Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NEW SATURDAY Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp 5 week Program

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5 Week Saturday Fit Chicks Boot Camp is here!

We've heard your requests and here it is....

5 classes
Saturday mornings
Prosper, Texas
Sept. 8 - Oct 6

Full Body Workouts ~ Nationally Certified Trainer
Anyone can join!!

Now you can start each weekend off right with a Texas Fit Chicks Workout led by Corrie.

Perfect way to add a 4th workout to your week with Texas Fit Chicks, or just get started!


  1. That's awesome, but way too far for me. Will you having similar classes in Wylie, or Plano?
    Please! :)

  2. Joane - we might have the same offer coming soon to your area! I will keep you posted :)