Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moriahs' Success with Texas Fit Chicks - Lost 54 pounds and 26 inches!

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"My journey started a year ago this month.  I couldn't be happier that I made the decision to feel better and look better.  It's certainly not been an easy road, but as the saying goes, nothing worth having is ever easy.  I found my way to Texas Fit Chicks via a link on facebook and initially started with another trainer in McKinney.  She was awesome in getting me started.  I moved to the Allen evening location when it opened and I absolutely adore Katrina Erickson (aka Tigger!), our beloved trainer.  She is nothing short of amazing!!!  I am also thrilled with the women I have met along this journey.  They are inspriring and have helped me through some tough times.  Thank you for being there and for all of the encouragement and kind words.  You are all amazing!!!  My numbers from Katrina are: Beginning weight 204, now 150.  Body fat % 46.2, now 33.6.  BMI 39.8, now 26.4.  Chest 46.25, now 39.5.  Waist 43.75, now 35.  Hips 49.5, now 44.  Thigh 23.5, now 21.  Arm 14.5, now 12.  That is 54 pounds and 26" gone!  I am pretty excited, but definitely want more gone. :)
In closing, I just can't say enough about Katrina.  She is very accepting and genuine and full of positive motivation.  Those are very important qualities to have, especially for those of us who may feel a just a little intimidated and insecure about the whole "bootcamp" thing. ;)  To me, she is absolutely the best and I appreciate that she connects to us.  You have an awesome trainer in her and I am so thankful she is mine.  She is not ever allowed to stop!" Moriah M.

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