Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chick Transformation: Tiffany @ Princeton TFC

I know sometimes people are intimidated to join workout groups because they are scared they won’t be able to keep up or they think they will look fat or weak. I was one of those people! Theresa, our Princeton Texas Fit Chicks Trainer, reminds us all the time, "We’ve all had a first day!” It’s hard to believe that others too have struggled. We have had a lot of new chicks lately and that is AMAZING! My hope is that everyone stays and doesn’t feel discouraged, intimidated, nervous or really any other negative adjective. We are a family here at Texas Fit Chicks and are all looking to be healthier. I realize after your first Fit Test Friday it might seem scary, but it gets better and you WILL get stronger. Eight months ago I was the one who had to sit down and almost vomited my first day. Friday, I set a personal record and held a four-minute plank. Below is a picture from my Instagram account, tiff_getting_fit, which I use it to track my progress and keep me motivated if anyone wants to follow. This picture was taken about 1 month before I started my journey with Princeton Texas Fit Chicks. We all really do have first days! It will be the first of many adventures for the “new” you. This weekend I successfully completed my very first 5k. I am so excited to see where I will be six months from now. Live the Fit Life!

~Tiffany Fisher, Princeton Texas Fit Chick

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