Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why should I lift free weights vs machines at the gym?

The female personal trainers at Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp know how to get women the results they are looking for. When training at a gym years ago, the routines I set up for clients never involved putting them on weight machines. I was always getting equipment like the BOSU trainer, resistance bands, medicine balls and dumbbells - which kept my clients interested and coming back for more. Using free weights (dumbbells) during boot camp is far superior to the machines for the following reasons...
  • You can't do compound exercises with machines. Rarely will you find only one muscle group being worked during boot camp. Compound exercises call on several major muscle groups at one time, increasing the calorie burn and building more lean muscle mass.
  • Free weight training doesn't only train the main muscle groups, but also the muscle groups that stabilize our joints.
  • Using free weights allow for natural movements that aren't limited by the design of a machine.
  • Most machines are designed for the size of an avg. male....enough said!
  • Free weights are more FUN! There are thousands of exercises that can be done with a set of weights. Machines limit you to 1 maybe 2.
It's important when lifting free weights to be under the guidance of a personal trainer. Want to have a trainer but not spend upwards of $50+ per hour? Check out our Personal Trainer - Women only Fitness Boot Camp - where you can train for as little as $11.60/hr!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Healthy Chips? Recipe is an easy way to lose a pound!

Healthy chips DO exist!
Here's a great recipe I found in my favorite fitness magazine "Oxygen" for this month...Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Chips with Greek Yogurt Ginger Dip

Ready in 20 mins - Makes 2 servings
YOu will need:
1 sweet potato, peeled

Sea Salt and ground pepper, to taste
1/2 C low-fat Greek yogurt
2 tsp Honey
1/2 t ginger, grated

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Use a veggie slicer to cut potatoes into very thin slices. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 5-7 mins.
In a bowl, whisk together yogurt,honey and ginger. Serve with chips

Nutritional Info:
Calories: 120
Total Fat - 1g
Saturated Fat - 0.5g
Cholesterol - 5 mg
Sodium - 60mg

Want to lose an extra lb in 24 days with just one little change in your habits? Give up the full calorie Coke or Dr Pepper - they have around 140 cals for the 12 oz can! You will lose 1lb just by doing that...but if you want to lose more, check out one of our women only boot camps in the N. Dallas area!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brandies' experience with Texas Fit Chicks boot camp

My first 5 week session of boot camp was challenging and it was great! I came into the boot camp at fitness level 0 and talked my mom into joining as well. In high school I played every sport possible and was in great shape but after being out of school and out of athletics for 3 years, that shape went more circular (hey its a shape!) :). I remember looking at my mom our first monday of boot camp and seeing the what the heck have I gotten myself into look reflecting on both of our faces. Over the past 15 sessions, those looks are no longer there and we both enjoy coming to boot camp in the mornings. I was never uncomfortable about my size or my fitness level because Melody makes every exercise do-able for each person no matter what their fitness level, age, or size. I loved having Melody as a trainer, she is so much fun and so are the women in my class-they make it impossible to see working out as torture. After my last session, I lost 5lbs and 13 inches. I have already paid for my next 5 weeks and cant wait to see the results at the end! I would reccomend this boot camp to anyone and everyone! - Brandie W.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tricks to Curb Hunger

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly eating? In the kitchen too often between meals...scrounging through the pantry? I have found a few tricks that help curb hunger when I've already had enough calories for the day...

Drink lots of water - Often times people confuse hunger for thirst. If I think I'm hungry, drinking a full glass of water before reaching for a snack many times does the trick. Most people don't drink enough water throughout the day. Adding lemon or fresh cucumber can make it more interesting if you need it!

Chew Gum - There are studies out there that indicate chewing gum can reduce the desire to snack....I like to chew cinammon gum (sugar free) and find that it really does do the trick!

Add Nuts to your diet - Unsalted/Unroasted nuts have protein and healthy fats which promote the feeling of being full. They take longer to digest, and if you have a glass of water w/ 12 raw almonds, it's a healthy snack that will keep you satisfied!

Make sure you are eating frequently throughout the day and not letting yourself get too hungry...keeping your blood sugar at a steady level so that you don't find yourself starving and reaching for the first thing you see! Ask yourself this question before you eat...Am I really hungry? It's amazing how many times people eat out of habit or boredom, without thinking about it.

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