Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tracy's FIt Chick Transformation!!

Meet Tracy! She has become so strong and her endurance has improved a ton! She has taking her fitness to the next level. What an inspiration she is! I am so lucky to have her in class! She pushed so hard and is smashing her goals!

"I joined Texas Fit Chicks in February.  I’ve lost 34 lbs. and 5 dress sizes.  I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my body and my strength.  I’ve never been athletic or worked out much my whole life.  When I first joined, I could barely make it through the warm up without being significantly out of breath.  I couldn’t do 10 jumping jacks or a single burpee…seriously! With each week that I kept at it, I noticed the exercises getting easier because I was getting stronger.  I’m amazed that I find actual muscles appearing because I felt sure they did not exist in my body!  TFC has been life changing for me and even though it’s hard work every single time, it’s so worth it.  What makes it fun is the camaraderie, encouragement, and support I get from my trainer and the other women in our class."

She trained in McKinney, TX with LeighAnne
McKinney 5, 6, and 9:30 AM

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