Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Secrets of our FIt Chick Belly Blast Winner!

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Our Texas Fit Chick Cecilia had amazing results with bootcamp and our Belly Blast Challenge! She had weight loss of 10.37% and experienced a total transformation! This is her before and after. So many of our Texas FIt Chicks took the challenge and got great results! Cecilia was gracious enough to send me her 'secrets' of success and exactly what she did to get these great results!
"Before I started with the Belly Blast, I set my goal. My goal was set to lose at least 15 pounds.  Since I set my goal, I know exactly what I was shooting for. For my initial 3 days detox, I only lost 6 pounds.  So after that I knew I would have to work harder to lose more.   I know it sounds crazy but I did keep track of my progress every day by weighing myself.  ( I would not recommend anyone to do that)

 On my cheat days, I picked one thing that I liked the most to eat for lunch so I still had time to digest before going to bed. Since my favorite was sushi, I had sushi for my cheat days.  When I ate my cheat food, I ate fist size portion (I imagine my stomach is like the size of my fist.  I sure don't want to overstuff myself). If I had to eat after 6pm, I ate veggies only withno dip or dressing.

Since it didn't taste good, I usually ate a little and I would quit and go to sleep.  I drank a lot of decaf green tea to stop my cravings.  I brought my thermos with tea in it  everywhere so that I could take sips of it when I was hungry.

My extra workout was rope skipping. I got this Thrive by Dr Vonda Wright, MD jump rope from Dicks.  It is a jump rope without rope so I would not trip and slow down my workout. I liked to watch TV while I was skipping rope because I would forget how long I skipped rope for. I love rope skipping since it helps improving my core strength and heart rate.  I usually skip for 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day.

I think the top 3 things that I learned from this contest are  goals setting, meal planning and enjoying the process.  It is important to set your goal so that you can stay focused.   And more importantly, you have to think ahead and plan ahead of time of what you need to eat on the next day.   I made my food ahead of time so that I could bring it to work everyday.  I have saved so much money by not eating out, it is just amazing to see how much more food I can get, and how much money I can save by eating at home.  

I would highly challenge everyone to do this Belly Blast in the future because there is really nothing to lose except your weight. I am the kind of person who gets bored easily with the food that I eat.  So finding a new way to eat and exploring new food is a really fun thing for me to do.  It is definitely fun to eat healthy and feel healthy.  When you start losing weight, you will probably ask herself, "why didn't I start this belly blast earlier?"  Going on a diet doesn't mean that you have to give up  burger or french fries, it just means that you have to eat less of those greasy stuff.   As you know, you are what you eat!

I started training with Michelle and Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp in June this year and I totally love her training style.  She does not act like a drill sergeant.  She let us go in our own pace.  She knows everyone has her limit so as long as we try our best, she will give us compliments and encouragement. She is always thinking and planning ahead of time.  One time she emailed us to remind us to bring our towels with us to the next bootcamp because the exercise that we were going to do might hurt our tail bones.  She also let us know the modifications for some exercises are so that we will not feel frustrated with stuff that we cannot do
I love the Texas Fit chicks Bootcamp because I need direction when it comes down to working out.  I need feedback and I need to know what I am doing is benefiting to what part of my body. In addition to that, I also love to see familiar faces at the bootcamp.   I feel comfortable working out with a bunch of ladies who are just like me.  We are non judgemental and totally care free. Working out with the Fit chicks bootcamp is like my special break away from my busy work and family.  Our one hour of bootcamp passes by so quickly especially with Michelle and us joking around and chit chating.  I am now actually looking forward to working out since I love the fun atmosphere and the peaceful mornings spent working out!"

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