Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Four days from now, I will be celebrating another year of life. Yay! Very exciting, right? Well let me share with you about my pre-birthday week from last year. 

Last year on this day, I had one of the most difficult times in my life. I had been dealing with health issues and feeling so depressed about my inability to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style for me and my family, that my birthday was nothing to be excited about. Not to mention, I was in constant pain so I was very nostalgic and depressed that night that I didn't even feel like celebrating at all. What for? I felt worse than an 80 year old woman. As I sat on my bed that night, I came across the Texas Fit Chicks FB posting from Kathy. It was almost like a miracle to me,  without me even realizing this was just the beginning of my health restoration and the best was yet to come. 

I sat on that bed at the heaviest weight I had ever been, but told myself, "Next year I will celebrate my birthday as a totally changed person! I won't even recognize myself! " Well, tonight I did JUST THAT! As I was getting ready for an important meeting today, I capture this picture of me and compared it with the one from last year. Not only have I lost 28 pounds in weight, I have also lost all my bone pains and depression that I had been dealing with from last year. I feel like a new person, full of energy and healthy for the first time in so many years! Kathy and the Texas Fit Chicks has helped me to restore my health, mind, and soul to be able to achieve my goal. Thank you Texas Fit Chicks for having an awesome trainer!

Kathy Peterson
Texas Fit Chicks Certified Personal Trainer

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  1. That's awesome! And look at you, wearing horizontal stripes! That's one thing I stay away from like the plague, lol. Only wish there was a TFC where I live..... Congratulations!!!