Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tips on Boosting your Metabolism for faster FAT LOSS

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Always good to re-assess your diet....good foods in=better energy out!
There comes a time when we all need a reset button. 

You are not going to gain weight if you keep portion control and eat 5 healthy small meals a day.  Spread them out every 3 hours.
It'll take some serious adjusting --it won't be easy.  If you are too worried about weight gain- at first try to follow what I'm about to give you just minimize carbs....

OKAY, here we go.....

This is my plan for boosting your metabolism:
*At each meal, eat a balance of lean proteins and healthy carbs.  Be sure to have vegetables with at least 2 of your meals.

*A serving of protein should fit in your hand.  A serving of carbs would be the size of your fist.  A serving of vegetables should fit in a small cereal bowl.

*Certain fruits are high in sugar so stick with the ones lowest in sugar:  apples(green are best), berries, pears...the next lowest:  grapefruit, plums, nectarines

*To speed up your fat burning metabolism try to limit breads, pastas, and other carbs after 3PM

*When on the run and outside the home...protein bars and drinks come in handy for a quick meal substitute. 
Dr. Oz protein shake is a good one...also I have Shakeology chocolate and greenberry packets if you are interested.
IF you are TREATING yourself to a shake OR a bar this is a meal REPLACEMENT.  A good bar to choose is Quest Bar or Lara Bar.

*Also if you are still hungry after any of your meals...wait a full 20 minutes while having a glass of water...a lot of times our body sends a message that we mistake as " I am hungry" when it should read " I am thirsty" :-)

*Stay AWAY from carbonated beverages...while filling at first...they have PROVEN to show weight gain in the long run.

Calories should be ABOVE 900 everyday and under 1300
Calorieking.com or fitday.com are 2 websites that can keep track or the old fashion way- just write it down.


chicken breast                   Baked pot
turkey breast                     Squash
LEAN ground turkey           sweet Pot
swordfish                          yam
orange roughy                    squash
haddock                            oatmeal
salmon                              pasta (not a big fan unless you are doing a hard workout the next day)
tuna                                  barley
crab                                  couscous
lobster                               beans
shrimp                               bananas
top round steak                  strawberries
top sirloin steak                  melon
lean ground beef                 apples
lean ham                            oranges
eggs/substitute                   FF yogurt/Greek yogurt
LF cottage cheese              whole wheat bread


broccoli  (better nutrients when they are steamed)
green beans
green peppers
mushrooms (more beneficial when they are cooked)
brussel sprouts
artichoke (not in oil)

                         FAT   (30-35g)
                         CARBS (100-150g)
                         CALORIES (900-1300)

~ Meridith Bowling McKinney Texas Fit Chicks Trainer 7pm-8pm M,Tu,Th trainwithmer@gmail.com


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