Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why is Texas Fit Chicks the BEST bootcamp?

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We love to hear our chicks feedback on why our bootcamp program is the best in Texas!! We've had a great response from our latest promotion and wanted to share the feedback we've received, in case you were wondering whether or not to give Texas Fit Chicks a try :)

"I didn't know a single person when I started with Texas Fit Chicks & I must say they made me feel very welcome! Very nice group of ladies & I would highly recommend anyone join this great team!!"

"The instructor is great."

"The boot camp is like a total health and weight loss package for me"

"The trainers are very compassionate while being very encouraging. It dosen't matter what your level of fitness is-just show up and do what you can and you'll get stronger. In great shape? Just put on the gas and go farther!"

"The instructors, energy and encouragement is awesome! Everyone benefits from this environment!"

"My trainer Michelle is great! She explains the moves very clearly and always makes sure we are in good form."

"Emily is awesome! I'm signing up again!"

"Thank you so much! This gives me the kick in the butt I needed to get back to working out!"

"I am so sore and having a blast! I feel like I am achieveing something even though it's too early to see results."

"Michelle Rodriguez is a great, great teacher! Love her!"

"I am absolutely loving this program. I fully intend on staying on after my five weeks is over!!!! "

"I love this. I'm planning to cancel my gym membership and go with TX Fit Chicks!"

"Love the total core workout!"

"Excellent workout and concept! I love is nice to get a great workout without the "crazy" military style. I will spread the word!"

"I am sore from all the exercise, but it is an awesome boot camp!"

"Only my 2nd day and I love it!!"

"It is fun and challenging!!"

"Everyone should give it a try!! :-)"

"They are so nice friendly and helpful"

"Titia is fantastic!"

"I'm only on Day 2, and I LOVE IT!!!!"

Come find out for yourself why Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp is the best fitness program in Dallas AND Austin! 5 weeks to a new YOU!
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