Thursday, March 14, 2013

One thing that's critical to your Fitness Success.

What is the one thing that's critical to your fitness success? We think it's summed up here:

FEARLESS ATTITUDE. This is critical to your fitness success. Starting a new program and sticking with it isn't easy, but it's completely possible. Scared you might fail? There is a saying that is so true. FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT. This honestly works ~ but sometimes there are moments that you need a little extra help.

Read on for simple ways to keep a positive mindset during your weight-loss journey.

When you first made the decision to get leaner and healthier, you were probably excited, possibly even a little giddy. The idea that you don’t have to be satisfied with the proverbial hand you were dealt is certainly empowering, and that rush of motivation may have caused you to jump headfirst into an intense diet and exercise plan.

But as the weeks went on and your results started to lag, your enthusiasm for your plan and your confidence in your willpower likely dwindled as well. Kick your doubts to the curb with these gentle reminders that your fat-loss journey is in the hands of one person: you!

Remind yourself it’s not impossible.
Losing weight may seem similar to climbing a mountain in the beginning, but keep in mind that many people have overcome obstacles similar to or larger than yours – and are happier for it.

Don’t walk into temptation.
It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but that’s because it rings true: “When you go to the supermarket, stay in the periphery and don’t go down the aisles,” advises Barry Sears, PhD, a prominent weight-loss author and expert in the science of anti-inflammatory nutrition. There’s one caveat, however: food manufacturers know that people head to the produce section and meat counter to find healthy food, so they often strategically place packaged foods they want you to believe are good for you near these areas. Don’t fall for their hype.

Every little bit does help!
“People hate too much change; it’s stressful,” says Sears. The number-one thing he recommends for those looking to lose weight is taking a high-quality fish oil supplement. Not only have omega-3 fatty acids been linked to increased weight loss, evidence suggests it may play a roll in reducing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and asthma.

Go back to basics
You’ve probably seen the newly revamped United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate, the replacement for the beloved (but carb-heavy) USDA’s food pyramid. While it’s a good reference, Sears points out, “The USDA has one political purpose: to support American agriculture.” He goes on to note that the best way to ensure you are getting a balanced diet is to not put anything on your plate that “did not exist 10,000 years ago.” That basically means lean meats, vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and scant grains (which, coincidentally enough, we did not start farming until – you guessed it – 10,000 years ago).

You can do absolutely anything with your physique if you work hard for it!

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article by Rachel Crocker - OXYGEN magazine (the best one to read for real fitness tips)
Contributed by Aimee Storm ~ Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp trainer in FRISCO, TX MWF 5am-6am, 6-7am and 7-8PM


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