Monday, August 22, 2016

Fit Chick Transformation: Denton Texas Fit Chicks!!

Four years ago the picture on the left was taken, when I saw it I immediately called my husband and said "Life has to change!" We had baby #2, my energy, confidence & happiness was shot, genetics were starting to creep up on me!

I was so excited when found Texas Fit Chicks! Women only, 3 days a week, like minded fitness friends, new workouts, meal plans, empowering environment - SIGN ME UP! 👊❤💪🌸 That was the best choice! For 4 years, I have spent my mornings with the most amazing chicks & trainers who empower, encourage & motivate each other & myself. Chicks I wouldn't have met without TFC and who have a very dear place in my heart! ❤ My news feed is filled with positive, encouraging pictures & words that help my days start on a positive note! 

Yes, life is hectic, crazy & busy but I carve out the mornings for me. I work full time, I have 2 crazy boys and an even crazier husband, we have church, sports, family time & life that pulls us all kinds of directions ....BUT they support me and encourage me to stay on track! I am grateful they push me to keep on track! I know I am making myself better for THEIR FUTURE! I will be able to chase them when they are young, I will be able to move things when they move out & I will be able to do the same with their kids!

Working out produces endorphins, endorphins make you happy! So see, it's not always about a certain size or number on the scale! It's also about surving stressful times. Being a part of the #TFCFamily has helped me thru some of the most challenging times in my life! Those days I wanted to curl up in bed and cry, those days I was exhausted, those I was stressed to the max - drowning in life, those days I thought "I just can't!".... Working out got me thru it, it gave me the energy to conquer whatever life threw at me!  It's not just about hitting a certain size or number, it's about maintaining a healthy lifestyle!! Its about falling in love with the process of taking care of you, your mind, body and spirit! 

Yes, I am tired at the end of the day - who wouldn't be when you are up at 4am and hit the day full force with excitement - but I dont regret it because it's from pushing myself & those around me to become better, I am focused on healthy choices in life, food & fitness! I have fulfilled my days & lived my purpose! 
Taking control of my life, my health, my happiness has been truly life changing! What are YOU waiting for!?! Email to start your fitness journey with us! 
Tues.Thurs.Fri at 5am or 6am! 

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