Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's time to stop the negativity and focus on the positive! Our trainers can help...

It never ceases to amaze me how truly NOBODY is 100% happy with the way they look. I have measured many women over the past several years as a personal trainer, and one thing is a constant. Whether they have 30% body fat or 19%, they aren't happy with their body. If they have a 40" waist or a  I understand that feeling all too well. " waist, typically I will hear some sort of negative comment as I do my job. *By the way...I don't ever walk away from that process thinking anything negative of my clients. It becomes as routine as a nurse taking your BP. It's just part of what I do. I've been in that spot where I am critical of the parts of me that I think need improvement. What I have learned (since I'm in my mid-30s I like to think that I have a little bit of insight :) is to be happy where you are. Statistically, without exercise and a good diet, your body is probably better than it will be in 10 yrs from now, and then you will look back and wonder to yourself...why wasn't I happy then??? That happened to me. I vividly remember in my early 20's being unhappy with certain things, but looking back at pictures of myself, I regret that.

Doing the research I do for blogging, facebook posting, etc...I have seen the crazy lengths people go to in order to become a certain size. Liquid diets, and crazy procedures that promise to take the inches off. Only problem is, even when I have a "skinny minnie" in front of me to start training, she's not happy. Yet, if the average woman saw her in the gym or grocery store, she'd probably have a moment of envy at how she looked....never thinking that the woman was just as self-concious (and sometimes more so) than the onlooker.

The media doesn't help in this matter at all. Photoshop is a wonderful thing, but not for the self-esteem of the average woman in America. Those models are flawless in the magazines, but it's completely concocted, and it's just not real. You can google the video on youtube of the model before and then after the "retouching" and it's amazing what they can do. Yes, there are those that are fitness models that compete and super low body fat and look super toned - but do you really know what lengths they go to for that? Anyone can do that if they are willing to work out 4-6 hrs a day, eat broiled tilapia and asparagus for a month before the competition, and down dry oatmeal the day of the event to suck out any fluids that might be lurking. (Ok - some of that might be a little sarchasm - but that's not far from the reality of being in that business). So....the next time you find yourself dwelling on the body part that is your "problem area" (we ALL have one) try to divert your attention to a positive about yourself that you can be happy about. Decide to work on your fitness a little each day to get you where you want to be, but don't wish to be someone else, because chances are good that they aren't happy with their body either.

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