Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How is Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp is different than the rest?

Do you want a trainer that screams at you as if you were in basic training? Would you like to be punished with an extra set of 50 pushups if your water break lasts a bit longer than the rest of the class? Does it sound fun to you to workout when it's 30 degrees outside with a 12 degree windchill? Do you want a trainer to tell you that we are all going for a 2 mile run at a 9 minute/mile pace and if you don't keep up you will be humiliated in front of everyone else?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, then Texas Fit Chicks bootcamp is NOT for you!

Our philosophy is simple - there are many ways to lose weight and encourage our women without screaming, punishing or demeaning anyone in the process. We encourage and motivate in a positive way ~ and this allows for women of any fitness level to feel comfortable in our classes. We also go indoors for bootcamp in rain or when it gets cold outside ~ so we can focus on the workout and not on the weather! Check out this testimonial from one of our fit chicks that has been with us for over two months now....

My first 5 week session of boot camp was challenging and it was great! I came into the boot camp at fitness level 0 and talked my mom into joining as well. In high school I played every sport possible and was in great shape but after being out of school and out of athletics for 3 years, that shape went more circular (hey its a shape!) :). I remember looking at my mom our first monday of boot camp and seeing the what the heck have I gotten myself into look reflecting on both of our faces. Over the past 15 sessions, those looks are no longer there and we both enjoy coming to boot camp in the mornings. I was never uncomfortable about my size or my fitness level because Melody makes every exercise do-able for each person no matter what their fitness level, age, or size. I loved having Melody as a trainer, she is so much fun and so are the women in my class-they make it impossible to see working out as torture. After my last session, I lost 5lbs and 13 inches. I have already paid for my next 5 weeks and cant wait to see the results at the end! I would recommend this boot camp to anyone and everyone!
Brandie W.

If you are looking to jumpstart your fitness or lose weight - we offer bootcamp in Frisco, McKinney and Dallas for women. Texas Fit Chicks BootCamp is affordable personal training and will get you the results you want!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Brides-to-be enjoy success with Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp

The wedding season has arrived, and we have several new brides to be that are seeing great results with Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp! Here's the most recent testimonial from our client Kelly..

"Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp is a great way for any bride-to-be to get in shape for her big day! Not only is it a great workout but you have the opportunity to exercise with a group of fun and positive women. Also it is a great way to release some of that pre-wedding stress!" - Kelly F.

Another Client had great results after just 2 sessions with us, and is still a boot camp girl 3 mos after her wedding! Corrie B. says...

I have been with Texas Fit Chicks since January. In preparation for my April wedding. I could not shed the weight that I had put on. I googled bootcamps in McKinney and they showed up... Every workout was amazing. My body started to change within the first month and I began to be encouraged by my loss of inches. I am now on my 4th or 5th 5 week session and will continue signing up. It has become a part of my weekly routine... If I miss bootcamp for whatever reason, I get so mad at myself. Melody, the lead trainer, designs calorie burning and muscle toning workouts that have left me 20lbs lighter and 25 inches slimmer and counting. There is no yelling like traditional bootcamps. In fact, there is more giggling then anything else. This camp has changed my life and ALL of my friends, coworkers, and family have loved watching my body transform!! My new hubby likes it too! :) - Corrie B.

Whether your goals are weight loss, you want to tone up, or you just want to have a great group of women to workout with - you will love boot camp, and get amazing results...guaranteed! Make it a Bridal Boot Camp for the entire wedding party! We are nationally certified female personal trainers that will get you to your goals. All fitness levels welcome!
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