Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why should I lift free weights vs machines at the gym?

The female personal trainers at Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp know how to get women the results they are looking for. When training at a gym years ago, the routines I set up for clients never involved putting them on weight machines. I was always getting equipment like the BOSU trainer, resistance bands, medicine balls and dumbbells - which kept my clients interested and coming back for more. Using free weights (dumbbells) during boot camp is far superior to the machines for the following reasons...
  • You can't do compound exercises with machines. Rarely will you find only one muscle group being worked during boot camp. Compound exercises call on several major muscle groups at one time, increasing the calorie burn and building more lean muscle mass.
  • Free weight training doesn't only train the main muscle groups, but also the muscle groups that stabilize our joints.
  • Using free weights allow for natural movements that aren't limited by the design of a machine.
  • Most machines are designed for the size of an avg. male....enough said!
  • Free weights are more FUN! There are thousands of exercises that can be done with a set of weights. Machines limit you to 1 maybe 2.
It's important when lifting free weights to be under the guidance of a personal trainer. Want to have a trainer but not spend upwards of $50+ per hour? Check out our Personal Trainer - Women only Fitness Boot Camp - where you can train for as little as $11.60/hr!
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