Friday, November 4, 2011

One Happy Chick in McKinney...

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"I've been working out with LeighAnne in McKinney on M/W/F at 6:00 am for almost 8 weeks. I've enjoyed being able to just show up and someone else has already put together a fantastic workout.  No planning required!  It is a different workout every time and I'm always exhausted by the end of the hour.  Every time I show up I wonder, "what will we be doing today?".  Before I started with Texas Fit Chicks I had gotten out of the habit of working out.  If I did workout it was typically just cardio (no strength training)  The program has provided great cardio AND strength training workouts.  It has also provided much needed accountability.  After my first 5 weeks I had lost over 10" and almost 2% body fat.  You can't argue with results!  I would (and have) recommend it to my friends!"

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