Thursday, August 4, 2011

20 Tips to get Great Abs

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Anyone can attain a flat stomach if they know the rules that govern getting it. Yes there are flat stomach rules. Follow these rules and you will slowly but surely get the flat stomach that you may be yearning for.

Belly Blast Rule 1 – Follow the Belly Blast Rules
Doing something that is contrary to the flat stomach rules could result in your body holding to your belly fat tighter than ever. Belly fat is the last bastion of fat storage in the body and the body will fight tooth and nail before releasing it. If you ever try to go in battle against your body, you will surely lose. Work with your body rather than against it.

Belly Blast Rule 2 – Be Patient
Everyone wants a flat stomach fast. Advertisements on how you could get a flat stomach quickly, are all over the internet. When it comes to weight loss or getting a flat stomach, slow is fast and fast is slow. This follows the law of the farm where everything has a gestation period. Just like pregnancy takes 9 months, attaining a flat stomach too will take time. Give yourself the next 21 days with our belly blasting program to see results!

Belly Blast Rule 3 – You Are Going to Have to Work For It
There is no magical pill or equipment that can give you flat abs. You are going to have to pay for it. Payment would be in the form of sweat. If there was a quick fix or magical diet, Oprah would have found it by now. So stop looking for shortcuts. These rules are the shortcuts.

Belly Blast Rule 4 – Stop Dieting
Dieting is war against your body. Your body will win any dieting war. It will even go to the extent of causing you to regain all the weight that you have lost, once the diet is over. For this reason, any unhealthy or fad diets must be avoided.

Belly Blast Rule 5 – Stop Doing Spot Training
100 crunches or even a thousand crunches will not get you great abs. You need to start exercising your big muscles so that it can help to remove the layers of fat on your body. In bootcamp, we focus on the entire core, which is more functional than 1000 crunches.

Belly Blast Rule 6 – Start Doing 3 hours of Weight Resistance Exercises
Exercises that work the big muscles such as squats, lunges, push ups are excellent for removing the layers of body fat. Weight resistance training exercises are the most effective known for burning fat and boosting your metabolism.

Belly Blast Rule 7 – Do Interval Training Instead of Steady State Cardio
Interval training is far superior than conventional cardio training. Try doing 2 sessions of this in a week. Be cautious of the strain on the body from interval training and start gradually. This takes priority over steady state cardio. So you should find time for this first.

Belly Blast Rule 8 – Do Cardio Exercises Once Completing 3 hours of Weight Training a Week
If you are able to spare more than 3 hours of exercise time, you could do conventional cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling or swimming. This should only be done if you cannot handle the stress of interval training. Interval training is far superior to shed belly fat.

Belly Blast Rule 9 – Remove or Absolutely Minimize Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates
Desserts, sweetened drinks, any sweet food or white flour should be avoided.

Belly Blast Rule 10 – Avoid Sweetened and Calorie Filled Drinks
Sweetened drinks pack lost of calories. Avoid drink that have lots of milk in it such as lattes. These too have lots of calories even though being low-fat. The calories come from the simple carbohydrates in the milk.

Belly Blast Rule 11 – Avoid or Reduce Milk to a Minimum
Lactose in milk spikes insulin. It would be wise to stay away from milk until you have achieved your flat stomach goal. You should be able to get enough protein from your meals. If you need more protein, it could be obtained from protein shakes.

Belly Blast Rule 12 – Understand Food Combination That You Should Avoid
Fat, sugar and alcohol taken in combination is detrimental to your flat stomach goals. Here is a detailed explanation of meal combination to avoid.

Belly Blast Rule 13 – Breakfast is Compulsory
Research has shown that people who skip breakfast store more abdominal fat. Skipping breakfast is a cardinal sin and should be avoided at all cost if you really want a flat stomach.

Belly Blast Rule 14 – Have 3 Small Main Meals and 2 Snacks
You should be eating every 3 or 4 hours to rev up your metabolism. Do not take this opportunity to overeat. Your main meals should be small servings. Eat nuts or fruits for snacks.

Belly Blast Rule 15 – Have 6 to 8 Hours Sleep at Night
Lack of sleep results in elevated levels of cortisol which promotes abdominal fat storage. A lot of people exercise and eat healthy but compromise on sleep. They have an extremely tough time losing belly fat.

Belly Blast Rule 16 – Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Belly Blast Rule 17 – Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol halts fat burning and increases appetite. Abstain from alcohol until your flat stomach goals are achieved. Read the earlier article for detailed information on alcohol’s effect on weight loss.

Belly blast Rule 18 – Be Aware of the Weekend Binge
An earlier article showed how a lot of people are disciplined on the weekdays but blow their diet on the weekends. Over consumption of food and drink causes a setback to a lot of people.

Belly Blast Rule 19 – The Flat Belly Diet Should Consist of Food With Low Calorie Density
Food with high calorie density have lots of calories in a small portion of food. These mainly include food with a combination of fat and sugar. One could easily overeat without realizing the overload of calories.

Great Abs Rule 20 – You Do Not Need to Finish Everything On Your Plate

Eat until you are 80% full. Do not eat until the food on the table or the food on the plate finishes.

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