Monday, November 28, 2016

Fit Chick Transformation: Pflugerville Texa Fit Chicks!

Up until 3 years ago I rarely, if ever, worked out. I played sports and was active in school but after that I was able to stay thin without worrying about what I ate or how much I worked out. That is, until I had my daughter. My daughter was 7 when I finally decided I had enough. My best friend was going to Texas Fit Chicks in Round Rock and told me there was about to be one opening in Pflugerville.

I did the first trial class and then immediately signed up for 6 months before I changed my mind or chickened out. When I first started I could barely do a lunge and didn’t even know what a burpee or a plank was. I loved how the workouts were different each time so I never lost interest or if it felt too hard, I could tell myself it would change soon. Almost instantly I recognized how much better I felt and that I was in a better mood on the days I worked out. Knowing I was doing something good for my body and that I had accomplished something before most people even woke up, felt really good. I soon began to feel myself getting stronger and able to do more. 

Unfortunately, it took me some time to realize if I was going to lose weight I needed to change my eating habits, as well. After about a year of working out with Briana, I finally started making some changes with my diet. I spent the next year with my weight going down and then back up…I was dieting, I wasn’t making a lifestyle change. I am slow learner but I eventually started realizing the better I ate, the better I felt, the better my workout was…and then I started seeing results on the scale and in my clothes. While I still would like to lose another 10lbs or so and continue getting stronger and replacing fat with muscle, I am excited to say I have lost 38lbs, 17.5 inches, and decreased by body fat by almost 8%. Most importantly though, I am setting a good example for my now 10 year old daughter and that is what I am most proud of. Thank you Briana and TFC for changing my life, and that of my family, for the better. ~ Jerrilyn


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