Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Trainer snacks

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Snacking throughout the day is the best way to keep your metabolism stoked and body out of starvation mode. The following snacks are my personal favorites...and while I'm not a nutritionist...I get asked what I eat often. Thought I would share my top 10 fave snacks with you! One other note - I don't "count calories" throughout each day. I think these have on avg of 200-250 each, give or take a few.

  • Muscle Milk Light with frozen banana ~ Great protein with no sugar or lactose. I freeze bananas (when they're on the greener side). Pour can of Muscle Milk into cup, run banana under a little water to soften the peel (or peel before you freeze) unpeel banana, chunk it up into 3 pieces. Add ice and blend. Consitstency of a milkshake and really satisfying! I get the 18pk of muscle milk at Sams (around 24 bucks)
  • Supreme Protein ~ best protein bar EVER. Yummy and only around 200 cals. Truly tastes like a candy bar and kills chocolate cravings for me.
  • Edamame ~ Buy it already portion sized out for you at Sams (frozen). Steams in the bag and only has 150 calories. Keeps your hands busy as you snack.Great movie watching snack!
  • Celery w/ Almond Butter ~ Celery has like 20 calories for 3 stalks. Add 1T of almond butter and it's a great healthy snack that my kids actually love!
  • Apples ~ Apples are full of fiber which is always good when trying to lose weight. Try to buy organic since the skin is thin, and they will be full of pesticides. Once you eat the organic for a while, the others taste really bad. Buy only what you will eat for the week - they will go bad faster than non-organic (which is NOT a bad thing!)
  • Greek Yogurt with Frozen berries ~ this is so good. 1C of plain greek yogurt, 1/2C of frozen blueberries,strawberries, etc. and a Truvia packet (or liquid stevia). Satisfies my sweet tooth and is packed with protein. Deeee-lish
  • Raw, Unsalted Almonds ~ I keep a ziploc bag of these in my car all the time. They are perfect for when you're out and start getting hungry. Has saved me from the drive-thru many a time.
  • String Cheese and a cup of hot green tea ~ This is a great afternoon snack. Eat the cheese slowly and savor with the tea. It's relaxing and the benefits of green tea is another entire article in itself!
  • Turkey Lettuce Wrap ~ Choose low-sodium breast of turkey from the deli, wrap in a piece of Bibb lettuce and have 2 or 3 for a great snack. This was from South beach when I tried that a decade ago, and I still remember (and love) this snack
  • Hard Boiled Eggs ~ I boil a dozen eggs every Sunday and they are gone within the week. Kids love them and they are a really easy grab and go snack that fill me up! Need more than 1? Have up to 5 egg whites and 1 yoke.
Hope you enjoy the ideas ~ feel free to share any others that you love!
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