Thursday, August 15, 2013

Love the's yours to LOVE!

We have all seen the fitspiration photos on facebook, instagram and 
pinterest. They can be motivating and inspirational! They may want 
to make you get up and work out, make a healthy meal or hug your 
kids more. I like them and I do post them on my FB wall. What I 
don’t like are the sayings that create negative feelings. The ones 
that are meant to empower you by pointing out negativity. The 
sayings that are supposed to make you rise to the occasion by 
making you feel that people don’t support you so you need to prove 
them wrong. 

These sayings bug me.... they don't focus on the 
positive. I don't ever use the word haters or focus on people 
disliking me. Really, it’s not about anyone else and how they feel 
about me. It’s not about what I couldn’t do in the eyes of others but 
instead it is what I can do for myself. I am always wanting to 
improve my own mind and body. To better myself. To be a better 
mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and trainer. So when you see 
these fitspiration pictures ignore them. To me they are more like a 
back handed compliment. 

These are inspirational to me! Pictures with healthy messages 
written to inspire and motivate you are worth sharing….

This is your journey and your self discovery. Along your journey you will discover that doing this (what ever your this is) becomes 
something bigger. You will discover a new you. You will see 
someone more confident, stronger and bolder staring back at you 
in the mirror. You will inspire friends, family members and perfect 
strangers along the way. For me, I have learned that I am also 
teaching my young daughters to appreciate living a healthy and fit 
lifestyle. They love saying they worked out like mommy (after riding 
bikes or chasing our dogs or going to gymnastics). They get excited 
when they can do pushups or hold a handstand (I can’t even do a 
handstand). They take pride in saying they ate a healthy lunch. So 
not only am I doing this for me, but I have my little girls who look 
up to me watching my every move when I didn't even notice they 
were watching! So, as I said earlier, At the end of the day, during 
your journey, you may learn that you motivate and inspire those 
who love you and that is a huge bonus!

Confidence is contagious...Look in the mirror and love 
your life the best you can because you WANT to not because you 
need to prove anything to anyone. The people who truly care and 
love you will be your biggest supporters. All these girls who talk 
about Haters and jealous people in their lives have their focus in the 
wrong place. No one needs that kind of negativity, it doesn’t push 
us to be our best. It's not about proving anyone wrong, it's about 
proving to yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS! 
Just my 2 cents (well, maybe more than 2 cents)

~LeighAnne Maloy
Mckinney 5 am, 6 am and 9:30 am MWF

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