Monday, February 23, 2015

A Letter From Your Trainer

Hey ladies!

I wanted to send you a message about progress and goals. Some of you have mentioned that don't feel like you are progressing...  I'd like to have you go into your goals when you reply (via email or in the comments). That way we can make a plan together.

I do have to say that I understand how difficult it is to find that inner motivation to stay on a plan. It's so much easier to push snooze or put other things before our workouts. Trust me, I've been guilty of having a hard time finding balance with fitness and life. I also have to find my own motivation to stay dedicated to a fitness plan. Where do you feel you aren't progressing? If it's endurance and strength then let's address that. First, you absolutely need to use your muscles regularly to get stronger... It's just a fact. Use them and they will grow, don't and they will go! Lifting weights and body weight exercises will push your muscles to get stronger (without going into the science behind it). Endurance is the same because your heart is a muscle. If you don't push yourself to get in some cardio your heart will have no reason to get stronger. It's only going to work as hard as it needs to to keep your body going. If you don't give it a reason to become stronger it won't. That goes for all muscles.

If it's fat loss your talking about then that means you need to move your body regularly and fuel it properly. Over fueled and under moved bodies don't burn fat. We end up storing or maintaining instead.

So back to those goals.... Where do you see yourself in 6 months? And back to that fitness plan...

Here it is-->Come to boot camp 3 days a week, walk 2 miles on an off boot camp day and follow our meal plan, cut out sugar and make healthy choices. I promise you'll see results and PROGRESS in all areas. I have to remind myself of all of this also. It's the only way I stay dedicated to my health. Not working out regularly and not fueling my body with healthy choices will only prevent me from progressing.  Stay true to you, your fitness plan and your goals. I promise you'll see the results you are looking for. Otherwise, everyday at boot camp will feel like your first and every Monday will continue to feel like your starting again. Are you with me?


Your trainer 💜

PS what are your goals?

Coming soon - Goal Tracking with TFC and a new LOWER PRICE!
Watch your email for details Mar

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