Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Chick Transformation from Joshua Texas Fit Chicks!!!

I haven't been over weight all my life, I was very active when I was in high school playing sports. After that I fell out of working out and being active and just focused more on having fun than anything. When my husband and I moved to Joshua and our neighbor Hollie was a trainer and kept talking about Texas Fit Chicks I got really excited about getting healthy and working out. When she told me that she was starting a camp I was so ready to sign up and become a new and improved me! She is an amazing person and a great motivator. She has helped me decide what kind of vitamins my body needed since I was working out and the right foods to eat. I eat so much more healthier now than I have in years. Now, I am down 20 or so pounds and couldn't be happier. I can now do a burpee and I never tell her this but I do like them, I can do a real plank longer than 30 seconds, do a real push up and so much more! Thank you Hollie Walsh and Texas Fit Chicks for changing my life!

Joshua Texas Fit Chicks
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
5:30am to 6:30am


  1. Wow.....congrats! I had my 1st class today and reading your post gives me hope......especially with the burpee!!!

    1. I just joined and hopefully I can experience the same benefits.