Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frisco Boot Camps - Now enrolling! Start any Monday - personal trainer led workout for women

Have you wished that McKinney Boot Camps had a location closer to home? Do you live in Frisco and need to lose some weight or tone up? Have you ever wanted a personal trainer but didn't want to pay 60-100 bucks an hour? Then Frisco Boot Camps is for you!

Now enrolling women for our personal trainer led boot camps in Frisco, Tx! We have 3 locations that are going on NOW! If you live in East Frisco, you would train with Toni, an AFAA certified trainer that operates boot camps MWF mornings from 5am-6am and 6am-7am!

If you live in Southwest Frisco, you would be a client of Michelle, a NASM certified trainer that operates her camps at Lebanon and the Tollway. Her classes also meet MWF 5am-6am and 6am-7am.

If you are located in Central Frisco, you would work with Marilyn, a COOPER certified trainer who holds class on M,Tu and Thurs from 5:30am-6:30am and 9:30am-10:30am.

All of our trainers specialize in training women - and will NOT ask you to do any exercise that is beyond your comfort level, or fitness level! We will work with kettlebells, resistance bands, jumpropes on occasion, agility drills, and more! Every class is different, and you will lose weight faster than ever!!

Visit us at http://www.communitybootcamps/ to sign up today and start next week!!
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