Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Alisons' Transformation with Texas Fit Chicks

"Life is about choices" is something I have lived by for many years! I choose to be a happy person on the outside! I always have a smile on my face and there are not many times you would truly see me sad! Life is too short to be upset!

But when it came to my health I was choosing a lifestyle that was completely unhealthy.

From time to time, I would join a gym and go for a few months and then stop. I paid for several personal trainers but would quit before the end of my session. My heart was not completely there! I would be great for a month and then I would have a stressful event or a “just don’t care” type of attitude and quit.

In August 2011 I started looking for a “boot camp” but was intimated by them! One afternoon in a nail salon,  I was talking to a sweet lady who was wanting to know how she could get her business in our PTA directory! When I asked her what her business was, she told me she was a trainer for Texas Fit Chicks! This was super cool because in my search for “boot camp”, TFC kept popping up! I was able to contact Ronna and she came to our school and did boot camp 2 days a weeks for our staff! We did 2 rounds, then we just fizzled out right before Thanksgiving. That is when my unhealthy lifestyle started to go on a downward spiral!

I was on the fast track to being a good candidate to a life at the pharmacy, filling prescriptions for the rest of my life! My body hurt!  In March my daughter turned 3, and I could barley get on the floor with her and be comfortable! I just told myself, what the heck I'm huge, out of shape... Why should I even try? My lifestyle just kept getting worse! Summer came and I hit about 252 pounds, pushing a size 22!( I would never buy that size but knew I should because my size 20 were super tight!)

That's when I decided to join Texas Fit Chicks again! This time it was for good! On July 2,  I went to my first boot camp with Titia Sivils in Plano My knees hurt and my back hurt, I could barley move, that didn't stop me! I went and did what I could with a super positive attitude!

I never thought I would be someone that would get up at 4:30 AM three times a week, but I love it! I'm super sad if I have to miss! Since starting, I have missed only 5 classes and those were due to things out of my control!

In August, our “chicks” did a challenge were we gave up something, I gave up my weekly cheat meal of Mexican food. More important, I gave up my negative self talk. I had to except compliments and be proud of my accomplishments! That positive talk has stayed with me!

One thing I have done to contribute to my success is log all my activities on Facebook! It is amazing how many of my friends have started changing their lifestyles just by reading what I have posted!

I'm training for my first half marathon in December!  I run 3 times in the week! I was having a hard time getting my runs in once I got home, so I have started taking my clothes to work and run 3 miles before I go home! On the weekends I try to get in a long run! I'm completely addicted to working out! It's my happy place! I have the most supportive husband that encourages me every step of the way! My friends and family have been my rock! They encourage me and keep me going! But, it is my change to a positive attitude that has kept me going on this journey! Now my 3 year old daughter thinks it is really cool when I come back from boot camp or a run all sweaty! She wants to wear clothes like Mommy and is going to be doing her first Fun Run in December!

To date, I have lost 37.5 pounds and 17 overall inches! I have finally come to the realization that the scale is not the main factor in my weight loss journey. It is how my clothes fit and how I am feeling. I have done many programs in the past that have required you to step on the scale, and I would totally manipulate that. I would not eat a day before so the scale would go down. What I love about Texas Fit Chicks is that you can’t manipulate measurements! They are what they are, because you put in the effort and hard work!

To me my journey has just begun! I'm excited to see where this road will lead me!

I can truly say that Texas Fit Chicks will always be part of my life!

Thank you Titia for encouraging me, pushing me and always having a super positive attitude and for being such an amazing trainer!!!

“Life is about choices and I choose HEALTHY!" - Allison M.

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  1. Thanks for the inspirational story! You won't meet many people like Titia Sivils. She is one of my heroes...an encouraging women who sees value in everyone she meets.