Saturday, October 1, 2016


Fit Chicks #PINKTOBER 

Last year we rocked it out in support of breast cancer awareness! Across all of our camps we raised awareness by supporting #pinktober. We're doing it again this year so please join in!! Wear pink the week of oct 10-14!! Post pics, tag us, #pinkout #pinktober #breastcancerawareness, support!!


Here at Fit Chicks we believe that every woman should have access to a personal trainer, at an affordable price. Having a personal trainer check in on you If you miss a workout creates great accountability and will keep you on track.

Fit Chicks is much more than a great workout. Our trainers create a supportive community that is non-threatening for chicks at any fitness level! Your trainer will show each exercise at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, so everyone is working at their own pace, and we don’t EVER do distance runs (unlike many other boot camps out there).

Our team of nationally certified personal trainers are all passionate about helping women reach their goals, and we make it FUN. Our unique workouts are always different and are designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness. Begin with us on any Monday that you’re ready, and your first class is always FREE!

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  1. This is great! I love your photos and all your lovely smiles! I'm so amazed at your commitment and compassion for all women of all sizes. I've been fat before and know the loneliness of being an "outcast". I've had difficulties starting anything so my siblings encouraged me to try the 3 Day Military diet to jumpstart my fitness regimen. I'm glad that I did because after 3 days, I lost a lot of weight, which prompted me to continue with exercise and the right eating habit to lose more weight. If you want to learn more, see