Friday, October 19, 2012

*NEW* Prosper mid-morning Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp at Tucker Hill

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Texas Fit Chicks is excited to announce a brand new mid-morning Prosper Boot camp with trainer Shonnery!  She's ready to help you reach your fitness goals no matter what your fitness level is!

Our new Prosper camp will meet:
M,Tu,Th 8:30am-9:30am at Tucker Hill

Sign up before camp starts with a friend and get boot camp for 1/2 price! 

Details of this deal:

What you get: 5 wks of full body (amazingly FUN and effective) workouts with your nationally certified female trainer +Free 5 wk meal plan to get you even faster results than our workouts alone + Amazing support on your weight-loss journey + Training for just over 6 bucks an hr!! It's a steal. + Full Email access to your trainer. Got a question you don't want to ask in class, we are always happy to help even when we're not training you.

All of this for $99!! That's a savings of $100!

Limited Space!!

Shonnery  will get you to your goals, and have amazing support along the way. We motivate without the megaphone ~ but will push you in a way that makes you get the results you want. Just in time for the holidays!

Want to grab this deal?

Click HERE to sign up for boot camp
Click on the 5 week no excuses boot camp and select Shonnerys' camp
enter discount code 100offTFC 

Our 5 wks are already a low $199 ($13/hr) if you can't find a friend, and you can start any Monday! All fitness levels welcome. Still not sure? Read these testimonials from a couple of our fit chicks...

"I lost 15 lbs and 7 inches in my first 5 wk bootcamp with Texas Fit Chicks!" - Tonja N. Age 51

"Joining Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp has been a life changing experience for me. I have finally found the motivation that I was lacking for so many years. I was very nervous when I joined boot camp that I would not be able to keep up in the classes. From the first day of class I have felt comfortable and confident in my abilities. The trainers show you different levels for each exercise and allow you to increase to the next level at your own pace. I also enjoy how every class is different and the exercises are fun. After 3 months I have lost 24 lbs and 18 inches. I could not have done it without Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp" - Brooke R. 4/11

"This boot camp helped me push myself harder than I ever would have pushed myself at the gym.The large variety of strength and cardio exercises kept me from ever getting bored and the accountability of being in a class setting kept me from making any excuses! I lost weight and inches in my first five weeks and am looking forward to losing even more!" Karen M.

Join us today and start Monday! Let us get you to your fitness goals.
Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp ~ Get Up. Get Out. Get FIT!

A little more about Texas Fit Chicks trainer Shonnery:

Shonnery Pettit is a well known fitness and motivational online coach.  She is a former professional dancer for the Orizon dance company and a former Dallas Defenders cheerleader.  She has even tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading team and was on the CMT show "The Making of the Team".  Her love of fitness began when she started dancing at a very young age.  She began teaching group fitness classes in college. After college, she became a business consultant and eventually a mom.  When her boys were young, she began her online fitness and motivational coaching.  

She has virtually helped many people all over the country lose weight and live healthier lives.  Her fitness regime is a little bit of everything.  She loves to run, swim, bike, dance, box, and lift.  Her motto is "I want to bring the best of every sport to my clients".  She has competed in several 1/2 marathons, triathlons, dance competitions, and loves doing mud runs.  She will help you to be the best you can be and celebrate all of your successes along your journey.

$99 5 wk Fit Friend deal is only good for our Traditional "NO EXCUSES" 5 wk bootcamp, and not offered for the flex card. Friends must start on the same date and the same class time/location for offer to be valid. Not valid with any other offers *Both clients must be new clients only, never having previously been enrolled in a TFC camp at any other location.


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