Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fitness Tip of the day

So I have a few fitness buffs in the family...and one imparticular is also keeping up with a fitness blog...thank you Josh for your great explanation of the following important info that is good for all of us to remember!!

First, a calorie or Calorie (also Kcalorie) is nothing more than a measurement of energy in food. All Carbohydrates (all Carbs, whether simple or complex) have 4.5 Calories per gram, all Protiens have 4.5 Calories per gram and all Fats have 9 Calories. NOTICE that fat contains twice the energy per gram and is the easiest to maintain on the "bodies economy" (what it cost's your body to maintain functions) that is why your body wants to store it so bad when it recieves certain signals.There are also different types of Carbs, Protiens & Fats. The most important to pay attention to are the carbs & fats. We want to avoid simple carbs (sugars, white flour products) and try to consume the complex fibrous carbs (oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, etc.) We also want to avoid the saturated and trans Fats and when we consume fat try to consume the mono-unsaturated “healthy” fats like cooking with virgin olive oil instead of Crisco, butter, and other choices.

No quick fix diet can substitute a pattern of healthy work hard at the gym but the other 23 hrs of the day can either sabatoge all that work...or enhance your results!
Next time you have to make a food choice, ask yourself...Is this going to help me reach my goal? If the answer is no, reconsider and decide if at that moment if it's worth it. Sometimes, it is. Just try to be concious of everything you decide to put in your body and just becoming aware can bring about change in your behavior for the better!


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