Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold Weather At-Home Workouts!

Work Out 1

Warm up 5 mins 
Jog, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks

Set 1 - body weight
• Hold straight arm plank for 60 sec
• Hold reverse plank for 60 sec (facing up, rest hands behind you and weight in heels
• Fore arm plank- alternate lifting legs. Gently raise each leg one at time about 6 inches off the ground. Squeeze glutes. 6 per leg

Set 2 - strength- lower body
• 10 squats
• 10 forward lunges, each leg 
• 10 reverse lunges, each leg
• 10 more squats
• 15 calf raises
• Hold wall sit for 60 sec

Set 3 - cardio
1 min of each
• Jumping rope
• Mountain climbers
• Plank jacks
• High knees
• Lunge jumps

Cool down and stretch

Work Out 2

Warm up 5 mins
Jog, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks

10 of each, complete all without breaking in between.
Frog hops
Push ups (can modify on knees)
Squats (keep weight in your heels, back straight, head up)
Mountain climbers
Bicycle crunches

Catch breath, grab water and repeat once more

60 sec of each:
Straight arm plank 
Fore arm plank

Grab water 

Wind sprints
Find a location you can run (track, park, running path). Sprint as fast a you can for 20 sec. rest 10 sec, repeat 8 times. (8, 20 sec sprints, 8, 10 sec rests) 

Grab water and recover
Cool down and stretch

Work Out 3

Warm up 5 mins
Jog, switch kicks, side shuffle, penguins

10 of each, complete all without breaking in between.
Frog jumps
Walk outs
Push ups with stars, each side
Man-makers with weights
Squat jumps

60 sec of each:
Reverse plank
Side plank left side
Side plank right side

20 reps of each:
Bicycle crunches
Frog crunches
Leg lifts
In and outs

Tabata: (download my Tabata songs off itunes) 
Push-ups (lift leg to make harder)
Air squats (add weights to shoulders)
Air squats

Glute work 20 of each
Donkey kicks (full)
Donkey kicks (pulse)
Fire hydrant (full)
Fire hydrant (pulse)
Stationary lunge (each side)

Cool down and stretch

Contributed By:
Jaime Rogers

Texas Fit Chicks
Boot Camp Instructor 
Personal Trainer

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