Monday, December 12, 2011

#1 Tip to Avoid Over-indulging at Holiday Parties from Texas Fit Chick Trainers

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Holiday parties can undo a week of hard work at bootcamp if you're not careful! It's no wonder that this time of year so many people pack on the pounds, but our Texas Fit Chick trainers wanted to give you some tips to surviving the Christmas parties without feeling deprived!

We asked for our trainers input on how they attend parties without going nuts on the treats and here's the TOP 5 answers we got.

5:30am Frisco Bootcamp Trainer, Michelle recommends:Drink one glass of water in between each drink, so you don't over-indulge, and you stay hydrated

5:15 Allen Trainer Melanie advises:
Wear something that reminds you how hard you have worked to get the body you have. Nothing second skin fitting, but form fitting enough that you don't want to over indulge either. Take one plate and fill it with veggies or fruit, also you could ask to have water put into a "drinking" glass so you can still look like you are drinking with out the added calories. Take a hand held purse. You are less likely to eat more if you don't have hands to fill up a plate

5am Plano Bootcamp Trainer Titia shared this:
Don’t go.  I have no will power! (LOL - I second that! :)

By far the NUMBER 1 suggestion to avoid over-indulging was to eat BEFORE you go!

When you eat before the event, you're not going in starving and ready to hit the food. Fill up with a good source of lean protein or fiber so you'll stay full longer.

Merry Christmas ~ From your Texas Fit Chick Bootcamp Trainers ~
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