Monday, March 31, 2014

Killer Tabata Stability Ball Workout - McKinney Texas Fit Chicks

Break a sweat on the ball this weekend!! Check out this fun Cardio intense Stability ball workout from our McKinney Texas Fit Chicks trainer, LeighAnne

Warm Up - 5-7 mins

Cardio first!!

Cardio Tabata (20 seconds of work followed by a 10 second break, repeating cycle 8 times total)
Jump Squats/Burpees
Alternate between the 2 ever 20 second interval

Strength Tabata on stability ball

Chest press/Hip drops
Alternate between the two exercises. Start with chest press - neck and shoulders on ball, weight in heels of feet, hips up (flat like a table) and chest press first 20 seconds. During the 10 second break place weights on hips, squeeze abs and glutes tight.
Hip drops for next 20second round with weights on hips. Lower and lift glutes squeezing at the top. Neck and shoulders are on the ball.
Continue alternating for the 4 minutes

Recover 90 seconds

25 ball passes - Lying on mat, ball between ankles, bring arms up to take ball - then both arms and legs drop down (keeping lower back planted on mat)
20 roll outs (on knees not resting on feet, hands in praying position on stability ball, roll out to elbows and drop hips so spine is in line, come back pressing hands into ball and guiding body back with shoulders not glutes to keep abs engages)

60 seconds superman burpees/2jump squats
Burpee, chest to the floor then so superman (arms out in front, lift shoulders and thighs of mat) come back up and finish burpee going directly into 2 jump squats

90 seconds
Lunge jumps/hop over
2 lunge jumps on each leg then hop over mat once and 2 lunge jumps there then hoot back over and repeat for 90 seconds

Strength Tabata
On stability ball
Decline Pushups - Hands under shoulders, ball is under shins (to modify, bring ball closer to hips) 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest - total 4 mins.

20 ball passes
20 leg/arm drop- on back, hold ball above abdomen with toes and fingers, lower left leg and right arm, bring back up and lower right leg and left arm. Cue to keep belly button pulled in tight to spine.

Walk out push-ups with stability ball, come back set toes down and do a back extension. (15 reps)

Planks knee ins on ball (forearms on ball, drive knee into ball, alternate legs)-10 ea side - plant ball against wall for more stability

Strength Tabata
Reverse lunge tabata with ball over head
Right leg for first 20 seconds then left leg for next. Continue alternating for entire tabata

Cardio tabata
Run with ball over head 20 secs (in place if indoors), walk during 10 seconds with ball Down

Recover - 90 secondds
Strength tabata
Reverse crunch with ball between ankles - lift and lower hips to the mat keeping legs extended
bridge lifts (heels on top Of ball, lift hips up and down)


Have a great weekend

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