 10 pounds.  One day I decided I wasn't doing that any more and was going to clean up my diet and lose that weight.  I dropped the sugar and started working out at the gym with my husband.  Although he dropped weight quickly, mine didn't budge.  I even spoke to my Dr about it and she basically told me that gaining weight was part of getting older and that it was only going to get worse the older I got.  I felt so yucky about myself and cried many times to my husband.  I didn't know what to do.  But then, I found Texas Fit Chicks on facebook.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I decided, I'm going to try this, I'm going to sign up.  I have to do something!  So the first class, I thought "Oh Lord, I don't know if I can do this".  But just when I started to lose momentum, Melody would tell us all "Push, push push!"  and so, I'd just keep on pushing.  Last week I tried on a shirt and I couldn't believe it, it went over my hips a little better.  I must have looked in the mirror 3 times to double check and yep, the shirt was fitting better.  I even modeled it for my husband!  I'm thrilled, humbled, thankful, grateful...all of it for this program and have already signed up for another 15 weeks.  And I'm learning it isn't about a number on the scale, it is about how you feel about yourself...how you feel in your own skin..and right now, I'm feeling GREAT thanks to Texas Fit Chicks! ~ Casey W. 

As with most women, it's hard at times to find the balance between family, career and taking care of myself.  I decided last summer that I needed to stop letting life get in the way of taking care of myself.  After many google searches I came across the TFC website and immediately knew that is exactly what I need, no excuses and accountability!

I started TFC with Michelle last June and must say, It's by far the best thing I've ever done.  Michelle keeps us challenged at each workout and always encourages us to make it thru it!  The workouts are never the same which keeps me from getting bored and keeps me coming back!

I've lost 35 lbs to date and excited to continue to work towards my goal weight in 2012.  I'm healthier, have more energy and feel I can tackle anything with the support of my trainer and TFC.

Thanks to TFC for helping make "me" a priority again. - Cindy C.

I started the boot camp in June 2011 and so far I have not even missed one class!  It is so additive!  My trainer, Michelle makes the boot camp fun for us. The exercises that we do each time always target different parts of our body, so there is never boring repetition, like what I used to have with the classes in the health club.  I love Michelles' training style.  She is patient with us and she will watch for our needs.  She suggests modifications for people who have back pain or shoulder pain. I really don't know what I would do without this boot camp! With the help of Michelle's boot camp and Melody's diet plan, I lost 12 pounds back in Sept 2011 and I have been keeping it off! - Cecilia K.

"My name is Kelly Jacks and I attend the Allen Fit Chicks at 5:00 am with Elizabeth.  I have been in Elizabeth's class since early summer.  I just wanted to let you know what a great job Elizabeth does leading her classes.  Elizabeth is the reason I get up at 4:10 and drive from Prosper to Allen to attend the 5:00 am class; I then drive to my office in Richardson to shower and get ready for work - it's a total hassle.  The Prosper class is approximately four to five minutes from my house BUT Elizabeth is worth the trouble.  She is such a motivator and inspiration.  I turned 50 this past June and my body doesn't do what it has the last 30 years of my active, adult life.  However, Elizabeth makes me feel like I am in the best shape of my life - she is so encouraging.  Due to years of running on cement and golfing, I have low back issues and she doesn't miss a beat showing me modifications at every turn - she makes me excited to get up at 4:00 to work out!!"

"I LOVE Texas Fit Chicks!!!  There is no better feeling than knowing you have gotten your workout taken care of for the day and I love the way my body feels….tight and firm.
Definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  And Sandy, ROCKS!!!"
Debbie Hafele - Rowlett, TX

"Thank you so much for a very great first week Sandy! I feel absolutely amazing and feel too that I am already seeing changes!! Heck, my husband can even see the changes...and just love hearing how proud of me he is:-)) Such a great guy I have:) Really blessed to have found you guys and listening to that radio at the right time that morning. I really needed this accountability!! I am definitely going to give it my all and hope my weenie muscles grow haha:) Thanks again,"

"Since I started boot camp at the Texas Fit Chicks Wylie location, my life has truly changed.  I have more energy every day.  I used to have to go to the chiropractor at least once a month with shoulder and back pain, but now I’m only going about every 6 weeks.  I feel so much better and I look so much better too!!  I am just in the beginning of my workouts with TFC so I am truly excited to see how many pounds and inches I lose after attending for a while.  Sandy is a wonderful instructor and really has a way of keeping you going!  She takes the time to keep in touch with each and every camper and really makes you feel comfortable and welcome at the TFC Wylie camp.  I have referred friends and I have not seen anyone who doesn’t love TFC."

"My name is Tabi and I’ve been working out with Sandy and the Wylie Chicks for almost 12 weeks now and have enjoyed every minute of it!  Texas Fit Chicks has truly kept me on the right path, and after many failed attempts to leave my current “obese” status, I’m starting to see real change in not only how I look, but in how I feel!  I feel stronger every day, more confident about myself and I have more energy than I’ve ever had before!  Beyond the actual workouts, having Sandy as my trainer is what really clenches it for me.  She checks in with me all the time, giving me encouragement, and guiding me with proper eating habits.  I feel like she really takes a personal, genuine interest in my progress and I’m not just “another client”, so to speak.  She’s not just a great trainer, she’s a great friend!  I wouldn’t be where I am now (13” down, 8 lbs lost) without her and Texas Fit Chicks!  My journey is still in the beginning and I know I have the support of my Chicks until the very end and beyond!"

"When I saw my friend Nancy’s post on Facebook about her joining Texas Fit Chicks, I started asking her a bunch of questions about it and I decided to join.  My name is MaryGold and I started Texas Fit Chicks boot camp in January 2013 with Sandy Dement in Wylie.  The first week was so hard, but it pushed me to do something I had never done.  The workouts are always changing, continue to challenge and tone my body.  After four weeks of boot camp, I lost 10 lbs and 5.75”.  Sandy works us hard but also encourages us every second.  Thank you Sandy for doing what you do."

"Joining Texas Fit Chicks was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I had already begun working out in my weight loss journey prior to joining TFC, but since becoming a “Chick”, I’m at a whole new level with my fitness.  I joined just to do one session to get past my plateau and that was in June of 2012.  I have just signed up for another 6 months.  I can’t get enough!!  The difference I have seen since June is amazing.  For the first time in my life, I actually have muscles that are visible.  I have more confidence now than I have had in many years.  Sandy, my trainer, has been wonderful.  She goes above and beyond what she’s required to do.  She is so much more than just a personal trainer to her “Chicks”.  She is a friend and confidant.  I can’t thank Sandy and TFC enough for all they have done for me!"

7 Tips to Lose Weight + How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

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Weight loss is a topic of vital importance for everyone that is truly interested in their health. Although many of us make weight loss our new year's resolution, it is a topic that must be dealt with year round. I've put together 7 simple steps to lose weight, plus details on how to speed up your metabolism. 

  • When starting a weight loss journey, especially a significant one, clients that set multiple small goals instead of focusing on the main goal are much more successful.  It is much more daunting to think about losing 50 pounds in 6 months than it is to focus on losing 10 pounds in one month. By choosing the smaller goal, in 6 months you will have lost 60 pounds instead of 50.

  • Reducing your stress level is essential when on a weight loss or fitness plan. Depression can cause you to eat more, eat unhealthy foods and reduce exercise. When you are stressed out it is hard to find motivation to exercise, so reducing stress can lead to being more active.

  • Increasing the taste and zest in your food can help you feel full and make dieting a great deal more pleasurable. By choosing spicy food and other flavor-packed cuisines, you entertain your taste buds and add to the overall level of satisfaction you take in eating. Meals no longer have to be bland, self-denying experiences.

  • As soon as you start to see some progress with your weight loss goals, reward yourself with a little shopping trip. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Just buying a new pair of pants or a new shirt will go a long way toward motivating you to continue. Soon you will see even more changes!

  • To help achieve more noticeable weight loss, watch the amount of sodium that you eat each day. Eating too much sodium can cause you to retain water which will lead to pounds on the scale. If you do not see your weight go down, you may become discouraged and give up your diet. Knowing that muscle weighs more than fat is important because the scale isn’t always the best indicator of improved fitness. I always go by how my clothes fit versus the number.

  • You should always try to find diets and eating plans that emphasize long term lifestyle change. Using methods of weight loss that have you losing weight much too quickly will only lead to you gaining back all of the weight you lost just as fast as you lost it. This becomes a vicious cycle for too many women. Are you one that's tried every diet? I am! Before becoming a trainer, I did the Cabbage Soup diet, South Beach, Atkins, Detox Diet....and the list goes on. Inevitably I'd lose and then gain back everything I'd lost plus another 5 or so pounds! Those are not long term fixes, and once you're 'off' the restrictive plan, you make up for lost time and gain more weight back than you lost. 

  • Weight loss is all about consistency. Don't wake up one morning, think you are going to go to the gym or start boot camp one day, and be skinny the next day. Weight loss is about waking up every morning with the motivation and determination to keep on going, to keep changing your unhealthy habits into healthy habits, until you reach your target weight.

Every one of us has an idea about what we would look like if we were our ideal selves. For many of us losing weight is a vital step toward achieving that vision. By applying the tips from this article you will help ensure that you reach and maintain your ideal self. Weight lifting is a critical piece of any good weight loss program. Research has shown that weightlifting boosts metabolism. For a lot of people trying to speed up their metabolism, the first thing they think is to engage in an aerobic or cardio-exercise program. However, by merely focusing on cardiovascular activities, you may actually miss another piece of the fitness puzzle. Few people realize that when it comes to speeding up metabolism, good old-fashioned weight lifting is one of the effective methods, if not the best way to boost metabolism.

A number of studies have shown that athletes exhibit higher RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) than non-athletes. RMR is the number of calories we burn to maintain our vital body processes in a resting state. It is usually determined by measuring a body’s oxygen utilization (which is closely tied to calorie burning) while one is lying down or sitting quietly in the early morning before breakfast or after a full night’s sleep. RMR typically accounts for about 65 to 75 percent of the total daily calorie expenditure.

When you lift weights, you’re not actually building muscle, you are breaking it down. The physical exertion involved in weightlifting causes the metabolism to speed up. After the muscle is broken down, the body compensates by building more muscle to try and keep the muscle from breaking down again. It takes a large amount of energy from calories to rebuild new and bigger muscles (happens while you sleep), So lifting weights burns calories and speeds up metabolism not only during the weight lifting workout but also while the body builds bigger and stronger muscles.

A weight lifting routine must be done correctly and at regular intervals to get the maximum effect. Going to the gym once a week will not bring the kind of results I am talking about. It will take some time and dedication to build new muscle mass but the end result will be worth it with a better body and a sped up metabolism. Texas Fit Chicks boot camp trainers teach women HOW to lift and at intervals that work. Our program is proven to get results, and we are so confident in it that it’s 100% guaranteed.

For taking the time to read this article, I would love to extend the offer of a free class with Texas Fit Chicks if you've never experienced a TFC workout, to see if our program might be right for you. Feel free to visit our website (www.texasfitchicks.com) to see which location works best for you. Reach out to the trainer in your area and let her know you’d like to try a free class. She will sign register you for the trial and get you all of the information you will need.

Committed to your success,
Melody Chandler, CPT
Owner/Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp
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