Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tricks to Curb Hunger

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly eating? In the kitchen too often between meals...scrounging through the pantry? I have found a few tricks that help curb hunger when I've already had enough calories for the day...

Drink lots of water - Often times people confuse hunger for thirst. If I think I'm hungry, drinking a full glass of water before reaching for a snack many times does the trick. Most people don't drink enough water throughout the day. Adding lemon or fresh cucumber can make it more interesting if you need it!

Chew Gum - There are studies out there that indicate chewing gum can reduce the desire to snack....I like to chew cinammon gum (sugar free) and find that it really does do the trick!

Add Nuts to your diet - Unsalted/Unroasted nuts have protein and healthy fats which promote the feeling of being full. They take longer to digest, and if you have a glass of water w/ 12 raw almonds, it's a healthy snack that will keep you satisfied!

Make sure you are eating frequently throughout the day and not letting yourself get too hungry...keeping your blood sugar at a steady level so that you don't find yourself starving and reaching for the first thing you see! Ask yourself this question before you eat...Am I really hungry? It's amazing how many times people eat out of habit or boredom, without thinking about it.

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