Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holidays are Coming...what's your plan to avoid weight gain? Texas fit Chicks Bootcamp trainers can help

I love the saying "Failing to Plan is PLanning to Fail." When it comes to the holidays and food temptations, this is critical to your success. Those of you that are already clients at Texas fIt Chicks, know that our trainers won't ever expect you to eat perfectly all of the time. We encourage you to have a "cheat" day or meal once a week, otherwise you will feel deprived and less likely to succeed. Over the next couple of months though, the holidays bring with it stress, change in routine, travel and lots of heavy and fattening food. That's why the average American will gain around 7lbs over the next 2 mos. I want you to set a goal today. Losing weight will be a challenge, but it can be done with planning and flexing that will-power muscle! Another goal could be to maintain and not GAIN. That will also take some flexing of your will-power muscle, and having a plan you stick with.

Decide ahead of the parties to plan for your treats. Decide in advance that you’re going to have one or two treats per event and then enjoy them. Educate yourself on what's in that latte that you are enjoying daily, and if it's enough to replace a meal, decide if you want that or pie after dinner? Choose which indulgences you want to have, and compensate later in the day or the next day with healthier choices. I do well when I have a plan. So if we are going to be gone for 5 days, I will plan to exercise 3 times and then pick and choose what I want to "spend" my calories on. When there's a plan and a goal ahead of time, it makes a huge difference in my behavior.

Eliminate food cues that cause impulse eating. This is called “stimulus control.” Don’t forget, if you don’t buy it, it won’t be there for you to eat. Use a hunger scale from 1-10. “1” is VERY hungry, “10” is VERY STUFFED, and “five” is CONTENT. When you feel the cookies call, ask yourself, where am I on the hunger scale? If you’re a “one,” “two,” or “three,” then you need to find a healthy meal or snack. If you’re a “six,” “seven” or “eight,” then you need to find something else to do other than eat.

Sometimes just pushing away from the table when you are full is the trick. Listening to your body and knowing when you are full is when it's time to stop. Don't eat just because everyone around you is ~ think of your goal often, but enjoy your treats when you do indulge! I have been one of those statistics and come back from being away for Christmas with an extra 5 lbs to lose. It's very frustrating and takes so much work to lose it!

If you want guidance of a female personal trainer through the holidays, but don't want to spend a ton on private training, check out our women's only bootcamp! We offer Indoor Bootcamp for MckInney, Frisco, Allen, Plano, Prosper and Dallas - with women trainers. Our boot camp will help you lose weight and tone up. We have women of all fitness levels in our camps and also offer a 5 week nutrition plan for free! We use things like Kettlebells, Resistance bands, BOSU trainers, Medicine Balls and Stability balls to get you in the best shape of your life. The only thing you bring is a yoga mat and set of dumbbells. We provide the rest!
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