Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fit Chicks Transformation Spotlight!! "Just keep going, you'll get there!"

These two pictures are almost two years apart. The picture on the left was July 2016 - three months after joining Texas Fit Chicks Anna. The picture on the right was the last day of June this year.
Pictures can tell a candid story. I didn't realize the difference between the two pictures until my trainer sent me the side-by-side collage. Her words: "...from top to bottom." 
Yes, I have lost some weight, lost some inches, I'm down two pants sizes, and I've gained some muscle. I'm wearing shorts that aren't covering my knees and blouse with no sleeves AND shoulders. But the new confidence - PRICELESS! 
Consistency has been my friend for the past two years. I'm better for it. If you've been looking to up your game, make consistency your first move -  consistent in making it to class, being consistent with intentional clean eating, consistent in setting goals and crushing them, and consistent in loving who you are and where you are right now. 
It hasn't been easy, but I am so glad I was able push through and make it to this point. My trainer, Trina, has been the best at encouraging me to level up and be extra. My family has been amazing when it comes to support at home. Without a doubt, God has truly blessed me with the drive I needed to get this done. 
I'm so excited about the changes that have happened! What is even more exciting is that this change wasn't a quick fix. I have learned exactly what to do to maintain this lifestyle.
Moral of the story: just keep going, you'll get there!
 Trainer Information:
Trina Warrick
Texas Fit Chicks Anna
Certified Personal Trainer
One Star Director


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