Monday, August 17, 2015

Healthy School Lunch Ideas From Texas Fit Chicks

So the kids are back in school! Every mom faces the same question day after day: What do I pack my kids for lunch? Well a few of our Texas Fit Chicks trainers are here to help! We've got a Monday - Friday healthy school lunch menu to get you through a full week!  

These lunches are easy to prepare, healthy, and will keep your child smiling! Enjoy and please comment below if you have some additions! 

MONDAY - "Roasted Chicken, cheese stick, almonds, sweet peppers, broccoli, strawberries, water or lowfat unflavored milk and a mint (broccoli can ruin breathe- like no other)."

TUESDAY - "Homemade pizza with a sliced apple and carrots"

WEDNESDAY - "Turkey and chesse roll ups, carrot sticks and a piece of fruit or a low sugar yogurts. Always pack water, never juice box poison."

THURSDAY "Round apple slices with tuna in between for a different kind of tuna sandwich."

FRIDAY "All organic--> chicken nuggets, baby carrots, sliced cucumbers with a little ranch, yogurt and strawberries."

Want More Ideas?!?! 

-Hummus & veggies/pita; cashews, goji berries & cacao
-Protein bar & Apple sauce; carrot & celery sticks (add a nut butter)
-PB&J on wheat
-Turkey roll-ups or pinwheels
-Grilled chicken strips, string cheese or mini Babybel cheese;
-Always add a fruit & veggie!
-PB&J roll ups on brown rice tortillas
-Turkey/chz/lettuce roll ups on brown rice tortillas
-Grass Fed Hamburger patty, wrapped in lettuce w/a slice of cheese (cut it like a pizza)-Quesadillas
-Bbq chicken
-Mini pizzas 
-Hard boiled eggs
-Deli meat and crackers
-Thermos with soup or chili. I let them pick a fresh veggie and fruit each week. 
-A square of dark chocolate or a homemade treat for dessert 
-Mini salad pita, pretzels, carrot sticks, mandarin oranges
-Side of energy balls, grapes, bell pepper slices
-BLT on a soft roll, fruit leather, cheese stick, sugar snap peas-Ham & Cheese roll up, tube yogurt, strawberries, celery sticks


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