Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yummy Protein Shake

I am not one that can just mix the powder with water, shake and drink. If you are...more power to ya, but if you're like me ~ you need a little more to get it down. So...after lots of playing around with it, I have come up with a yummy way to make a shake.
First you start off with a scoop of protein powder...if your stomach will allow it. My body has issues with whey, but after trying all different types, I found the brand Designer Whey to be the one that I can tolerate the best. So - 1 scoop of powder
then add 1 cup of skim milk or water (or soy milk if you have issues w/ milk) - and stir well so that all the powder is dissolved.
Here's the trick to getting a really creamy, milkshake consistency shake....frozen banana. What I do is throw a bunch in the freezer - skin and all - before the bananas become ripe. The closer they are to green, the less sugar they contain. Grab one out of the freezer, run it under water for a couple seconds - get a knife and peel it. Then chunk it up in 3 little parts, put it in the cup. Throw in some ice over it all...and blend! I use the magic bullet - it's a great little gadget that you can get at a couple diff. places (Kohls, dept stores) get about 4 mugs w/ it, and the base where the motor is. So instead of having to wash a big blender daily, you drink the shake right from the mug and throw it in the dishwasher. Very easy.

I have found something else that is even better on the stomach - but harder on the's Muscle milk light. I substitute the powder for this...but everything else stays the same. You can get a case of 18 for $24 at Sams. It's lactose free, and only 100 calories, but lots of protein. Just another option in case the whey doesn't work for you!


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