Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why does Interval Training work?

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Boot Camp Fat Loss - Why Interval Training Works

What is it About Boot Camp Fat Loss and Interval Training that Works So Well?

If you are interested in knowing more about boot camp fat loss, then you have come to the right place. This is not the type of training meant for those that are afraid to sweat. We like to say that at Texas Fit Chicks bootcamp we don't sweat...we glisten. Losing weight with interval training like the type that is featured in our boot camp is much more productive than many other types of programs for fat loss out there.

For many people that want to lose weight it is not about how, but instead about the results. Women want to be able to see in the mirror that they are losing weight or at least step on a scale and see that they are lighter. This means that you need more than just a workout that makes you feel the soreness that you only feel when you know you worked hard. You also need a method of working out that is going to prove to you that you can lose weight and you can see it disappearing.

You do not need to have any fancy equipment to use boot camp fat loss exercises and the best fat burning exercises are the ones you can do with your own body. Texas Fit Chicks keeps it interesting with body weight movements that you can do without any equipment to get the results you are after. We also incorporate the use of medicine balls, resistance bands and Kettlebells from time to time.

Making Sure you Use Boot Camp Fat Loss Properly

 Boot camp fat loss workouts have become very popular across the United States and for good reason.  The reason behind the popularity is all in the results. The results that women are seeing from the different boot camp fat loss programs are visible and they change your body. Texas Fit Chicks is unique in our approach. Unlike other bootcamps in the area, we never yell, demean or embarass you into pushing yourself. Our atmosphere is to inspire you to challenge yourself. We know how to motivate without a megaphone.
When you participate in our boot camp programs you'll find out very quickly that you are going to use all of your muscles instead of just isolating a few of them each day. When you perform exercises that engage all of your muscles, you will burn more fat than you will ifyou just isolate one group of muscles. If you were to compare doing crunches to doing an exercise like a jump squat you are going to find that the jump squat burns about 10 times as many calories. This is because it engages more of the muscles groups than a crunch does.

If you become a client of Texas Fit Chicks boot camp fat loss program, it will help you to lose the weight you are trying to shed much faster than most other routines out there. We also hold you accountable! We use interval type of training to help you get your heart rate up, find your target zone, and engage as many muscle groups as possible in each exercise.

The best part about losing weight is that you gain confidence, energy, and so much more. This is a life changing experience that many have already gone through, and you can be our next FIT Chick! Once you find and complete the first of your Texas Fit Chicks boot camp fat loss program, you will be hooked on the results and you will want to do it again and again.

We offer locations in McKinney, Plano, Allen, Prosper and Frisco with times as early as 5am and as late as 8pm M-F. Our bootcamps are for women only and we've helped hundreds of chicks become TExas Fit Chicks since 2009. What are you waiting for? Get in with us for under $200 and change your life. for FREE fitness TIps daily, plus a chance to win a FREE 5 wk Boot Camp with us!


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