Monday, September 17, 2012

Texas Fit Chicks Success Story! Check out Jamie...

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"A year after having my 3rd child I knew how much weight I’d put on and how unhappy I was, but food was the only thing that could make me feel happy (besides my kids).  Every week I would say, “I’ll start dieting next Monday, what’s one more week.”  And before I knew it my size 18 jeans were getting too tight.   There was no way I was going to buy a size 20 jean so I knew I had to do something serious.  I was devastated and mad, at myself of course for ever letting it get this far out of control. At this point, it was a few weeks before Christmas and I knew I would not be able to have the self-control to not overeat during the holidays so I waited until January.  
On January 2, 2011 I started a food journal and counted calories, as well as began using my gym membership that I had had for a year and a half, but never even stepped into the gym.  I decided not to “diet”, but rather change the way I ate and control my portions.  I was going to the gym about 4 times a week doing around 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and 15 minutes of weight lifting machines.  By April I had lost 51 pounds.  Once summer came around I was bored with the gym and stopped going almost completely and stopped my food journal and calorie counting.  I was very aware of what I ate and did try to eat as well as I had been, but was not near as strict as I should have been.  By December of 2011 I had put 19 pounds back on.  I was furious with myself for undoing all the hard work I had already done, and decided I was changing my lifestyle completely after Christmas.

On January 4, 2012 I started my food journal and gym visits again.  This time I had a workout buddy and it helps tremendously!  On the days I didn’t want to go to the gym she would make me, and on the days she didn’t want to I would make her.  This time I decided to change not just my eating, but my families also.  Instead of making a separate meal for myself I started cooking dinners that I could eat with my family.  I quit buying food that would tempt me.  I was going to the gym between 3 to 5 times a week, always doing 30-40 minutes of cardio and then 15-20 minutes on the weight machines.  By June I had lost 38 pounds, but was getting extremely bored with the gym and wasn’t feeling like I was strong.  I obviously looked better with 38 pounds gone, but I just felt like I needed something more.  Me and my workout buddy started talking about trying a boot camp, but we were nervous about what we thought it would be like going to one with all these fit men and women.  And then we came across an ad for Texas Fit Chicks on Facebook.  We looked into it and decided that we would give it a try.  It appealed to me because it is only for women and that took out the intimidation factor that other boot camps had.  

On June 25, 2012 I went to my first Texas Fit Chicks boot camp, in Wylie.  It was the best workout I’ve ever had in my life.  It was so hard, and I could barely move for the next 2 days but I loved it.  In the 11 weeks I have been with Texas Fit chicks, I have lost another 8 pounds and 5.25 inches.  I am stronger than I have ever been, and I have muscles.  I’ve never had muscles before!  I love our trainer, Sandy.  She is so encouraging and tough on us, but never yells or humiliates us, which was one thing I was nervous about when signing up for a boot camp.  All of her girls have her cell phone number and she is willing to help us at any time, which to me means so much.  Recently she volunteered to come to my house and help me with food and nutrition on her own time, which I totally took her up on that offer.  She is extremely knowledgeable and truly wants to help people.  Sandy is so much more than a trainer; she’s a confidant, friend, and an inspiration.  I feel like Texas Fit Chicks has given me so much more than just a workout.  Having a trainer that is right there telling you that you can do it when you feel like you can’t helps so much.  At the gym, I would stop if I felt like I couldn’t continue, but Sandy gets me going and I don’t stop.  I am now starting my 3rd round of Texas Fit Chicks, and I have no intention of quitting anytime soon!

Over all 20 months since I first decided I was ready to change my life, I have lost a total of 78 pounds.  This summer has been the first time since the summer of 2006 that I have worn shorts, and gone to a pool or beach and actually got in the water and enjoyed myself.  I am still working on the way I see myself.  It has been a very hard journey to realize that I am better and healthier than I was.  I still don’t see myself accurately when I look in a mirror, but if I look at a picture for some reason I do see the way I really look now.   I am so much happier now and much more confident.  I still have work to do to get myself to my ultimate goal, but I know now that I can do anything that I want to do.   And I’m looking forward to getting there and staying there! - Jamie H.

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life and be our next FIT CHICK? You can do it too!!
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