Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fit Chick Transformation!!! Tammie @ North Richland Hills Texas Fit Chicks

May 31st 2017 was a day of awakening for me. I had abused my body until my body just screamed at me that something had to change. I thought I had been severely depressed for the past months. So many things were happening in my life, so that would make sense. I never wanted to get out of bed and my husband had a hard time getting me to wake up. I cried all the time and I mean all the time. What I didn’t know is that I was very sick and getting sicker every day. I mistook sickness for depression.

On Wednesday, I went to the doctor thinking I had a kidney infection but when they checked my sugar level it was 445. Over the next few days I got sicker and sicker until I went to the emergency room. I was in ketoacidosis, sugar level in the 500’s, dehydrated, low on magnesium, potassium, phosphate. My cardiac numbers were all over the place. I was placed in ICU for 3 days and I was told if I had not come in I would have died and that if I didn’t change my life I would surely die. My worst fears had become reality and I had to be on insulin.

So faced with those kinds of facts I decided to fight. I decided right then and there that I would beat this and I would not stay on insulin. I went home and began my battle. From the day I was released from the hospital I did tons of research on how to overcome these obstacles and to get well. So what I learned was exercise and diet. I have followed a low carb, high protein diet since leaving the hospital. I started riding my exercise biked but I knew that would not be enough. Scrolling through Facebook I came across a thing for a free Texas Fit Chicks boot camp. Now I have never been a person to exercise other than walking or riding my exercise biked. In fact I have always hated exercise with a passion. I kept seeing it and finally decided to look into it. I called my niece and asked if she would go to this free boot camp for 1 week at 6am. She was like at 6am? Are you crazy? But then she said “ok lets do it”. Well now it was too late to back out because she was on board. I was so nervous that first morning because I didn’t know what to expect. Oh my goodness, it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I was hooked from day 1. My trainer Michelle asked what our goals were. I said to get off insulin. She said “ok let’s get to work.”

Before that first day I had never heard of burpees much less done one. It took me probably a month before I could actually do one. So when they say this is for all fitness levels, it’s true. They work with you until you can do all the exercises. Now burpees, planks, sit-ups, reverse crunches, push-ups, jogging, jumping jacks, squats, jumping squats, and more burpee’s are an every Tues, Thurs, and Friday reality for me. Before joining I couldn’t put shoes and socks on without effort or climb up and down stairs and just had hardly any mobility. Now I can do all those things and more. All these changes have inspired me to sign up for a 5k and I am working at being able to run most of it. My trainer is so supportive, that she signed up also.

As of September 1st, I have lost 24 pounds, 10.5 inches, down 2 pants sizes and drum roll… I am officially off insulin. My doctor asked what I had been doing and she said keep doing that! So with happy tears I continue this journey to get off all medication. I have 90 more pounds to lose but I know it is possible with my Fit Chicks. Together we are strong and can achieve our goals! 


Michelle Heinrichs, ACE - CPT

North Richland Hills Texas Fit Chicks

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  1. Tammie, I am so very proud of you and happy for you too! You took the bull by the horns and got it done. You can accomplish anything!!!