Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another health benefit of boot camp

Not only will you change your physique with Texas Fit Chicks boot camp, you will also make your doctor happy! One of our boot camp clients visited with her cardiologist this past week, and he was so happy with what she is doing and how her health has improved! She is a young 62 year old, and is an inspiration to us all! Another reason to become a fit chick is for the health of your bones.

Throughout life, our body breaks down and removes old bone tissue - replacing it with new tissue. During childhood and teenage years, the body makes more bone than it takes away...but starting in our 20's production drops off. To help build and protect our bones, we need weight bearing exercise. We incorporate strength training with a sound cardio program during boot camp. It's important to also get your calcium and vitamin D....which is needed for the body to absorb the calcium. Don't smoke and limit alcohol as well.

I read a great quote this week that is so true..."Those who say they don't have time to exercise will have to find time for illness sooner or later".

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