Monday, February 15, 2010

Biggest Loser 5K Experience

A couple of weekends ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Biggest Losers' 5K walk/race at the Cotton Bowl here in Dallas. Apparently, they were highlighting the unflattering fact that Texas is home to 5 of the "fattest cities in America". While listening to a radio show in the morning, after dropping kids off at school, I got lucky and was one of the 25 people that called in to get a spot!

I quickly recruited as many women as possible from McKinney Boot Camps to come with me! With very short notice, we were able to get 7 together, and all headed down to the cotton bowl at 6:30am on a very chilly Sunday morning. Most of the girls that went with me are 5am boot camp giving up their Sunday morning sleep in was a bit of a sacrifice :) It was early, and cold - so after a trip through Starbucks for some of us, we were off.

We arrived at the Cotton Bowl and surprisingly, there weren't many people in the parking lot. We assumed there would be hundreds, if not thousands there to take part. After bundling up and heading towards the entrance, we saw a door marked "extras" to the right and headed in. Once inside, we found the sign in desk and got to choose which contestant we wanted to pair up with! The excitement was in the air....and we knew we were going to be a part of something really fun.

While I can't post yet which contestant we chose or even which ones remained to date, it was an amazing, inspiring and FUN day. Knowing the format of the show and the length - we may only be a small segment of that particular episode, but we took much more than a t-shirt away from the experience. Everyone will have to tune in to episode 15 - supposed to be sometime in April (though with Olympics there might be some delay)...but that's the one that we are on. Something amazing did happen at that event, and I want everyone to's very cool. So, to say all of that..had to tell you all one thing that I asked the contestant we were paired up with - what they ate when they wanted a treat :)

This has become a treat that I enjoy and wanted to share....very simple and really yummy.

Greek yogurt with frozen delicious.

Calls for 1 C plain greek yogurt - then go ahead and sweeten with something natural like a packet of truvia, or stevia to taste...then mix in berries (I use mix of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) and enjoy! It's very low calorie and sort of an ice cream like treat......

Can't wait to share all the details of our day...but that's it for now ~


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