Monday, November 7, 2016

Emily's Fit Chick Transformation!!

Thank you Emily, at Mansfield Texas Fit Chicks, for sharing your story with us. 

On April 1st, I started Texas Fit Chicks. The first class had me SOOOO winded. All I heard from the trainers mouth was 100 jumping jacks, as a " warm-up". I thought to myself, "the warm-up?! Is she serious? How am I ever going to get thru this LONG, HOT, and TIRING next 50 minutes?" Before I knew it, the work out had flown by and I was coming 3x a week. With the help of my awesome trainer, supportive group of ladies that are now my friends, I kept showing up. I came to realize that the best feeling wasn't the numbers on the scale going down, but that I was doing better every class. I could handle 100 jumping jacks and more than 3 burpees a minute. So, fast forward to August, and I had lost 20 pounds, over 30 inches, and I was so pleased that my size 16 jeans that I was squeezing into, were way too big. This has been quite the experience, and I'm just getting started! 

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