Monday, February 8, 2010

Warm Up...why is it important??

So I am guessing that many of you, like me, don't really enjoy the warm up phase of the workout. I am one of those with the thought of lets just get to it...and get busy! Warming up before exercise (especially the high intensity workouts) is crucial for many reasons. Without getting too technical...I have broken it down to a simple explanation that might help you (and me) appreciate that 5-7 minutes we spend before class getting warmed up.

You are less likely to get injured if you have warm muscles. Since activity boosts the bloodflow to the muscles...they are oxygenated and thus more pliable. Or more flexible and ready for what's coming. They are warming up for the exercises that are going to call on them. Another great benefit is that increased bloodflow helps get rid of lactic acid (the exercise induced waste products) from working muscles. You know "the burn" you feel when you're working a muscle hard? That's a buildup of lactic acid you are feeling. The discomfort of "the burn" makes people want to quit the exercise before they are really tired. Therefore, you get longer workouts and ones that are more productive!

Love the analogy of a car on a cold morning. If it's freezing outside and you start the car - yes, it will crank up most likely and run...but it will run better once it warms up and has a few minutes to get going. time you are about to exercise think about the fact that the 5-7 minutes of warm up is essential for you to exercise to your fullest potential and not fatigue too quickly, or have to stop due ot the excess lactic acid! Give yourself all the best tools possible for the hour you are taking out of your day to do something good for yourself!!

Next post will be about the importance of stretching :)

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