Monday, September 10, 2012

What the heck are shin splints??

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I have a list of things I MUST have in order to go for a run. I'm not just one of those people that can hit the pavement any time of day and enjoy it....wish I could - but I can't. I have to have gum. I have to have temps of around 60 degrees. I have to have a good playlist that I haven't heard 972 times. I have to have a ponytail holder, and I have to have a nice outside trail that provides a frequent change of scene. Yes, you could call me a high-maintenance runner :)

There's nothing worse than heading out for a run, and halfway through your warm up you start to feel your shins. So annoying! Pain in the front of your lower leg - across your tibia (shinbone) is also known as shin splints.  It can be caused by worn out shoes (my first indication that it's time for new shoes are always shin splints), running downhill or playing sports that have a lot of stops and starts (tennis, basketball). Sometimes the pain will go away while you're exercising but it will usually come back and can become worse if you ignore it.

What to do? Invest in a pair of good shoes ~ sometimes a pair of shock-absorbing insoles or orthotics are helpful if you're running outside on concrete. Treat at home with RICE (rest,ice,compression and elevation) Stretch every day and cross train so you're not always just pounding the pavement for a run. If it's the shoes that will do the trick ~ and you can get back to your run and enjoy these cooler temps we've been having! Make it a great week ~ :) Melody

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