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How to eat well when eating out

Eating out will cost you more money and has health costs as well.  The food industry supplies our restaurant chains with some of the most addictive, salty, sugary and low nutrient foods around.  They also create portion sizes that could easily be 3 meals. Start the meal off by asking for a to-go box and put half of it in there for will still likely have enough to satisfy you! It's very difficult to stick to clean eating when you're not seeing how the food is prepared and being able to manage that. Try to limit your dining out in general for optimal health.  However, this isn't always an option so here are a few tips to help if you choose what and where to eat: 

1) Look at the restaurant website ahead of time.

2) Try to pick a restaurant that is gluten-free friendly.  Avoid sandwich and pizza places.

3) Think beyond the menu.  Look at the items they have available and mix and match - they put together items they think go best together, but that doesn't mean you can't mix it up.  Restaurants are getting really used to this!

4) Keep it simple - still focus on 1/2 of your meal being green, 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 healthy carb (there will naturally be some fat since you are eating at a restaurant).  You'll get a fish/chicken/beef/veggie protein, a salad or some steamed green veggies and a carb like brown rice/quinoa/sweet potato

5) The most important items to avoid while eating out are gluten/dairy/soy/sugar

6) Never go out to eat on an empty/hungry stomach. We always make worse choices when we are hungry (or drinking!)

7) Eat slowly, remember the 20 minute rule and allow your true hunger time to diminish before you fill your stomach too much

8) Plan to take part of your meal home or share with a friend 

So it's date night and you want to stay on are some good choices based on the place you go!

Suggested meal options:

Steakhouse: Steak or chicken, side salad, and vegetables 

Mexican: Fajitas, skip the tortilla.  Extra guacamole

Italian: Main dishes, no pasta with extra veggie and/or a salad

Diner/American: Omelets with veggies

Indian: Tandoori Salmon, Lamb Curry vegetarian, look for “Saag” or spinach with lentils or beans

Thai: Fish, seafood, tofu, or chicken curry with garlic, ginger, basil, or spicy chili sauce.

Greek: Souvlaki with lots of fresh vegetables 

While eating out can be a pitfall and get you off track - it's also expensive! If you're budget conscious but want to choose healthier at the grocery are some ways to make it easier on your wallet.
Eating on a Budget  

  • Majority of food budget should be spent on high quality grass fed animal protein sources, raised humanely without hormones and antibiotics. If you are vegetarian, focus on whole plant proteins like tofu and tempeh 
  •  Buy whole, cheaper, bone-in cuts and whole chickens
  •  Buy in with friends or get extra if you find a sale and freeze for later 
  •  If you simply cannot afford the “best quality” meat, buy the leanest cuts of beef, lamb, and bison first. Second, go with pastured eggs. Third, choose wild caught canned salmon and sardines.  

Upgrading your fruits and veggies

• Most nutrition comes in veggies like kale, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and asparagus and darkly colored produce.
• Organic whenever possible.
• Buy produce in season
• Frozen is economical and nutritious.  Pre-cut will cost more but save lots of time.
• Only canned veggies you should eat are pumpkin, sweet potato and tomatoes
• Local Fruit/Veg is always a good choice
• Consider growing one or two vegetables yourself 
Fats are more expensive but are used sparingly
• Healthy fats like coconut milk, avocados, and olives are great
• Nuts are cheaper than nut-butters and you can always make your own
• Consider online shopping through discount sites like 

Other Tips:
• Keep kitchen inventory to avoid waste
• Plan a fridge clean out meal like a soup or stir fry with anything left at the end of the week
• Coupons for items you really need which can also be found on manufacturers websites
• Calculate bigger buys through discount clubs and compare sales flyers online before you shop

When it comes to losing weight, it truly is 20% exercise and 80% diet. You can't outrun your fork! It took me years to finally accept this. I wanted to eat like I did when I was 9 and never gain weight. However, as we get older, have kids, have injuries that prevent us from working out, it can easily creep up.

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