Friday, March 4, 2011

6 Mistakes that Sabotage Results

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We want every single client of Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp to get great results. Our trainers give you full body workouts each time you come to class, that are guaranteed to change your body...if you don't sabotage your own progress. The workouts we design incorporate interval training, strength training and are always changing. We get you for 3 hours a week. There are another 165 hours that are critical to your success, especially if you're trying to change your physique. After 10+ years in the fitness industry, here are the top 6 mistakes I've seen that absolutely destroy workout results. Please do whatever you can to avoid each, and every one of them.

Top 6 Mistakes that Sabotage Results1) No defined Goals. Those that clearly define, and write out their goals have a much better chance of achieving them. You need to be specific with what you want to accomplish, and by when. Also, have a deep understanding of the reason why you want to accomplish these goals.

2) Lack of patience.
When fitness clients don't see tremendous results in the first week, or two, they get frustrated, and want to give up. Don't! Getting fitness program results is a process. Results progressively occur over time. Be patient, and good things will happen. Build upon each workout.

3) Not keeping an eye on nutrition.
No, just because you exercise doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. Failure to account for what goes into your mouth is a huge fitness mistake. It will sabotage your ultimate results.Watch calories. Read labels, and become aware of what you are eating on a regular basis.

4) Not working out hard enough.
In order to see great fitness program results, you must challenge yourself. Fitness results are based on progressive overload. To enjoy positive adaptations you must workout harder than you did the previous training session. Challenge yourself! It's easier to challenge yourself when your trainer is motivating you during your workout. All of our trainers know how to encourage and motivate without screaming or acting like drill sergeants...nobody wants to be yelled at. If you want to be yelled at ~ we aren't the bootcamp for you :)

5) Lack of consistency
You must be consistent with your workout program if you want to get great results. Missing a few days is fine as long as you get back at it. Think long term. Please understand the importance of consistency! Consistency for an extended period of time delivers results.

6) Unrealistic expectations
It's important to understand that if you have weight to lose, it took a while to gain it, and it will take a while to get rid of it. You can have a long term goal, but break that overall objective into small, manageable short term goals. We recommend weight loss the healthy way, 1-2lbs per wk. This is the only way to stack the odds in your favor of not gaining it all back and then some. A recent study from UCLA found that 83% of "dieters" that lost weight while "on" a diet, gained back what they had lost, and more.

Don't destroy your workout efforts by making these mistakes. Little behavioral changes, added up over a period of time, equal a lifestyle. Our Fit Chicks enjoy better health, more energy and amazing results!

Do you need a personal trainer to keep you accountable? Do you have weight to lose, but aren't sure how to workout for fat loss? Our boot camps in McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Fairview, Wylie, garland, College Station and Prosper Texas make losing weight fun! Our trainers will keep you accountable and track your progress for you each step of the way.
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